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This day

Hi there!!!!

I´ve did a fan site for Miley Cyrus on Myspace. Here is the link .

Well to day I have to go to a party. It´s not exactly a party, it´s someones birthday.
One is turning 53 i think and the other one is turning 60. But those two people does
not look that old. About oldness, when you are 45 you an´t that old but at 50 you are.
So the makes 60 really old. Don´t you think?
Well make sure you visit the Miley fan site on Myspace.
Here a new song from Mileys upcoming CD:
Not this girl

I´m just like you

WOW!!! I just felt like writing that. So I hope that everyone of my readers had a great week ´cause I know that I had. This weekend I saw the movie Epic Movie. I liked it but it was just a lillte bit enjoying on the end. Everyone who has seen the movie understands me. I think. Last week I saw Norbit. I loved it. Eddie Murphy is a great actor. He had played four characters in Norbit! He plays Norbit, Rasputia an Mr Wong. I knew he played Norbit and Rasputia but Mr Wong, wow, they did a great work with makeup there. Everyone who haven´t seen these movies should run to the nearest cinema as soon as possible.
But enough about that. Here is the Hannah Montana Video Just Like you and I´m posting it because it is my favorite song right now, so enjoy:

And an other thing about the Hannah Montana song Just Like You, I walk around and sing all the time. And I love the show Hannah Montana. Who dosen´t?
Good night everyone and thanks for reading!!
Much love from Erika!!!! Love ya all!!

Jesse McCarteny 20th birthday


Hope everyone had a good Monday! I had. (I think). For everyone who don´t know this today is Jesse McCartney's 20th birthday! Thought about it earlier today and he´s old. Or his is not. He is really young and I am younger then him and he is older then me. So, it´s like that. If you are a fan and want to wish him happy birthday click on this link
He has uploaded 4 songs from his latest CD. So go on and wish him a happy birthday.
I´ve already wished him happy birthday but now I want to do it here on my blog so:
HAPPY 20th BIRTHDAY JESSE!!!! Hope you have a great day. Love ya peace <3

Here is something to all Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus lovers, I have made a
fan video that I´ve posted on
So please click on the link and watch it or click on this link and watch all my videos I´ve posted on
youtube. Here it is so I hope you enjoy!

Hello everybody

Hello everybody!!
Hej allihopa!!

I hope enjoyed yesterdays blog and the songs. It would be really
fun you guys commet the blog sometimes and let me know what
you think and what you think I should write.
`Cause I would really appreciate it! Oh, today I watched
High School Musical. I´ve already seen it before,
but any way. LOL!!
Right now I don´t know what I should write so I´m going
to give all the readers liks to websites I like:

My Birthday

Yesterday was my birthday. I got a lot of presents. I got two ticets to Gwen Stefanis concert here in Stockholm, a Cinderella story (on DVD), Shark Tale (on DVD), High School Musical (on DVD), a body scrub, bedclothes, Chocolate indulgence soap, Chocolate indulgence body lotion, Chocolate indulgence shower gel, Chocolate indulgence cream bath, 7 jeans, shoes from Milan and some other stuff. I haven´t got all my presents yet. Besides my birthday presents I got 500 kr (70,40 USD, 52,81 EUR, 35,76 GBP, 84,64 AUD) and a new spring jacket. The money I am going to save for the summer. If this counts as a birthday present I got silver VIP on pa from my friend Malin. Malin is the one in the pink sweater. The other ones on the picture are my other friends and of course me. Here is something to everyone who reads my blog: beacuse I don´t write on this blog as often as i want I am giving everyone 14 songs (14 = because I am 14): Lovestoned / I think that she knows - Justin Timberlake http://monkey.n…