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Mika or Caleb Casey

Hotties here and hotties there. What a world! How would we survive without hotties like Mika or Caleb Casey (Affleck)? Look at Caleb Casey (as I like to call him), he and his brother (Ben Affleck) got to have some super genes! Hotness got to run in their family (or not)! I haven't seen anyone else except Casey, Ben and Ben's daughter. In Mika's family I've only seen him and his sister! But they look cool too!! Who do you think is hotter, Mika or Caleb Casey (C.C)?
I like them both.
Did you know that Casey is 32 years old!!!! He is only a few years younger then my mom!!! Mika is 24, which make him 10 years (9 years and 8 months) older then me! Which is not that much!
I just want to say before I go that I really look up to Miley Cyrus!! She rocks! Love you Miley, you are my hero <3

Je t´aime Mika
Depuis êre écrivian, Erika

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The making of "One In a Million"

Relax, take it easy and Miley C's b-day

Today is two weeks since I went to Mika's concert! I still miss that concert. It was the */&%¤*^=(&%¤¤%&&/(&#"#&%)=)`) best concert I´ve ever been to. Fucking best concert ever! I had the best time ever!!! Have you seen Mika's new animated video, Lollipop and his new Relax, (Take It Easy) video? I HAVE! Here watch them:
Relax, (Take It Easy)


Oh, don't forget It's Miley Cyrus birthday today!! Happy birthday Miley!!!! She turns 15 today. My 15 birthday will be on April 6th. There is only 5 months and 2 weeks to my birthday!!
OK, christmas comes first I know! Ha, tomorrow it is only one month left for christmas!! Yeah!!
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Something you should try: FANTA WORLD "MANGO"

Never let anyone say that you can´t do anything even not yourself. You have to believe in yourself, it'…


Nobel (or whatever is going on in my life)

Oh, today Mika finally accepted my friend request on MySpace. Well, I sent one over a week ago. OK, maybe a week ago. But Miley Cyrus and Hilary Duff accepted the same day!!! Which was yesterday. Well, Mika has only accepted my music MySpace! But he has accepted which is the only thing that really matters!! Or what do you think!! Hehe!!
Oh, I didn't get nominated in Nobel, :(!! Well, it´s sad that I didn´t get nominated, but yeah there were like 11 other people that also had literature. There were this guy in my class (who is like the smartest guy in our class) who had medicine and he DIDN´T get nominated. He started crying because he didn´t get nominated! But my friend Agnes did (in medicine)!!! So cheers for her!! She has a blog too but I don remember the URL, so I´ll have to post the link tomorrow then!!
Tomorrow we have a maths test! BLÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ! It sucks!! We have tests all the fucking ´time. I am getting sick of it!! One had one last week, we have one this week and one next week…

Mika month

I am going to try to make this as quick possible. Well, tomorrow in school we´ll get to know who's got nominated in the different categories in Nobel. I really hope I get nominated. The categories are literature, physics, environment (only in my school I think), medicine and world peace. I think that's only those five subjects. I really don't remember.
This month has been about Mika, Mika, Mika, Mika and more Mika. If you have read my blog this month you´ll understand! It´s not a bad thing, it´s just that I don´t know. He´s hot!! OK, I just felt like mention that. But he is!!! :)! Yesterday I saw a picture of Mika in a girlypink cardigan (look at the pictures below). He looked so hot in it. Now I want one. LOL. Well, I have seen cardigans that is quite similar to the one he had at GinaTrocit and MQ! So, I am going to check them out. Hehe.

Je t'aime Mika
Depuis êre écrivian, Erika

Pictures of Mika


Mika videos

One week and One day

One week and one day ago (8 days) I went to Mika's concert in Sweden! I miss it!! I was such a great moment in my life. OK, a great memory. I loved it!! I wonder when he comes back. Well I just hope that he will come back next year! I know he had three concerts here in Sweden this year but any way!
Yeah, yeah enough about that!! So what is everybody doing this weekend? I am not doing so much. Well, I am going to try to find a birthday present for my friend, Agnes. I have already bought her a card, but a present wouldn't hurt!! LOL!!
Oh, I almost forgot to tell you that I have made a "fan site" on MySpace for Mika. Go and check it out at I will post videos of Mika that I have found on YouTube and post articles that I've found on the blog. Of course I will post other stuff too! Don't forget to check it OUT!!
have you heard Britney Spears new song's; Piece of Me and Radar? They own!! WOW, I love them. I am actually listenin…


