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Cade goes to college

Hi! So I found this really cool and hot guy on YouTube (and his quite funny too). His user name on YouTube is Cadegoestocollege ( ). You should really check his channel and of course his videos. Here is one of his videos:

Haha, I love that video and he is so funny! Don´t you think? I saw that they made so you can post videos right here on the blog. That´s good. Then i don´t have to take one from MySpace or YouTube. Oh, remember to check my YouTube and MySpace ( and ).
I think that I will post some new pictures of me soon and maybe a video. So, check the blog every day so you don´t miss it. So tomorrow school starts for real ;( . I don´t want to. But I have to if I want to be able to have a good job some day! Please vivist my YouTube channel and look at the video when I´m singing a part of Ashley Tisdales song Be Good To Me.

Bye, bye from your writer Erika
Love ya <3
Peace …

Catching up

So, some new things has happened I got the new Hannah Montana2: Meet Miley Cyrus CD and I love it. But the coolest thing is that it comes out on Wednesday where I live cool, uh!! I mean that I really got It before everybody, and I got Just My Luck and John tucker must Die on DVD. Well, yesterday I went to a pleace to print out some fotos and it were so cheap. I couldnt almost belive it. And an other thing about yesterday, the weather were beatiful and it was hot, I mean really!! So I thought why don't go to the beach. So I did. But when I had been there for about an hour the sun disappeard!! What happened!!!

That's all for this time. Much Love from Erika!!

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