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Just an other Sunday

Oh, I want to see Superhero movie with Drake Bell. He's hot! Have you seen his "makeover"? He's still hot in my opinion. But I don't know what you think, so here's a before and after picture:
What do you think? I know he looks like he's over 30 or something or at least 28 and older. But he's only 22! I knew he was young and when I saw the picture I was like "I got to find out how old he is". I love his song Hollywood Girl. It's really good. Did you know that he has his own record label, Backhouse Records! That's so cool! I wonder which artists he has singed. He seems like pretty cool dude. Don't you think? or maybe you don't like him? I like his TV show Drake and Josh and I loved him and Josh on the Amanda Show! Your writer, Erika. .p.s. I heard two more new Miley song called Don't Walk Away and Four Walls. Check them out on YouTube. The new CD is called Breakout and it comes out July 22nd!.d.s.

Full Circle

I just heard Miley Cyrus new song Full Circle and it's great!! Good work Miley!! If you want to hear it just visit this page Oh, for you that didn't know her new album comes out July 22nd. I can't wait. I hope it has more that ten songs this time. Not that I didn't liked Meet Miley Cyrus, but ten songs is nothing. Well ten is better then nothing. I think a cd should have at least twelve song on it. That's what I think. I wonder is she's going to do a music video to one of the song's on the cd. She did one for Star All Over on MMC. I like the video it's great. I posted it hear on my blog in December last year I think. Hears a link to it if you haven't seen it I think you should go and watch it right away or you could just watch it here!
Miley Cyrus: Start All Over (HQ)

What have you done today? I have been home from school 'cause I have a bit…


I did the whole math test today. YEAH ME! Now I am watching TV and soon I am going to to some homework. The Jonas Brothers are finally getting known here in Sweden. Expressen TV had a video about them, when they were talking about their new CD and the Swedish MTV website has their video S.O.S under the category SPANKING NEW! I am so happy for them!! I even like them more then Miley Cyrus right now! That means that I like them alot, because I am almost Miley biggest fan!!! I can't wait for the Jonas Brothers concert here in Sweden. I hope they do Burning Up. I love that song! If you haven't heard it just go on YouTube and search.
Ha, tomorrow we have no PE so we quite school really early tomorrow. Well maybe not that early or yeah we do.

your writer, Erika.

Busy weekend

OK, I didn't had a busy weekend. But I have done alot of stuff. Like on Friday after school me and my friend went shopping and yesterday I went to Stockholm with my mom and today we went to Coop. I have also been studding for a math test I have tomorrow. Buh hu!
I hate tests. Especially maths! I never have time to do the whole test! So that's why I have been studding a little bit more for this test so I maybe have time to do the whole test this time.
Right now I am listening to music (Jonas Brothers) and watching Kevin Hill on TV and writing this. Oh, and studding for my maths test. As they say girls can do more stuff at once then guys can! What are you doing?
No one ever answers my questions, so why even boder asking them. I hope people really reads this blog.
I saw a video on YouTube yesterday with the JB, it was like a JB live in concert or something like that, they were preforming the song Kids of the Future (love it) and Joe had his white sunglasses on! He looked so HOT! I…

Teknik 8:an

Hi everybody! Today my class competed in the Teknik 8:an regionals. It went really good. OK, we didn't win but we got second place! Just because we got second place we won (the whole class) 5000 kr which is like 421,73 GBP, 832,36 USD and 1095,70 SGD. It's alot of money. If you want to see some pictures I will upload them at my MySpace page.
For all of you that haven't visited my YouTube for a while, I can say that I have change my channel a little bit. New background, a Vlog and two playlists.
So what have you guys done today? Anything fun? I know I had fun today. The weather is so beautiful and it's warm. So today at lunch we sat outside and ate our lunch. My friend got a fly on her "scarf" and she freaked. I was like "It was on your shirt at first but then it moved over to your `scarf´". When I tried to tell her that the fly was gone just kept freaking out and didn't listen. It was so funny. OK, I don't want flys on my shirt too 'cause …

Goodnight and Goodbye

A Little Bit Longer In Time

I have something great to say: THE JONAS BROTHERS ARE COMING TO SWEDEN! Well, they are going to be the opening act for Avril Lavigne. But it's cool! So, I asked my friend Hilda if she wanted to go, 'cause she said before that she wanted to go. So, I hope so.
I bought a new pair of sun glasses yesterday at BIKBOK. They are white and kind of looks (just a little bit) like a pair that Joe Jonas has. That's so cool! Well, that's kind of why I bought them! Yeah, call me a celebrity geek if you want to. But I really like them!
Oh, Jesse McCartney birthday was a few day ago (April 9th). Happy b-day Jesse (LOL)!

From your writer, Erika.

Life update

So my birthday was two days ago. I got a skirt, a watch, a perfume, a spa treatment, a gift card at BIKBOK, earrings and Wild Hogs on DVD. Oh yeah my day is giving me or yeah whatever a membership at MileyWorld! Yeah! Finally! If you want to see pics of me at my b-day and of my cakes just visit my MySpace page.
LOL, I found this video of the Jonas Brothers on Ellen April first (2008). It's hilarious, you have to watch it.

HAHAHA! I just love Joe, he's so funny and that line he says after Nick says to Ellen: "The question is which song isn't inspired by you!". I love that too. He's so cool. Aww, it's so cute when Kevin says that he couldn't go on the "ride" because Frankie couldn't go on because of the height issue! I love all of them, even Frankie he's so cute!!!! There is a rumour (or maybe it's true I don't know) that Joe is dating Chelsea Staub. She's cool. I love her song It's All About Me. It's one of my favour…

Hannah Montana 2: Meet Miley Cyrus Best of Both Worlds concert tour

Hannah Montana 2: Meet Miley Cyrus Best of Both Worlds concert tour