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Suitcase Issue

So, okay. Tomorrow I should probably get serious with the packing. I have to re-pack my suite case. I packed it full of clothes and stuff last week because my mom moved to an other apartment but yeah, next week it's time for my move. The American riviera, here I come. Mostly I wish I could just buy a bunch of new clothes but I have to be economical. Gosh, hate it? LOFT, H&M, FOREVER21 - do you feel like sponsoring me? LOFT come, as much as I have done for you- I have given you a lot a free press on HIH and H&M, probably 70% of my closet consist of clothes, shoes, accessorizes from your stores, plus I'm Swedish just like you. Come on, help a sister out!

Hahah, nah! I like my clothes I don't want to throw them away. I just hate the 50 pound/ 23 kg weight limit. Hmmmm, what to do. I know that I can eliminate all of my winter clothes. I'll be saving lots of space by not packing my winter coats. I'll think that I pack my fall coat, I don't know I might just …

Big Families

Yo, yo, yo! What's up dogs? Hahahaha. Gosh, I am watching this TV show about some British families. Unusual families. The show is called Big Families, and that's exactly what the show is about - families with lots and lots and lots of children. Gosh, there is one mom - who's a single mom, keep that in mind - with 14 children! 14, oh em gee, can you believe that!? She's raising 14 children all by herself! Well, not exactly by herself because on of her daughters takes lots of care of one of her younger sisters. She gives her a bath every night, puts her to bed and so on. The girl said the when she puts her little sister to bed the little sister gives her kisses and tells her that she loves her over and over. So the older sister kind of sees as her on child. Oh my god, that is the saddest thing ever! Close to it anyway. It should have to be like that! Just want to cry for the little girl. No, no, no! I get that you sometime have to help taking siblings, but not every nigh…

Moving Day

Sitting here in my moms bed and watching a movie on TV. Glory Road, I think it's called. Lot's of familiar faces. That, guy from Sweet Home Alabama, Josh Lucas. Plus some other people that I can't place.

Today I helped my mom move. Not far tough, just a different apartment in the same neighborhood. Yeah. I didn't carry much but I unpacked things. I unpacked all of the boxes marked kitchen and put the stuff in the different cabinets. That's basically all I did.

your writer, Erika

A Five Year Plan

Ok, so I have this plan for how I want the next five years of my life to be. Four years of college and then maybe living a year in London some other city in England. Okay, so the London thing is not for sure just something I've kind of always wanted. I remember when I was younger like eight or so I wanted to move to England when I grew up. For now, first USA. The USA plan is two years in California and then two years in New York. New York as in NYC.

Fun fact, I was watching The Secret Life of The American Teenager earlier and Ricky and Amy were talking about a five year plan. Well, theres' was actually a little different than mine. It involved college but it also involved marriage. First they were going to go to college an then after that they planned to get married. Hmmm, I wonder what's going to happen with them 'cause I haven't seen further than that. So, please don't spoil it for me.

your writer, Erika

What I'm Up To

Two weeks guys! Two weeks, wow times just flies by. I have to admit that the nervousness is creeping up on me. It's not the good kind of nervousness, no it's the bad kind that makes you want to flee the whole situation. Or just flee.... but from what? I hate that feeling, the panicking feel like your going to be sick but never do and you're just running around or whatever trying to walk it off. Yuck!

Anyways, I am working on a web series for you guys. It's going to be about my life in California. Okay, let me just explain first that when I say "working on" I don't mean that it's exactly going to happen. I will have to see that I have interesting enough footage to make something. It's not going to be like the pervious videos or like The Erika and Linda Show. No, way better than E&L. I am two years older now so I will probably come up with something way way better (sorry Linda).
For you guys that haven't seen any of the E&L videos here i…

Erika's World: No Internet :(

A little video from last night :)

your writer, Erika

Switching Lanes

So, uhm, I am going to try another workout method. Yoga. Yeah, I am going to take Sara's advice and do something else. I checkout the website she recommended which seems like an great website for people who want to workout at home. I found a video with tips for beginners. It seemed like something very easy and not hard to do at home since you don't need a lot of equipment, except a chair, sofa or something like that. I also found this yoga video on youtube so, yeah that's my work out for today. Since now am going to workout at home (assuming that I will like my new workout methods) the weather won't stop me. I mean, I am not going to go jogging when the rain is pouring. You're not supposed to do that, are you?