I just want to say that I went to Mika's concert at Annexet right here in Stockholm and it were the most amazing concert I've ever been to!!! I TOTALLY LOVE HIM!!! I LOVE MIKA!! OMG, have you heard his song Ring, Ring?! OMG, I love that song. If wasn't at his concert at Annexet you missed alot!! He spoke swedish (really really really rerally really really really good), he took his shirt of and then he stared slamming on the drums. When he was finished slamming on the drums he threw the drumsticks out in the audience!! He was amazing. He's was way better then Gwen Stefani!!! He is such a performer!! I LOVE YOU MIKA!! When I left the concert I just wannted to go back. Do you know he even asked everyone if he should star over again before he sang Relax, Take It Easy!! He sang Relax, Take It Easy twice!!! It was the first and last song he sang!! Oh, I so want to go back and relive that concert!
My TOP 3 list from Mikas's concert at Annexet 9th of November 2007:
(this is …

Mika is talking swedish


I just wan to say that it´s offical: I AM GOING TO MIIKAS CONCERT!!!!!!


I have decide to learn french! On my own. No teachers. I wonder how that is going to go. I hope I learn something.
So here is what I have learned so far:
Je t'aime Mika - I love Mika
Je s'appeler Erika - My name is Erika
Je être âge quatorze - I am fourteen years old
Je aimer musique - I love music

I hope i got it right. Remember that I am teaching myself. So if I´m not that good remember that I have no teachers to teach me.

Depuis êre écrivian, Erika

Mika's concert

Oh, Mika's concert is on friday and I really really want to go. If I go I am going to go with my dear friend Maja. My mom wont let me go alone. I really really hope that Maja's mom lets her go. If she can't go I can't go! I hope, I hope, I hope , I hope!!!!! Don't you think I should go or at least my that mom should let me?! It seems like I can do nothing but hope!
This week in school we have like a nature theme. It's weird. tomorrow we are going to see Al Gore's movie.

My play list on YouTube right now:
Relax, Take It Easy - Mika
Big Girl (You Are Beautiful) - Mika
Love Today - Mika

I just want to say that i just saw a video of Mika : He is H-O-T, HOT when e talk french!! Olalala!

LP from your writer Erika <3 "jag älskar MIKA" "je t'aime MIKA" -hope I got it right!

Love Today

So on friday Mika has a concert here in Sweden. I really really want to go to his concert. I don't know why but lately I have started to completely love his music!!!! Look at the picture doesn't he look cute/hot! Did you know that his real name is Michael Holbrook Penniman?! or that's what I read on wikipedia. I think that my mom should let me go because today I cleaned my room and took away allot of stuff that I have on the computer ( thing i really don't need). She really wanted me to do those stuff. AND!, I said that I will pay for my own ticket, so that, kind of an other reason to let me go. I saw a girl-hoddie (the one at the top that I really want. I think I am going to buy it. Recently I have found, these last few days, like curly hair. OK, I have always liked curly hair, but now it´s like "OMG, it´s so beautiful". Look at Mika's hair, it's so…



My Interpretation

WOW, realised that Mika is kind if cute! I love his song My Interpretation! You should really listen to it. It´s a great song! He has such a great voice. It´s beautiful. I don´t understand I have always hated his music, but now I love his songs. I know hi is cute and he is 24. I´m 14. He is only 24! Not that he looks older or anything. But anyway. He is so cool. Did you see his performance at MTV EMA´s 2007 last night. Oh, I loved it. He is such a great performer, which kind of means that he know how to put on a great show. LOVE YOU MIKA!

Yesterday I saw Ratatouille with my mom. It´s a great movie. But that guy, Linguini, looks like a younger cartoon version of Shia LaBeouf. It´s so weird! But he does in a way.

Songs you should listen to:
My Interpretation
Happy Ending
Grace Kelly Lollipop Here is a story a wrote a while ago: Sandy and Blake Lane sat down at their kitchen table and had a little talk with their three beautiful children (Naomi, 7, Timmy, 9 and Kat, 16). Blake looked at the…

From eleven to fourteen

Haha LOL, right now I am reading a story I wrote for the Nobel Price we have in school. OK, this story I wrote like three years ago. It´s so funny because the words I use and my "writing style" I a bit weird. I was like eleven when I wrote it , when I stared the story, and now I am fourteen.

Wow, now I have read a half chapter. The second half of the first chapter. The story, well I don´t have a name for it yet, is quite good, Yeah well I wrote it so what do I really expect?! Right now i am also listening to Justin Timberlake song My Love. I love that song and his whole cd.

Okay, I am on the second chapter now and I just want to say a thing regrading the "klasslista". Here is the "klasslista":
Laura Angelica Anderson
Angelina Bengttjej
Adam Blixt
Lina Cure
Amanda Damson
Kurt Ekbo
Joackim Ekman
Enya Hållmer
Maja Karlson
Kurt Karlsson
May Klangeman
Ann Lantbo
Oliver Larsson
Erik Martson
Erika Serné
Ben Serneson
Dakota Swan
Susannah Malin Terin
Tanya Tibbilin
Linda Tibbilin