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This Weekend

I had fun this weekend. I went and saw Toy Story 3 (with my mom) and yesterday I went to a "Kräftskiva" at Annika and Kajs. It was fun. I played with Caesar. He is so cute - he is almost 18 months. He gave me a kiss at one point - probably because his mom and grandmother (Annika) said "Are you going to give Erika a kiss?" until he did it.
          Have you ever thought about it, that when a kid kisses you the kiss is all wet? By kids I mean kids between a year and 3 years.

your writer, Erika

The Voice Within

At the moment I have two favorite songs. Both by Christina Aguilera. It's Beautiful and The Voice Within. So I am going to change the song of the moment to Beautiful and I will post the music video for The Voice Within here.

I told you about my horrible week two days ago, but here comes more. I can't belive it! You know what... I am not going to tell you!

your writer, Erika
.p.s. Have a great weekend :)

Welcome To Hell

I hate school (That is just something I say - I only mean it half of the time)! Today was horrible! H-O-R-R-I-B-L-E!
          This morning when I left home the weather was quite nice. It was cold (about 15-16 degrees Celsius) but I had to wear sunglasses because it was so sunny. When I got to Haga Parken where we were shooting our movies - my group just took pictures - it started raining after a while. Not much but it was what I wanted.
          Because of the rain I got really cold. My feet, arms, almost my everything. So I kept nagging and nagging because I wanted to go home. I said to Linda - several times - that I hated school (Did you get annoyed by that?). I know who got annoyed by me nagging all the time. My teacher (Is she our teacher this year too?) Emma.
          After lunch a couple of girls in my class asked Emma if they could go home and she told them to go to Maria - our English teacher - and ask her. I was like "What they get to go home?". Emma was like &…

Todays Outfit

Here is what I am wearing today. What do you think do I look pretty?

your writer, Erika

One Wish

I was watching One On One last night and Ray J sang this song. It's so good! I didn't know he could sing.

xoxo, Erika

Kate Plus 8

I didn't know that Kate Gosslin had her own two show about her kids without Jon. Cool, I can't wait to see it.
          I don't watch that many reality show. I watch (Jon &) Kate Plus Eight and Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood. I used to watch Laguna Beach in the fifth grade. Not on a reagular but just "Oh, Laguna Beach is on".

your writer, Erika
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Crazy 4 Candy

LOL! Miley Cyrus seems to love candy. She posted this pictute through Emily Osments twitter along with these words: “Dare to me to eat them all? Hahahahahahah Emily doesn’t know I have her phone mwahhahahahahaha”. She posted this in March.

your writer, Erika

Best Friends

Here is a picture of Miley Cyrus and Emily Osment. I post it here instead of at HIH because I don't want to post to many meaningless things - I mean not news.
          I love Mileys glasses.

your writer, Erika
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I saw that I had got a text from Linda earlier today. It said something like this: Yeaaaah you can see our schedule on schoolsoft now!
          I check our schedule and don't know what she was yeahing about. It's not bad but it is not good either. I don't like school, but that doesn't mean I hate it. Bläää!

xoxo, Erika

Almost Done

So am going to turn off the computer soon, but I just wanted to stop by and say Hello. Hello! LOL.
          Last night after I watched One One One I turned on channel 5 and it was CSI: Maimi. Flex Alexander was a guest star on the episode. It was the one with the astronauts. Cool! I didn't see the whole episode just the last 20 mintes or so.
          Bye, until next time. BTW if you want to see One On One it's @ 10 pm on ZTV. Have great friday night!

your writer, Erika

New Song

The last few days I have been listening to Katy Perry's new songs. I love them especially Teenage Dream. So I just wanted to tell you guys that I am changing the song of the moment  from Fire from CR2 to Katy Perry's Teenage Dream.
          That's not all I had to say (I mean write) tonight. If you read my blog HIH, you know that I am haveing a few polls called HIH Awards. At the moment I have three polls up but I need more. Do you have any suggestions? In case you do comment either here or on HIH.

your writer, Erika

JB Live Chat

So last night at 8:40 PM I turn on the computer because I was going to do something. I logged in on twitter and saw a tweet from cambio that made me forget what I was supposed to do. "Remember Jonas Brothers live chat in 20 minutes" or something like that.
          I got so happy another live chat. This live chat was only about 45 minutes. But, hey who cares? It's the Jonas Brothers! I will post the video from the live chat on HIH. Remember to check in everyday at HIH for the latest new about Hollywood!

your writer, Erika

One on One

Here is what I watch before I go to bed :)

your writer, Erika

Last Night

Last night at about - I guess - 11:05 pm was woke up to the sound of my tv. I must have fallen a sleep while I was watching One On One. When I woke up I noticed that it was Rachel Ray on. There was this song in the background. I was thinking "Aaaa, Nick Jonas", "Jonas Brothers", "Ah Fly With Me".
          This is not the first time I have woke up to a JB song or just JB being on TV. One time I woke up because the music video for S.O.S was on MTV and one time I was going to watch them The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and woke up just in time for their interview. Aww, I love them!

your writer, Erika

Crazy Sunday

I was watching One Tree Hill earlier and there was this blond girl, Lauren, and I was thinking to myself "Where have I seen her before?". Then it hit me. It's Tina from What I Like About You.
           Last sunday I was also thinking "Who is she?". Now I know.
           Talking about OMG moments, I saw a dead rat today. My mom and I was walking around in Old Town and when we was about to walk trough an alley we saw a dead rat. I jumped a little bit. NOT that I am afraid of rats, I was just supprised.
          I said to my mom "Damn it's moments like these when you need a camera.". Not that I wanted to take a picture of the dead rat I just wanted to take a picture of myself - to see how I reacted.

xoxo, Erika