From one health thing to another. Hehehe. Remember the post where I linked to a post on Lauren Conrad's blog? The "Beauty Secrets" post? Come one guys it was last week. Anyway, I am not going to let your (lack of) memory stop me from continuing …

Joe Jonas on Punk'd

Hahaha, busted!

your writer, Erika

Santa Barbara

Or Santa Babera as Jackson once said in an episode of Hannah Montana.

Last night I watch a DVD with my mom, since it was a Friday night and that, which should be renamed to nothing-good-on-TV-night-day. Yeah. Anyway we watched It's Complicated starring Meryl Streep, Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin. While we were watching it I noticed that the movie take place in Santa Barbara. Well, for example it said Santa Barbara Medical Building on the building where Jane went to see her therapist. So I just assume that they are in Santa Barbara and that it's filmed there.

Hmm, I just read on that the Medical Building is in fact an old shopping center. Oh em gee! Just had the best idea ever! Well, a good one anyway. While in USA on weekends and such when I don't have any classes I am going to visit places from some of my favorite movies. I am going to use to find these places. Oh, I am going to have so much fun! There is this also must stalk list on …


Hmmm. I really don't know what to do at this point. I am moving to a country I have never been in before and I have nowhere to live. NOWHERE! HEEEEEEELP! Stupid thoughts keep popping into my head that maybe I shouldn't go. First of all, money is really not the issue here but if you want to give me money I won't stop you. Second which is the biggest problem with this whole house thing is that there is nothing vacant. Well, but nothing near my school. Damn! Why doesn't that stupid school have a a freakin' dorm!? Stupid school! Stupid!

Yeah, yeah! Any fans out there who wants to help? Pleeeease.

your writer, Erika

In A Dark Room

I just thought that after a day of mystery shopping, meeting my aunt and cousin and laying on the couch  watching Supersize vs Superskinny that you guys deserves a few words from the woman herself. Yes that me, if you didn't understand that. First things first, I just want to apologize (or something slightly below that) that I didn't blog yesterday. In my defense I blogged TWICE on Tuesday. So you have to be satisfied that. Hahaha.

Now I am just sitting here in the dark half listening, half watching The Daily Show with John Stewart. By half I mean yeah half because of the distraction of the laptop on the pillow in my lap.

your writer, Erika

Mother Earth's Response

Hmm, if that was to your excuse for Friday's weather, that what's your excuse for today's weather?

your writer, Erika

LC's Beauty Secrets

Evere since I did that presentation about the LA Candy books I have become more of a LC fan. I mean a reborn LC fan. See, I used to think LC was cool way back when Laguna Beach aired. Then for some reason I stopped liking her but now I kinda like her again. Well, I like her blog. It's just that she post this useful stuff.
I recommend you do read today's blog of you want in on some "beauty secrets"!

your writer, Erika
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A Late Night Post

Oh, almost 10 PM. well, I guess it's time for a chat with my best friends - you guys! Hahaha, don't cry for me, I do have real friends. I do. Hahaha (I write that a lot don't I).

You know that I love clothes as much as the next girl. Right, I mean you know me that well buy now. We've been at this for almost four and a half years now. Yeah, I thought so. Yeah, so I just wanted to you show what I wore yesterday and what I wore today. Maybe not the most fashionable but cute. At least that's what I think.

Let's start with yesterday.

Okay, so now today. You can see that I am wearing black pants on the picture but I changed to pink short when I came home from work.

your writer, Erika

The Wanted - Glad You Came

I was going to do another post first but then I thought the fabulous British/ Irish boy band deserved a post. I made Nathan today's hottie on HaveItHollywood a few days ago and Siva today's hottie today. Check it out!

your writer, Erika

Erika's World: Jogging...?

