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LOL! Today we had to hold our speech in English C. It was ok. I got really nervous for some reason. I don't nervous. Nervous is not my thing.
There was this one girl, Frida, who held a speech about her experince as an exchange student in USA last year. She was somewhere in Washington. The state Washington not DC. Her speech made me realise just how much I want to study in USA. Not in Sweden anyway, so England or USA. USA preferably plus I am not going to apply to any schools in the UK. So tomorrow I am going to apply to UCLA. Yeah, wish me good luck!

Frida also showed her year book from the high school she went to and told stories about the family she staied with. They were like super into Jesus (nothing wrong with that), so Frida had to go to church with them every Sunday for the whole year she was there. She said that she did not get along with them and that she snuck out in the middle of the night a few times. I think it sound like so much fun.

your writer, Erika

Just Chilling at Home

I think I am going to do some Christmas decorating later on or maybe tomorrow before I go to Cornelias christianing. Not later than tomorrow. It is first in Advent tomorrow and you can't have an Advent without the house being decorated with Christmas ornaments. It just won't due. What you think? When do you start to decorate for Christmas? Me, in time for first in Advent. No later than that, no matter what my mom says. LOL.

Right now I am watching The Grinch with my mom. I love that movie. Ok, maybe not love but it is a good movie. It is one of those movies you have to see around Christmas. It is not Christmas now I know but it is first in Advent tomorrow. I am not watching it on DVD it is on TV, I don't like the movie so much that I want the DVD. Why should I buy on DVD? I mean it is on TV a few times every year around Christmas.

your writer, Erika

Baking On A Friday Night

Friday! OMG, I have been waitin for you all week long. You have no idea! Hehe.

Right now I am  blogging (duh, of course), washing some clothes and baking. The baking part is what I have been waiting for all week long. Baking, yeah and, aaa, it smells so good! I love Christmas, hihihi. Later I am going to make gingerbread dough so that I can make gingerbread maybe tomorrow or on Sunday. I don't know I will have to see because I am going to a Christaning on Sunday.

your writer, Erika

Just Your Normal Day at School

First of all, Happy Thanksgiving or glad tacksägelsedag as you say in Swedish but no one celebrates thanksgiving in Sweden. Ok, maybe if you are American, but no one I know celebrates it.

Today was a both good and bad day in school. The first lesson was cancled and no one in my class had been infromed about it. There was a missunderstanding with my teacher and the lady who makes the schedules. Fun. Not. I could have slept another hour this morning. It is not like I enjoy waking up at six am. I don't jump out of bed with a smile on my face and scream at the top of my lungs "Yeah, I get to go to school today!". Don't get me wrong, I enjoy school but I like to be informed if a class is cancled. Wouldn't you?

Now to the good part. You know that I had finals in Swedish last week. You know, the essay that I had five hours to write but I only sat for two and a half hours. Do you remember? Anyway, I got MVG on my essay! Yeah, ME! LOL, London Tipton refrence. MVG is the h…

Christmas Is Almost Here

Almost, but why can't it be here now. I love Christmas! It is the greatest time of the year! It is, I am not just quoting that song. Christmas! Hehehe.
Today in school when Linda and I went to ICA I took two Christmas calenders. All that is missing now is the chocolate Christmas calender. One year I had three chocolate calenders. On year I had a Barbie chocolate calender. Hhihi, Barbie. I was like six or something. I remember thinking it was so cool that I had a Barbie chocolate calender.

your writer, Erika

Las Vegas 2014, Here We Come!

We = Linda and I

As I know I have mentioned before Linda and I want to to go Vegas when we both have turned 21, which will be in 2014. Linda's birthday is on January 20th and mine is April 6th. So anytime after my birthday we can go to Vegas.

We talked about out Vegas trip today in school. Planned some things. Ok, we didn't plan things - We are not controll freaks. We just talked about it. We said that we were going to book a suit. Like a real nice suit. Linda said that she doens't want to fly to Vegas because of some tringle. I thought she was stalking about the Bermuda tringle and itsn't that tringle in the Carribean? So I was like "What if I go to school in NY? I have heard that is takes about 5 hours and 30 minutes to fly from LA to NY." She said "Ok, we can fly to somewhere near Vegas." LOL, we're so funny.

We have to go to Vegas! We Just have to, Linda don't back out!

your writer, Erika

I Want To Bake

Hihihi, my new cook book arrived today. Well it is not my as in I wrote it but it is mine as in I bought it. I am so excited, I just want to bake.  RIGHT NOW! Oh, I just want to correct something I wrote yesterday: It is not the-gingerbread-cookie-day next Friday. It is the Friday after that. I am still going to make gingerbread dough on Friday.

Oh, love my psychology teacher. I mean she is nice. We have these two huge assignment that we have to hand in on Friday but she postponed the date until Decmber 5th. Thank you so much because now I don't have to stress so much about the other assignments. Like right now I am (watch TV, LOL, it is One Tree Hill - the episode when Brooke is trying to save Jamie because he is stuck in a car and that care gets pushed into the river by an other car. Now that I think about it, a lot of thing has happened on that bridge in OTH.) working on my English C speech that I have to hold next Monday. It has to be five minutes, just like the speech for the…


OMG, I can't believe that in a week (next Sunday) it is first in Advent. OMG, OMG, OMG! Iiiip! I am excited. Soon it will be Christmas. It is only a month left on Thursday. A month! Can you believe it? Time just flies by.

