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Miley 2 Sweden has 21 uniqe visitors from Sweden, 2 from the USA and 1 from Thailand. It has a of 111 pageviews. Nice!
          When I truns 21 I am going to Las Vegas with Linda. Her friend Kvarne is going to be our driver (I have heard that you can't rent a car in the US under the age of 25). Nice. Not like it is decided. Just something I said today.
Me: "When I trun 21 I am going to Vegas. Want to come with me."
Linda: "Sure."
Me: "Good. We need a driver then because you can't rent a car in the US under the age of 25. Do your sister have a drivers lisence?"
Linda: "No."
Me: "Does Kvarne?"
Linda: "Yes."
Me: "Good, then he has to come with us."

Now that I think about it, it would be more fun if we rented a limo. I have a few years to decided. I am 18 now and it is 3 years until I turn 21.

your writer, Erika

BTW, the conversation between Linda and I was on Swedish and I "edited" it so it wouldn&#…


My new favorite song is Gasoline by Britney Spears :)

your writer, Erika

Miley 2 Sweden

I made this flash in school earlier this week!

your writer, Erika


Life can be a nitch sometimes. Just saying.
          Anyway.... Now I forgot what I was supposed to write. Um, it was not about today. Oh, now I remember.
         You know that casting I mentioned earlier this week or last weekend. I told my mentor, Maria, about it and she told me to tell John (a teacher at my school). So I mailed him yesterday. A few minutes ago I check my school mail and he had replied. In the mail he wrote "Thanks for the information!". I wonder if it's going to be a casting or not. I just have to wait and see.

your writer, Erika

(He's) On My Mind

You want to know something crazy? Today at school I was at the girls bathroom and looking at myself in the mirror. All of the sudden this guy popps in to my head. I don't know my. Ok, maybe because I saw him by the computers in the halway.

Anyway, outside the bathroom is a printer and when I opened the door to leave the bathroom I heard the printer making that sound that does when it is printing something. So, when I heard that sound I thought that wouldn't it be funny if that guy I saw was the one who was printing something. So I walked out of the bathroom and guess who was there? That guy by the computers! OMG! And OMG he is taller than I thought (I have never been that close to him before).

your writer, Erika

BTW, I know the name of the guy I am talking about. I just don't want to mention his name. Certain people might get the wrong idea!

California King Bed

I saw this music video on MTV this morning :)

your writer, Erika

What's On My Mind

Today I went to a job interview. I applied two days ago and they called me yesterday to book an inteview for today. That's fast! Last night I was unsure if I wanted to go to the interview. Now I am not so sure if I even want the job. It's a summer job for THE WHOLE summer. They guy that interviewed me said that I could have the weekend off if I wanted. When he said the whole summer (I don't know if my face excpertion was obvious) I was like OH NO - I was think it. I don't want to work the whole summer but the more I work, the more money I will earn. Money isn't everything you got to be happy with what you are doing. Anyway, he scheduled for me to follow a sale person on Saturday at 11 am. I think I am going to cancel it but I am going to think about it until tomorrow.
          You know that casting thing I told you about, I think I am going to do it. I am going to ask my mentor tommorrow during the "mentor hour" (it's half an hour but Maria always sa…

My Summer

So far I have no plans for this summer. So far that will say.
          At the bulletin board in school there is a note about an audition for a movie based on the book Kort kjol by Christina Wahldén. Either it was the director or the producer for the movie that has either directed or produced some famous Swedish movies like Låt den rätte komma in (the orginal of Let Me In) and some other movies. The casting lady (don't remember her name at the moment) has cast kids and teenagers for famous Swedish movies too. If I remember it right some of the movies are Tzatziki and I taket lyser stjärnorna.
          I don't know if I should tell my mentor that I want to audtion. It's silly but it's not and I haven't taking acting lessons since second grade. I don't know. I guess I have to decied this week. There is no last date on the note. What to do?

your writer, Erika

3 Reasons

I can say that there is three reasons why I didn't want to stay home last Friday. I am the only one that know about all three reasons. One person can guess two of the reasons and some other people knows one of those reasons plus an other one the the first person doesn't know about.
          Too be nice I am going to tell you one of those reasons: I didn't want to miss out of school. If I would have had missed that day of school I would have had to get extra help on Thursday (YEAH, right like I want to stay a few extra hours in school - NO thanks).

