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Ghosts of Girlfriends Past

I saw a movie today that is the best movie I have seen in a month, Ghosts of Girlfriends Past. It was really great. Funny and all those things that makes a great movie. You should rent it if you haven't seen it. I loved it!
Here is the trailer:

your writer, Erika
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This 1st

I am going to make one more post here today. First I just wanted to show you guys my wonderful pumpkin. I carved it myself. No help!


your writer, Erika


OMG! If you didn't watch Sonny With a Chance on Disney Channel (Sweden) less than an hour ago - you missed something! It was the SWAC Halloween Special (and you missed IT!). It was funny. My fave skit is Making Babies Cry, LOL - Brandon.
          Want to know a secret? Of course you do! I have fall break next week - yeeeah! "No more waking up at six am!"
Have fun!

your writer, Erika

Den lilla hemmafrun

BTW I have a new blog called Den lilla hemmafrun, Visit it as soon as you can.

your writer, Erika

Baby Keegan

Don't tell me that this baby is ugly! He is so cute :)

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Ask Me

So I thought that I this week - today, 23/10 to next Saturday, 30/10 - I would let you ask me questions. It can be anything. Maybe you need an advice or maybe you just want to know anything about me. Just comment to this post or any other post. I will make a post to answer the questions so everyone will see the answer.

your writer, Erika

Good Friday

It's been a good day so far (if you count out the snow. It should be illegal with snow before November.). My pile of homework is not so big anymore. NO math test on Wednesday! Yeah! My math teacher got fired (the principal said she quit but I don't believe that. OMG, she worked at my school for like a month. I am glad that she is gone, because I didn't like her, She was MEAN to Linda and me. Agnes said the freshman's didn't like her because of her Swedish.
          When she was mean to Linda and me, we went complained to the vice principal. The vice principal said that she was going to talk to the principal and that he had talk to her before because of something.
          I think my math teacher - the one that just got fired - told me that everyone at her last school hated her. She also told me that in the end everyone likes her.)
         I am so sorry for that long parentheses. Well, it's friday today and that means, Legend of The Seeker, Modern Family and

A Pile of Homework

Bläää, it feels like I have thousands of homework to do! NOT FUNNY (incase you were laughing because you have no)! I want to live and not sit on the couch with the laptop in my lap. NOOO!
          School here is a message for you - GET A LIFE! Stop torture innocent children with a sea of homework. BE nice for once (OK, don't get me wrong - I like my school and most of my teachers).
          At the moment I am watching a re-run of Grey's Anatomy, doing two homework at once. An analysis of Miss Julie and a strenght training program. Blää, but I have to do it if I want to pass this grade. If there only was an other way. If only.

your writer, Erika

Run Devil Run

Watch this music video for SNSD song Run Devil Run. It's amazing (like most of their music videos that I have seen)!

your writer, Erika

English Pinglish

So, I was writing this summary response paper for English class and there was a word that wanted to use. I knew what it is in Swedish but not in English. So I was going to ask my mom if I could use the computer so I could look it up. I didn't ask my mom instead I looked it up in my dictionary.
          It feels so ancient to look something up in a book when there is the Internet where you cloud find out anything you want to. Maybe I am just too young. LOL!

your writer, Erika

I feel...

Home sweet home. Saturday.... Oh, today there is a new episode of Big Time Rush on Nickelodeon and Victorious premieres tonight. Finally! I love the theme song, Make It Shine. Victoria is great!
           Tonight I am going to watch Kick-Ass for the first time. I know, I know it premiered like a hundred years ago. That's not really like me. I usually go and see movies as soon as they premiere. It's true. I love going to the movies. I am a member of SF Bio bioklubb. True story - LOL.
           Oh, have you heard Ke$has new song yet. I wrote about it yesterday. I have some music tips. It's a band, no a group of nine girls - SNSD. You should listen to their songs Gee and Genie. Oh, Run Devil Run is also a good song. if you like pop music you won't be disappointed. I hope XD

