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The Secret To Being Healthy

Hello! New week, new day but still the same me. Today I have quite a few thing that I need to fix around the apartment. I am trying to get rid of stuff that are just laying around and collecting dust. I mean I don't use them so why should they take up space that I could use to store other things, right?! I also have to go to the pharmacy later. I had the chilliest Sunday yesterday and when I got around to start my day everything was closed.

I know that I say it a lot but it's true. Being healthy is really easy. It's not that being unhealthy is easier. It's all about a choice. You either choose to be healthy or unhealthy. I believe that being healthy isn't just about eating right and always exercising. It's about finding a good balance for it all. Like yes by all means you need to work out and eat healthy (that's part of being healthy) but if you feel like eating that brownie, or you want some pizza, or whatever your heart desires - Then do so! Find that bal…

One More By Dawid Garwol

Hey! I thought that I would share one more photograph from my photo shoot with David Garwol.

your writer, Erika

Miracle Worker

Hello! How are you all? You know what... I am actually really good. That new moisturiser that I bought earlier this week is amazing. It was kind of expensive so I am glad that it's really works. But Dermalogica have a reputation for being really good. So if you are thinking about trying one of their products do so! What you can do if you think that the price is too expensive is that can go to a store that sell their products and ask for a free sample. That way you can try it out and see if it really works for you without actually having to pay a lot of money for it for something that may not work for you.

But for the Dermalogica oil free matte spf 30 you don't have to ask for a free sample because you have me. Just in a few days the acne that I had on my forehead has disappeared. The Dermalogica oil free matte spf 30 is a day cream that help to prevent impurities and keeps skin moist and calm all day long. Plus it really keeps your skin looking matte instead of oily. I am so h…

Pregnancy Cravings

Hello everyone! I'm just sitting on the couch watching Hart of Dixie. Quite a nice chill day. I was at Sollentunavallen earlier for a little promptu photo shoot. We got some really cool shots but the i started to rain. It's nice to shit here on the couch now and just chilling.

So I was having a small argument with a friend earlier. She said that she really wants sushi because she is having such a craving for it. So I jokingly asked her if she was pregnant. She told me that you can't have sushi if you're pregnant. So I hit her back with facts because she didn't want to listen to me first. The truth is that you can actually eat sushi while you're pregnant. You just have to make sure that the fish has been frozen first so that the bacteria is dead. Well. I hope that this settles it. Have a nice evening everyone!

your writer, Erika

Working Out At Home

Hello! So I love working out everyday. But I don't go to any gym. I workout at home in my living room. It's cheap and efficient. This way I can workout whenever it fits me and I don't have to think about the gym being open or not or any machines being taken our not. This way I get the exercise that I want. Plus as I said it's cheap because I don't have to pay for any membership. Just my regular rent and internet bill.

Working out at home is not for everone. But it really fits me because I have a lot of space in my livingroom. So why would I go anywhere else? In the summer when the wheather is nice I do like to go for a power walk in the woods. Sometimes I borrow my sisters dog because it's nice to have some company.

When I workout I do follow videos on youtube. I have Apple TV so I just use youtube through that and watch it on my TV. My favorite channel is Fitness Blender. They have a bunch of great videos with different exircises. Both for beginners and pros. …

Model Girl

Hello! Today's photo shoot was amazing! OMG we got some really amazing pictures. I can't wait to show you. It was so much fun! We shot at the skatepark by Medborgarplatsen. The photographer wanted to shoot in Old Town but then this morning I thought of the skatepark and then we agreed to shoot there.

I am always looking for new photographer to collaborate with. If you feel like we could do something awesome together just hit me up at If you haven't seen what I have done before check out the links below:

your writer, Erika


Hello! OMG this evening has been so crazy! I was in the city walking around and having a good time with my friend Patricia. She has just come home from a trip in Turkey. I wish that I get to go there some day. Seems like such a beautiful country. Patricia told me all about her trip and it sounded amazing.
When I got home I thought that I would do some yoga and clean my apartment before my food delivery got here and afterwards have some time to go to ÖoB and buy a face mask. Then I got a text from MatHem saying that they'll be 45 minutes late. So then I had to rush to ÖoB to make it before they closed. I got there in time but they didn't have what I wanted. So I got really annoyed.
I am so stressed right now! I wish that tomorrow was going to be calm but I have a photoshoot and before that I would like to squeeze in yoga session. It will be fine.

your writer, Erika

Beauty Secrets

Hello! How are you today? I am good. I finally ordered a new moisturiser last night. It was so expensive that my wallet is bleeding. Hahaha no but it was over 100kr cheaper online than in store. It was a oil-free moisturiser from Dermatologica. I will give you a review of it when I have tried it.