New video on youtube. Whatya think? It took me an hour to edit this thing. Not that that's a long time and the editing is extremely good but I just thought that you might like to know that. So in like thirty 30 years when I have been this media mogul for 29 years and 364 days and I have this contest where you can enter to win 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 billion kronor and who ever answers the question "How long did it take for Mrs. Erika Bieber to edit this video?" first will win all of those money. So just put that in your memory! Sock it, lock it and put in a pocket!

your writer, Erika

To Mother Earth (or Whoever Controls The Weather)

Yo, peeps! I thought it was time for one of my daily blogs again! Mohahaha - hysterical, I know. Like in a good way I meant.

Today the weather has been totally schizophrenic, I don't know what up with it. One minute it's sunny and an okay temperature (not too warm, not too cold) and five minutes later it's rain, lightning, thunder, great clouds (?!). Five minutes later the sky is clear again - I mean come on, decide for f*** sakes! Personally I recommend the warm and sunny weather. It's summer so you kind of want to enjoy the free time that you have but yeah I guess it's up too (since you don't listen to me when I am screaming at you to shut the f*** up because it's 4 AM and I want to sleep). On the other hand you kind of seem to need the help to choose since you can't decide what you want. Today's weather has really been an example of that. Yeah, so just give me a call so that we can discuss this whole weather situation. E-mail is okay too or a com…

Memory Lane

OMG, so I have been going through some old stuff to see what I will bring with me to California. I have found all these pictures from kindergarten and birthday cards from when I was like 5. I have also found cards from family members who have been on vacation in like Thailand, cards from Åsa when she used to like in England and cards from Caroline when she lived in the USA with her mom. I think her mom wrote them but who cares. It's just so much fun reading them all.

It's so fun to find pictures from kindergarten. In some of the pictures that I found Lamin (a guy I used to play with as a kid) is in the background. Hahaha, I have this super cute photo of us in kindergarten at Lucia. Oh, I have this picture of Caroline and I wearing the same dresses, I think we were about a year then. Long time ago.

What's everyone up to tonight? Right now I am watching Mall Cop and after that I will watch . Before MallCop I watched Supersize Vs Superskinny. I love that show and Pregnant In …

Summer Bucket List

Okay so I wasn't going to blog today buy then I read Lauren Conrad's blog and thought "Hmm, why not?!" She wrote about her summer bucket list. She had like 10 things on her list and it got me thinking that maybe I should start a bucket list for this summer. Usually I hate lists. I mean to-do-lists, 'cause they just consists of things you have to do. That's why you have a to-do-list because there's things that's need to be done. That's just reminds me of something I don't really want to do or feel like doing. It's not always like that. I can procrastinate things because they're on a list. Even though I really don't want to to them and really don't care about them I feel bad, like some ind of slacker because I haven't finished my list.

Yeah but I'll thought why not make a bucket list anyway, just for the heck of it. A few simple things that I know that I will finish - if I don't, then I have just blown away a lot of t…

Just Something

Yo, peeps, minions, slaves and all you newbies that's know which addiction has hit you. Hahaha. Today I met my friend Linda. We went shopping. Well, I went shopping 'cause she didn't buy anything. I just bough a new pair of earplugs for my iPod and my computer. They work great but there is a lot of bass. I mean don't get me wrong bass can be good with the right song but some songs, nah you just want to enjoy them as they are.

Tomorrow I think that I'll go to the Red Cross and donate some clothes and books. That's if the weather is not too good because then I'll want to go to the beach and just enjoy the summer. Otherwise, yeah the Red Cross. I have a bunch of things so maybe I should call them instead because it says on their website that if you want to donate a lot of things that they can come an pick them up. I think that it's best to see how much I an going to donate and if it's to much for me to carry all by myself I can just as my mom to help m…

Just Right Now

Hello ma'donks (I don't know how to spell it exactly, just heard Jenny and Ashley say it in a video on youtube)! Just chilling here in front of the TV with the laptop in my knee. So, what have you guys been up to today? I have been to Stinsen and then Sollentuna Centrum. I wanted to buy something at The Body Shop. That's why I went to both Stinsen and Sollentuna. I bought their blueberry body butter  (actually wanted their raspberry body butter but it was sold out) and a green apple bath and shower gel (smells incredible). I also bought a europe to USA skross travel adapter. I am going to need one for my computer (hmmm, am actually thinking about buy an apple travel adapter kit - is that a good idea?), cellphone charger and camera charger. Yup.