your writer, Erika

Veronica Maggio - Jag kommer

your writer, Erika

Basar Under

I just wanted to wish a classmate good luck today! Nathalie is haveing a photo exhibition today at Basar Under in Stockholm. I hope it goes well! Read more here.

your writer, Erika


Ok, first last night. Last night I didn't feel so good, I barely ate anything. When I woke up this morning I felt a little bit better. I could have stayed home but for some reason I wanted to go to school. I felt like I rather be at school then at home. I must be really sick because it is usally the other way around.
          The other wierd thing is that I can't wait for school on Monday. I mean, what is wrong whit me? I hav never felt like this before. Ok, maybe when I was seven and started first grade. Then I was actually excited about school and getting my first homework. I remember that people telling me that "excited-of-school"-feeling would evantually worn off. I didn't believe them. It worn off.
          Just because I felt like going to school this morning didn't mean I felt like staying until 4:10 PM. I went home at about 3:05 PM. I didn't just leave. I left because I was done with the assignment.
          For some strange reason I can't …

Tomorrow I Friday

Tomorrow there is three weeks until summer vaction. I can't wait. Also tomorrow I have to hand in my essay about Miley Cyrus. My teahcer is going to be an expert on Miley after my essay and the website I did about Miley. Have you visited the website? If not, click here.
          What are you going to do this weekend? I have to buy some things and on Sunday I am going to a birthday party. So, not so much.

Your writer, Erika

Miley Cyrus To Sweden

Today in school I made a site about Miley Cyrus. It is for Swedish fans who wants her to come to Sweden. Click here to visit the site.

your writer, Erika

Writing An Essay

Yep I am working on my film studies essay about Miley Cyrus. I have to hand it in on Friday. I don't have much left. Just a few pages but I can't write more than six pages. Sometimes it is frustraing when you can't write more than one page or six pages but that's the rules and I have to learn how to limit myself in writing. Frustraing!

your writer, Erika

School Work

I have to write an essay for my film studies class and I am writing about Miley Cyurs. Why? She is my idol. If you say that you hate Miley, I will say that I hate you. LOL (maybe).
Anyway I am writing about Miley step towards being an adult in the entertainment business. It is easy because I am a fan of Miley so I read stuff about her all the time. Add up the years since Hannah Montana premiered on Disney Channel and that is a lot of information.

your writer, Erika


I have facebook now. If you want to be my friend, add me! I have six friends so far.

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Want free movie tickest? Of course you do - go to

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Miley Cyrus: Live In Concert

your writer, Erika

Next Weekend

Next weekend I am having a yard sale. I am soing to sell clothes, shoes, book, toys and more. If you are in need of these things you should come. I have told Linda and she's coming. I told her that she doesn't have to buy anything, it's just nice if she comes and support me. She said he might bring her boyfriend or sister. Fun. Here is two pairs of shoes that I am going to sell:

If you like them come and bring your wallet. LOL. Everything will be sold at low prices. So don't worry!

your writer, Erika

Yesterdays Outfit

your writer, Erika

Out of Words

This morning I woke up and my voice was gone. Well (to be honest), almost gone. It was like that for a few hours. On top of that I had a little bit of fever. As you might have guessed I haven't done much. I have been reading in the forth book about Becky Bloomwood by Shopie Kinsella. I have watch some tv. I have been tired (that is an other reason I have not done so much).
          When On The Floor ft Pit Bull by Jennifer Lopez came out I didn't like it. Something happened today because now I like it.

your writer, Erika

Loser Like Me

your writer, Erika


I am sorry that I haven't blogged so much in the last few days but I have been busy with college stuff. What have you been doing the last few days? As I said I have been busy with college stuff. I have been trying to register for the SAT's. Oh em gee, I found out something horrible! If I want to apply to University of California I have to do not only one but TWO SAT subject test! First I thought that I was going to get out of doing the SAT's but NO. And now I have to take the SAT subject test. After this morning I am a little bit more inspired to take all of those tests.
          Let me tell you why: It snowed! Yeah I didn't want to believe it at first either. It is May it is not supposed to snow in May. I sure hope I get in to a school in Califronia where it doesn't snow in May (Don't get me wrong, it does not normally snow in May in Sweden. It just happened to do it today.).

your writer, Erika