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What I Like To Wear

I looked at the pictures in my camera yesterday and found some pictures of me that I have been meaning to post. It is different outfits the I like (from my closet of course). Oh, some pictures are I have taken in school (they are from my USB).

Picture three and four are from the same day. Just with and without the cardigan. Picture five is from today. The last picture is from last Friday.

your writer, Erika

First Week

So this is what we did the first week of school. Well, my group (Linda + three sophmores and I). I did the first picture, Luna (a sophmore) did the second one and Linda the last one.

your writer, Erika
.p.s. Can you see the theme in all three pictures?
BTW, Luna is our model

Fourth Day

I got bored in school today so I took a picture of myself with the webcam and then played with the picture in photoshop. Look at the pictures below. The first one is the original.

your writer, Erika

Second Day

What is there to say? No, let me rephrase myself: Where should I start? The freshmans are getting laptops. Not just any laptops! Oh, no they (the school) can't give them last years crap, no, they are getting the brand new macbooks. Yep. BRAND NEW macbooks. That is so unfair!

My teacher's response: "We you get to go to Berlin." BERLIN?! Berlin (ok, I have known about berlins since like ninth grade. That was before I even started high school. Agnes told me. I don't know how she found out. Anyway. It is still unfair.

I have put spent more time at this school. I have given more "love" (hahaha) to this school. I have certainly done more for this school. Why? I am I not getting a laptop. (Okay, okay. I know that there are greater injustices in the world going on while I am complaining about not getting a laptop. Let me tell you that I don't live in those injustices so I think that I have the right to complain about the problems in my life. I think I do.)

Senior Year

Yep. I am a senior. No, I am NOT old, I am a senior in high school. Yep, last year. Next year college. Hopefully in the US. (You cross your fingers for me right?)

Today was ok. I mean it is school, what more is it supposed to be? Fun? LOL. But yeah it was ok. I "volunteered" to buy cinnamon rolls and juice for everybody. Well, I did made Linda do it to and out teahcer just picked two sophomores because no one else would volunteer. So tomorrow after lunch Linda and I plus the two sophomores will co to Ica and buy cinnamon rolls and juice (juice, it is like we were in the second grade). We will also buy more cinnamon rolls and juice on Thursday. We will just buy for all media students.

So that was my first day? Have you started school yet?

your writer, Erika


I saw RV last night. Just BTW.


I know who he plays now. Matthew. Gray Gubler. I didin't recognize him at first. I was like "Wait a minute. Is that him?" and it was. He plays one of the guys who helps Bob with his RV whenthere is a blockagein the toilet. The guy with the glasses, Joe Joe. I think I didn't recognize him at first because of the glasses.

your writer, Erika

Last Week

This is the last week of summer vacation before senior year. Last summer vacation before college. Last summer in Sweden. Ok, I will be here next summer to but I will probably not be here in a year.


I am sad and not sad that it is the last week of freedom. It is school. I have too finish high school if I want go to college the US. (I wonder if I get to vote in the election next year. Probably not.)

your writer, Erika

This Weekend

Today I haven't done much. Hehe, but it is nice when you study a few hours per day six days a week.

Yesterday I went and visited my aunt and cousin. It was fun beacuse I haven't seen them in a while. I took some cute pictures of my cousin (she is 6 and half months old). I might post them here tomorrow.

My cousin is blonde but my aunt has black hair and so does her boyfriend. So she doesn't really look like either of them. Maybe there was switch at the hospital. I hope not for everyone's sake. No one want be involved in a tradgedy like that. I mean would want to know that the baby you have been caring for and loving for the past six months is not yours?


Today I have not done much either. As I said it is nice because I study six days a week. So I need a break. No, I deserve it. Hehe. I watched Criminal Minds season one episode three on the computer.

I have the TV on and it was a commercial a few minutes ago that the movie RV will air on Wednesdayat 9 PM on TV6. I…

Good Luck

Is there a such thing as "good luck"? Or is it just a coincidence?