So what's on the agenda for today. Well, I have do some work for on the blog, I am going to order some food from MatHem, I am going to put some things up for sale on blocket, I have to go to ÖoB and buy some things that they only have there and then I am going to see if any of my friends are up for some dinner tonight. What are you're plans?

Before I leave you today I have to share this amazing beauty tip. Washing your face should be he last thing that you do when you're taking a shower. Why? Because chemical from your shampoo and conditioner will fall down on your face while you're rising your hair. If you don't wash face afterwards it could be damaging to your skin. The …

I Don't Do Sales

So what's up today? The day has basically already past. Hahaha. It has been such nice weather in Stockholm today. I was walking around the city just taking it all in. When I got home I did a workout session. Afterwards the weather was still so nice so I decided to lay on the balcony and tan for a few hours but I don't know what happened because the sky became full of grey clouds. Now the sun is shining and it feels very warm and nice on my legs.

Right now there are plenty of sales going on. I have seen so many things that I want. But do you know what I have learned? I have learned not to shop things that's on sale. Why? Often when you see something on sale you're temped to buy it because of the low price. In reality it's not something that you like or fits your style. You only like the low price. I only shop on sale if it's something that I have had my eyes on for a while and then it's available for a lower price.

That being said I was going to show you my …

First World Problems

OMG! So I want to buy a domain name but apparently is taken. Like WTAF?! But when I enter that domain name into google there is no site. So someone is just sitting there with it. I don't know what to do about that. What can I use as a domain instead?

Second I am on the hunt for a great oil free moisturiser with SPF. Everything is so damn expensive. Okay it's more that the one that I used buy costs like 10 dollars. So you can imagine that I kind of cringe when I see something that costs 50 dollars and more. Yeah. I was really happy with the one that I used before but the only problem was that it didn't have any SPF. I have just heard from everywhere that SPF is great for protecting your face. It used Neutrogena before and now I see on their website that they actually have an oil free SPF moisturiser. The only problem is that they don't ship to Sweden. But if they did with the international shipping plus tax it would probably add up to over 50 dollars any…

3 Delicious (And Super Easy To Make) Vegetarian Dishes

So I have been sitting here for over an hour just staring at the screen not knowing what to write. It's really hard being a blogger sometimes. I understand why some bloggers don't update their blog every single day. I really do need to get better at preparing posts. When days like today happen I'll have something to post even though my mind really is blank.

Okay so what now? What am I going to talk to you about today? I thought that I try and inspire you all to eat more vegetarian. I would say vegan but I am not even vegan myself since I eat dairy. Really, that's the only thing the keeps me from going vegan, dairy. But I am going to order a bunch of food from Mathem this weekend so I am going to see what kinds of different vegan yoghurts they have. Mathem actually have a great selection of food. No matter what your allergies are or whether you're vegetarian or vegan I am you'll find lots of food that suits you.

I thought that I would try and inspire you with so…

Vegan Butter

I went to the grocery store yesterday because I had to pick up some things. When I walked past the non-dairy section I say this new vegan butter. First I wasn't going to buy it because I already have butter at home. But then I just had to try it because it's made out of coconuts, almonds and shea oil! Yum yum yum! I tried it as soon as I got home. I was good and has a little nutty flavour. So if you love nuts try this butter. Oh, one more great thing about this butter is that it's organic!

your writer, Erika

The Mighty Powerful Vagina

Today I thought that I would choose a topic (okay maybe not for the entire day but for this post) that is something that we really don't talk about. Something that we are shy away from, the vagina. That needs to change. We need to change this. Half of the population on this earth has one so why is this topic so taboo? I mean it is 2017 and it is changing, but slowly. So I thought that I would contribute to the vagina discussion by making an entire post about how to keep your vagina tip top aka healthy AF.

I have done some digging and a lot research to find out how to maintain a healthy vagina. (Psst! It's easier than you think!)