your writer, Erika

We R Who We R

Ke$ha that is so true! So Ke$has new single from her upcoming album or ep (depends on who you believe - wikipedia or the info to the video posted to Ke$has youtube channel) got released yesterday. OMG, I luuv it! "Hot and dangerous!"
          This weekend I just want to have fun and forget about the world around me, but NO! I probably have to do some homework and some fucking (lick my) sucking ass MATH! I doooon't want to. At least it's Legend of The Seeker tonight. At least. Hopefully that will make me smile. Who know? "Looking sick and sexyfied!"
        I will write more tomorrow XD - I hope so :)

your write, Erika
.B.T.W. We R Who We R is my new fave song at the MOMENT

From :( 2 :)

Katy Perrys new single Firework is my favorite song of the moment. I love it so much. It makes me smile at the end of a bad day! I love Katys music. She is so talented!
          As you might have guessd now - I am going to change the song of the moment to Katy Perrys song Firework (I am actually listening to it now XD). Yeah!

your writer, Erika

Todays Purchase

Look what I bought today! I bought it for my scrapbook. I am going to put in some pictures later. Not tonight, but some other day. I am going to ask my mom where all the photos are and see if I can find any of me as a kid on halloween. I have a few on my mind.

ýour writer, Erika

City Girl

Guess what I did last night? I grilled marshmallows in my living room. Now you are probably wondering how? Yeah, how can a city girl like me grill marshmallows in my living room? I tell you how! Over a tealight. LOL! That how you do it when you live in the city!

your writer, Erika

Please Nominate ME

I need your help with something. I need a huge favor from all of you that read this blog. Please! On there is a contest and the 1st prize is two tickets to the MTV EMA award show in Madrid, two flight tickets turn & return Stockholm - Madrid, and one night hotel in Madrid for two. That's not the best part! The winner gets to blog from and about the MTV 2010 EMA's.
            OMG! Pleas nominate me! I want you to nominate Please, I beg you all! To nominate me all you have to do is fill out the form on If you want to you can enter as email address.

xoxo, Erika
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Jesse McCartney

Today at English class Linda and I listened to Jesse McCartney. You see we both are very huge fans of him.
           It's so cool that Linda like Jesse McCartney and Justin Bieber (I got her to like him) and some other artist that I like. I don't think that I have ever had a friend (before Linda) that like as many artist that I like. It's very good because if we are sitting by the computers and want to listen to music we just put something on. OK, we don't like the exact same music, but we have kind of (kind of) the same taste in music. HIHI!
          Music brings people together. Thank you Jesse McCartney, for being so gifted and extremely HOT!

your writer, Erika

Get Ur Good On

There is a contest on and I want to win. I don't just want to win, I like doing doing something for others. That is just what the contest is about; Doing something good for others.
          I am thinking so hard how I can get my good on for this contest. It's really really hard. It really is! There is some tips, a list "100 ways to get ut good on", on the site. That list is not what the about the contest. In a way it is. The contest is about the Breast Cancer Awereness Month. What to do, what do to? i have some ideas, but I don't know.
          I'll tell you later how it goes for me.

your writer, Erika

Be Awere Of Breast Cancer

Since it Breat Cancer Awereness Month now I thought should share with you how to detect changes - such as nodules, concretions, and changes in size and firmness in your breast. It's two easy steps that won't take more the five mintues (five vailuble minutes).
1. Check your breasts in the mirror to see any changes in color and shape or if your nipples has changed.
2. Lie down on our bed and put your right hand under chin or over your head. Then, use straight fingers to lightly circle the beast from the nipple and out. What to should feel for is nodules, concretions, and changes in size and firmeness in your breast. When you are done with your right breast do the same  with your left breast. This could be easier for some women to do while they are soaping themselves in the shower. You should do this on a regular basis.

your writer, Erika