I have been checking some housing options in Cali. Jai (my travel partner) looked up some hostel I told her about. I think it's the same thing because she hasn't answered me yet (maybe because I just wrote to her on facebook…

Still Alive (Almost)

OMG! I haven't updated since Wednesday! Mi gosh, you guys must think that I am dead or something! Well, that's for you guys that don't follow Have It Hollywood. Yeah, so go do that! Hahahahaha!
No, I am fine. No creeps have come and taken me away like Kara Kopetsky. God, I really do hope that he parents will find her. Take a moment and pray (to your specific God) that she's okay or at least that they'll ever find her. It's been over five years since she went missing so she's probably dead but we can always pray.

Gosh, the air is so muggy outside. Inside for that matter too, maybe because the balcony door is open and the couch in the living room (which I am currently sitting on) is right next to the door. It's 29,2 degrees celsius outside and it's 27,1 degrees celsius inside. So you can understand my complaints. *Imagine that I sigh*, life is hard. Hahahah. Damn, now it's 27,5 degrees inside. Plus I have this laptop in my lap. Will, the torture n…

Just My Luck

OMG! The creepiest thing happened to me today! OMG, asså! Okay, so I went to Kista Galleria today to do a mystery shopper observation at a store there and this man started following me. First he came up  to me and said I was cute and asked me where I was from when I looked at some facial products at Apoteket Hjärtat. There is nothing wrong with someone coming up to you and telling you that you're cute. I just said okay (what was going to say more then okay. I know I'm hot and it was not like he was some kind of rockstar hottie, more like a nottie. Yeah, I felt like barfing, maybe because he was so creepy.) and that I was from Sweden (duh, we're in Sweden dumb ass!). I just kept looking at stuff in the store hoping that he would get the hint and go away. Which to seem to have done, because when I turned to see if he was still there, he wasn't.

So, I went and did my observation. Which went great by the way (felt like typing it, no abriviations here). After that I was goi…

Erika World On Tumblr

Okay, I don't know if you don't know this but I do have a tumblr account! Yup, I do. And duh, of course it's called ErikaWorld (no imagination there). Check it out if you have time. Though I must worn you I don't update that often. My last post was in October last year. The 22nd to be exact. Yeah, so if you want to know what I was up to last fall or what was on my mind then just check out my tumblr. What I posted on tumblr I didn't post there.

your writer, Erika
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Follow Me on Twitter

Incase you didn't know I have twitter. Follow me to get minute to minute updates. This blog and the my twitter is two of the best ways to stay in touch with me while I'm in California. Click on the picture below to get to my twitter profile!

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Baby Mama

I am now a proud mama to a little baby named Mac. He is the most precious thing ever and I am so proud. Being a single mom might not be easy (I have heard the stories) but I have to do this for Mac. He's my baby boy and I won't let him down. 
Today I have been teaching him all about music. You know, they' are never too young to start living up to their potential. I see Mac doing great things in the future. He's kind of a protégé. This guy is going to be a part of so many great things. 
Though I newborn I hope that he won't keep me up at night. Mama loves you Mac but you are going to have a strict curfew. You gotta live up to that potential. Don't let mama down!

your writer, Erika

A Freaking Mess

The apartment is a freaking mess right now! Well, except from my room which is just as tidy as it's ever been. Hahaha. The rest of the apartment well let's just say that there's stuff everywhere. EVERYWHERE! Okay it's just because my mom's moving at the end of the month and because I am moving to Cali (aka California) in August. My mom just wants to sort all of the stuff because there's stuff she doesn't need and want anymore.

Yeah, I know I need to practice that tough love on my closets but that will be easier to do when it's time for me to actually start packing. It's gonna be so so so much easier then. It's gonna be like "This I like, this I want, this I wear" and "Sorry but I haven't worn you in a while", then the tears will come. Uuuugh. What do to - that's the question without a question mark. I actually practiced some of that tough love today. I threw away two hoodies. One of them had been a little bit bleached…