UNDERWEAR SELECTION. Did you know that certain fabrics are actually better for your vagina? Y-E-S! Cotton fabrics are better for your vagina. That is why a lot of underwear have a thin cotton strip in the crotch. Why is cotton better for your vagina? Well, it breathes and absorbs moisture. Side note: when you're at home go commando! Your vagina will…

A Little Get Away

Hello! So I just spent the past two days at my moms' place. It was really nice. I cuddled with the dogs and my mom and I went and saw Wonder Woman. It was nice to get away for a couple of days. Unfortunately I didn't really take a lot of pictures so I hope that you saw my instagram story. If you missed it you also missed some darn cute puppies.

Look how gorgeous it is in Nyköping!
Actually lately I have tried to enjoy the moment more. I mean not take pictures or snap everything. Just sit there breath and take it all in. Which I really don't know is such a good thing when you're a blogger. Well well, that's why I do these photo shoots to at least have a few pictures to post.
I made chiapudding for breakfast because my mom likes it. I have to say that this is the best one that I have done so far. I used yoghurt instead of milk.

your writer, Erika

More Photos By Dawid Garwol

Hello! I wanted to show you guys the rest of the pictures from my photoshoot with Dawid Garwol last week. What do you guys think? Honestly I really didn't like first picture that I showed you guy (see it again here). I mean I didn't like my facial expression but the more I look at it I actually enjoy it. Plus I like all of the compliments that I have got.

your writer, Erika

Healthy Snacks

You know what, I rarely eat candy or cookies and cakes and all of that stuff. Just mostly because I don't have any cravings for it. If I do eat candy it's sometimes chocolate or liquorice. Also I don't like candy because all of the unnatural chemical ingredients. I don't care about the calories! I care that the food I eat is made from all natural products. I am so glad that I have found Mormor Magdas vegan ice-cream because it's organic and made from natural ingredients.

I thought that I would share some of my healthy snacks with you so you also can have a healthier alternative to candy. I am not saying not to eat candy but as with everything moderation is key or as we say in Sweden, a lagom amount.

1. FRUIT SALAD. Usually when I make a fruit salad I choose three or four of my favorite fruits. I cut them into cubes mix them in a bowl with raisins. You can also add nuts and coconut flakes, that's really delicious. If you want you can have some whipped Greek or Tu…

How I Keep My Skin Looking Fresh

The other day I talked about how I don't like to wear a lot of make up. I do like to wear make up but I like to keep it simple. Just mascara and lipgloss. That's it. Instead I try to keep my skin as fresh and naturally beautiful as possible. Today I thought that I would share my beauty routine with you. It's very simple and very easy!

1. I wash my face twice in the morning and twice at night. Two times, right after each other. You know that when you wash your face once it only cleans the surface. The second time that you wash it it deep cleanses your face.

2. I use face masks twice a week. A deep cleaning mud mask twice a week and pore strips once a week and charcoal mask once a week.

3. Exfoliation. I exfoliate twice a week. I put regular white sugar in my regular face wash and wash my face as normal.

Me, last night after I washed off my makeup 
An other trick is aslo when you find a beauty routine that works, STICK WITH IT! Why change something that works? If it's goo…

A Crash Course In Vitamin D

Want to know something pretty cool?! Or at least I think that this is pretty cool. Did you know that by spending about 15-30 minutes in the sun each day will cover your RDI of vitamin D? Also vitamin D is stored in your body for 1-3 months. The vitamin D that we absorb from the sun we mostly get during the summer. So during the winter it can be a good idea to take supplements.

Sunrise over SBCC campus. I remember it being so gorgeous walking to my first class and seeing this. It was so beautiful and always made feel good inside so I always took a lot of pictures.

So we shouldn't solely rely on getting our vitamin D from the sun. A good balanced diet is always a great way to get all of the nutrients that your body needs. On average a person needs about 10mg/ day of vitamin D. Dairy, eggs and seafood contain a lot of vitamin D.

We need vitamin D for sell growth and nerve system. Vitamin D deficiency can lead to depression, obesity, diabetes among other terrible and life threatening d…

Dawid Garwol

Hello! I thought that I would give you a sneak peek from the photo shoot that I had last night with photographer Dawid Garwol.