Whatever it is, I got a question right. Yep.

I did on on 's grind-ins math tests today. The last question I had no idea what the answer was. Well, I just wanted to be done with the test so I just was like "I don't know. 3?". So I typed in 3.

Guess what the answer was? Yeah, that's right, 3! It was 3. Talk about good luck (or whatever you want to call it). I know that that won't work on the real SAT. I gonna have to study harder (already study hard - 6 days a week).

your writer, Erika


I just want to correct what I wrote yesterday: it is ONE month left today until 9/11. I got a little confused because in the US people say 9/11 but in Sweden we say 11/9.

your writer, Erika

9 Years, 11 Months & 1 Day

And 30 days to go until it has been 10 years since 9/11. Can you believe it? TEN years. My god!

The TT's on twitter are probably going to be about 9/11 and ONLY 9/11. It issuch a large partofworld historythat I can notimagine it. The the TT's on twitter would be about something else. Okay maybe not all of them but the first few. Or what do you think?

your writer, Erika

On A Rainy Day

Today I have not done much. I went to Sollentuna Centrum but then I went back home. It was pouring outside so I felt that I rather be home in my bed and watch Criminal Minds on the computer. (I watched the first two episodes. The first two episodes ever. Like one and two of season one.)

I chose the most horrible shoes to wear when it is pouring outside. It got really slippery. Thank god that I had the umbrella (pink - should have chosen the black one (at the store) because it would have matched my outfit better.).

Now, I am sitting here in my bed with the computer infront of me and watching Pretty Little Liars. I think I am going to watch a DVD later. I haven't decided yet.

Yep that is how I spent my first study free day in TWO weeks. And tomorrow it starts all over again. A minimum of one hour per day. Six days a week.

your writer, Erika

Britney In Concert

Ok, so Britney Spears is comming to Sweden in October. When I first heard that she was going on tour I was excited. Then I decied not to go. Now, I kinda really want to. Mainly because it says on wikipedia (fingers crossed that the information is correct) that Joe Jonas is going to open for her in Europe. I thought that was a stupid rumor. (Maybe he started it himself (Joe), like Shia LaBeouf started the rumor about him been given the part as Mutt Williams in Indian Jones and Kingdom of the Crystal Skull way before he was cast.)

I am kinda torn whether I should go or not. I mean I WANNA GO (haha, get it) because it is Britney and Joe (mainly). Hummm? I mean also what is there to think about? It IS Joe and Britney. JOE JONAS! I went to the Avril concert back in June 2008 because Jonas Brothers was opening for her. Only reason (to be honest). Of course I stayed for Avril too. She was awesome. (A little random fact: when Avril performed at Sommarkrysset in 2007 she bought the pink carpet…

Catching Up

I have tumbler. Yup, I got a tumbler account. I got one so that I can upload pictures for twitter. Only reason (ok, ok and to follow some people). Check out my tumbler page at

Tomorrow I am doing a good deed. I am going to donate some clothes and books and some other thins to the Red Cross. I went there today and asked if it was ok to donate thing to them. Then lady that I talked to said yes. They only accept winter and fall clothes now and clothes has to be in paper bags. So tomorrow before I go there I have to sort through all of the clothes I am going to donate and put them in paper bags. And sort the winter and fall clothes from the summer and spring clothes.

your writer, Erika

I Am In Love....

.... with these outfits (and somebody else) :)

 What I actually wore today.... (also from H&M)

your writer, Erika

Sweet Little Lies

Today I went to Kungsträdgården. I sat there for a while a read Sweet Little Lies by Lauren Conrad. I am on page 108 at the moment. And so far so good. Lauren is a really good writer. I love L.A Candy. The book gets better and better towards the end. It is ok in the begining.

What I mean is the if you are considering reading these books you should. If you know any other great books in English, please tell me. My plan is to only read books in English until the SAT's.

your writer, Erika