Check out Dawid Garwol's websitefacebook page and instagram!

your writer, Erika

Sleepy Head

Yesterday when I got home from my photoshoot I had this terrible headache. I didn't know what was wrong with me. I wanted to work so bad but my head wasn't with me. I decided to take the night off. It's great being your own boss because you can do stuff like that the. Taking the day off if you need to rest or because you're just not in it. I am always in it but my head wasn't last night. I think that I might be over worked from the past few weeks. Who knows really? Being a blogger is though that's for sure anyway.
I think that it was just that I needed some sleep because when I woke up this morning I felt much better and well rested. I went to bed earlier last night just because my head wasn't in it. Okay mostly because I was laying in bed watching a movie and I fell asleep and missed like 20 minutes. When I woke up I felt like there was no point in continuing watching the movie. I have seen that movie several times before anyway.
Dreamy location from last n…

Check Out My Instagram Stories

Hello! I just wanted to say that I am going to start using instagram stories more and more. So head over to instagram and follow me @eriikaworld. That way you'll get a better insight in my life.

I'll be back later today! Have a nice day!

your writer, Erika

3 Tips For Eating Healthy

Some people think that eating healthy is actually a hassle, too much of a hassle to actually bother doing it. That's so not true! Eating healthy is not any more of a hassle than not eating healthy. It's just as easy doing both. The only thing is that you either choose you eat healthy or unhealthy. It's a choice, where both options are just as easy to make just that healthy foods will save your life in the end.

Below I have written down some helpful tips for eating more healthy foods!

1. PREPARATION.  It can be just as easy that you once a week cook a bunch of healthy dishes and put them in your freezer. Then when you're hungry you just take one and pop them in the oven or the microwave. When you do this you can also get portion control. Divide your food in equal sized containers. That way you won't over eat. Preparation is also great because (at least for me) some nights I don't really feel like cooking but I still want to eat a real and healthy meal instead of …

Today's Plans

Today I have quite a few thing that I need to do.

- The blog: Today I am going to prepare as many posts as I can. It's always nice to have a few prepared posts that you can use when you don't know what to post.

- Swedish Health Awards: I am going to ask some friends to vote for me and I am going to vote for myself. Self promotion (no shame here) because I want to win! I would also very much appreciate if you would vote for me. Click here to find out how to.

- Google Analytics:I am going to learn more about how to use and better understand Google Analytics.

- Photoshoot: Tonight I have a photoshoot with photographer David Garwol out on Lidingö. We are going shoot by Kottla Lake. I have never been there but he says it's really beautiful so I am excited.

What are you all doing today?

your writer, Erika

My Favorite Shows To Watch On Netflix

So I rarely watch regular TV anymore. I just watch TV shows through my apps on Apple TV. Getting Apple TV has really changed my life. Since I am such a frequent Netflixer I thought that i would share my favorite shows to watch right now on Netflix, Viaplay and CMORE.

 1. Amy Wong: Baby Cobra (Netflix)

2.  Chris D'Elia: Man On Fire (Netflix)

3. Deon Cole's episode of The Standups (episode 3) (Netflix)

My friend Patricia and I
4. Tracey Morgan: Satying Alive (Netflix)

5. Glow (Netflix)

6. How To Be Single (Netflix)

7. Farang (CMORE)

8. Nashville (Viaplay)

My cousin Moa and I
9. Torpederna (Viaplay)

10.  Gåsmamman (Viaplay)

your writer, Erika

I Will Not Apologize For What I Did

So, there is one thing that I never do. Okay, yeah I do it but very rarely because no. That thing is apologizing. What I mean by that is that I stand for the things that I do and I am going to be true to myself. It's not like I am a bad person that goes around doing bad things and hurting people all of he time. No, I am a good and honest person that believes in doing things right and treating people equally. So if you don't like me or what I do, that's on you not me. Don't get me wrong and think that I am this super bitch. If I do or say something and unintentionally hurts someones feelings and they honestly confronts me about it, of course I am going to apologize!

The thing is to know when you're right and when you're wrong. When you are obviously wrong you need to acknowledge that and apologize. When you're right, be proud.

Here are some other things that you should never apologize for: 1. Being yourself 2. Standing up for something that you believe in 3.…

When Life Gives You Lemons Make Lemonade

Did you know that lemons are great for many things? I mean other than being a tasty ingredient in food and drinks. No? Well, it's good that you have me then. Continue reading and you will find out why lemons are so great!

1. MORNING PICK ME UP. When you wake up in the morning you should always have a glass of water with some freshly squeezed lemon juice. This is way better than coffee. It's a great and natural energy booster, rich in vitamin C and antioxidants and it speeds up your metabolism. The list actually goes on and on. Read more bout it here.

2. FACIAL CLEANSER. It is seriously the best facial cleanser there is. Just squeeze a little bit of juice on a cotton pad and cleanse your face with it. I used to do it a lot when I was a teenager and it was the best thing ever.

3. FRESH BREATH. If you ever have bad breath this is the best thing for that. Whenever I eat food with a lot of garlic I always drink some lemon juice. It works right away. You don't need a lot, just a ta…

Swedish Health Awards

Hello! First of all, you all know that I am Swedish right? I just blog in english because I always have. I started doing it because I reckoned that I would reach far more people that way. That's what I want to do. Reach as many people as I can.

Okay, so that title of this post, Swedish Health Awards. I thought that I would do a little shameless begging and ask you all to please nominate me and this blog for the Swedish Health Awards. Nominate me in all the categories if you want to but all of them does not apply to the blog. The three categories that I would like you to nominate me in are Årets Inspiratör (Inspirator of the Year), Årets Influencer (Influencer of the Year), Årets Hälsobloggare (Health Blogger of the Year) and Årets Hälsohjälte (Health Hero of the Year).

picture source:
How to nominate: To get to Swedish Health Awards website click here

My Relationship With Makeup

Hello! So I was originally going to post something else today but I changed my mind. But I'll probably post that other thing later today or tomorrow. It's going up on the blog so don't worry.

Okay so I would say that I am a simple girl when it comes to makeup. Believe me, I love makeup and think that it's super gorgeous when people do dramatic eyes. I wish that I could do that and I wish I looked like the women on the red carpet. Also no I don't. I hate it whenever I am doing a TV show or a movie or whatever and they put like tons of makeup on my face. I always end up looking great so it's not that. I just don't like how it feels on my face plus I don't feel like that's me. I like it but also I don't. The most dramatic thing that I do when it come to makeup is to try and do a winged eyeliner just to spice up my regular mascara and lipgloss look. That's it.

This is from a few years ago when I was on a Swedish TV show called "Partaj"

Saturdays In Stockholm

Hello luvies! How are you today? I am good. I hung out with my good friend Le Ly today. We have know each other for about a year. I met her when I worked at UKÄ. We started working there at the same time. It was so much fun working with her because we got a long very well and helped out each other at work. We were allies because it felt like it was us two against everyone else since we were consultants. It was so much fun. We also have a lot of common interests such a having a healthy lifestyle.

/ Shirt - Ralph Lauren / Skirt - H&M / Shoes - Vagabond / Scarf - Michael Kors /

We had a nice fika at Rörstrandsgatan. If you are ever in Stockholm Rörstrandsgatan is a must for a nice fika. Especially in the summer. They have a bunch of lovely café's and restaurant's. Then we walked from Vasastan to NK because Le Ly wanted to buy a Michael Kors bag that she has had her eyes on for a while but now that it was on sale with 40% off she just had to seize the opportunity.

OMG, on the w…


I hung out with my friend Patricia today. We walked along Norr Mälarstrand. It was so nice and beautiful. We sat down at Mälarpaviljongen and sat down on the dock and had a nice fika. It was so really nice. But we were sitting right in the sun so it got really hot.

Patricia said that that was the best cinnamon bun she has ever had
We continued walking and walked to City Hall. It was full of Asian tourists. Stockholm in the summer especially the Old Town is full of Asian tourists and their selfie sticks. It's nice seeing a city full of tourists because they look at the city differently that I do. It gives you perspective. Hahaha, I have to tell you this though! I went on a date with a guy a couple of weeks ago and he told me that he once was attacked by a bunch of Asian tourists who wanted to take his picture and wanted his autograph because they thought that he was Ryan Gosling. He looks nothing like Ryan Gosling. Though he looks a little bit like this other guy that I have dated. …


Hello! So I was going through photo booth and found some old pictures from when I lived in California. Look at me. I look completely different, but also this was five years ago. So many memories.

your writer, Erika