I have deciced to make the gingerbread dough on Friday and depending on how much dough I will make I might bake some gingerbread cookies for my class the following Friday because it is "the-gingerbread-cookie-day". I always have so much dough left over so why not make cookies for my classmates. I am sure they will appreciate it. I mean 1) everyone love gingerbread cookies (except Agnes because she is allergic and 2) we leave school at four o'clock on Fridays. So after lunch I will put out my cookies on the teachers desk and write something on the board so that they know that they are allowed to eat the cookies.

your writer, Erika

Just a Regular Saturday

I have a new song of the moment. Domino by Jessie J. I heard it today while I was trying on clothes at an H&M store in Stockholm. I was like "Damn, who is this? AWESOME song!". So when I got home (not exactly when I got home) I youtubed the song and now it is blasting through my (my moms' if I am going to be correct) speekers. Yeah!

Except from trying on clothes at H&M, I bought the new issue of Elle Mat & Vin (Elle Food & Wine). I saw it yesterday at Pressbyrån, but I couldn't buy it because I didn't have my wallet with me. I was during the lunch hour in school and I don't bring my wallet to school incase you know, someone snatch it.

your writer, Erika

A Little Catching Up

What's up my peeps? OMG, I know. I have just been busy with school but I am going to try to blog more. I promise.

Anyway, have you have a nice week? Will you do something special or anything fun tonigh/ this weekend? I am going to watch Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 2 on DVD with my mom. It got released on DVD two days ago. I pre-orded it this Monday and I got this Wednesday - the same day it got released. I call that service! I also orded a cookbook but is was backorded.

Here are a few pictures of my new pumps. I showed them in a video that I posted a few days ago but the lighting is so bad that you can barely see them. Here are a few pictures so that you can fully admire them.

Sparkly right? I will be the hottest girl this Christmas! LOL. When I put them on I am taller then my mom. True story.

This Wednesday in school we had "mössprovning". Meaning that we tried on and decided whatkind of hat we want for graduation. There were also jackets and hoodies and …


A commercial we got to watch in school today. What are your thoughts?

your writer, Erika

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Today In School

Today all I had was P.E. Yeah! NOT! P.E is not my cup of tea, what I mean is that I prefer to do any kind of physical excersie on my own. Maybe with friends but not in school. OMG, it is so boring when you HAVE TO do it and beacsue you want to do it. Yeah, yeah.

My friend Linda has inspired me. Yeah, she is a smart cookie. LOL. Yesterday I opened a document in word where I wrote down all the information for all of the different college's and universities that I am (so far) planning to apply to. She has done that and I thought was a good idea plus then I don't have to google information all the time. So annoying and time consuming.

Today during lunch 10C had a concert in the cafeteria. So when I got too school I listen a little bit. A little bit beacuse Linda had to go to the computers to print something. Not that I had to go with her but I am a good friend. She would probably done the same thing if I needed to print something.
Sadly we couldn't stay for the whole concert b…

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Last Friday Night

Last night incase you were wondering.

Yesterday I went and saw The Three Muskerters with my mom. Awesome movie! I recomend it to anyone who wants to see a good movie. Plus, Logan Lerman! LOL, Orlando Bloom stars in the movie too. He is one of the bad guys.

Enough about hot looking guys. Not that I think Orlando is hot. He's good looking - obviously - but Logan is more my type (in terms of looks).

Now I am sitting here listening to some music (mostly RNB and HIP HOP) and studying for a test I have on Monday (cross you fingers and wish that I will get MVG, an A). The test is in psycology. It is not that hard, I hope.

your writer, Erika

Halv Åtta Hos Mig

Eight thirty at my place, incase you were wondering what the title means.

Anyway, I was sitting here minding my own buisness, doing my homework when my phone rang. I was like "Who is calling me now?". I looked at the number on the screen thinking it was someone I am sure of that I have not given my phone number but I answered it anyway.

Guess who it was? It was not the person whom I thought is was. It was no one I know. It was drum roll please...... Someone from TV4. Explanation is one of the major TV stations in Sweden and it first started airing in 1990. Oh, why did they call me? Well, earlier this year I sent in an application to be on their TV show 'Halv Åtta Hos Mig' (a cooking show). Now, this woman was calling around to people who have sent in applications and see if they are interesting enough (fun enough personallity) to be on the show. She said that she might call be back to schedule a casting. I have my fingers crossed!

your writer, Erika

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Photoshoot With SollentunaRevyn

I thought you might want to know how the "photoshoot" with SollentunaRevyn went. In case you don't, well then you don't have to read this post. Hehe.

The photoshoot went smoodly. Catherine and I were supposed to be creative directors, tell the actors how to pose and so on but the director of the play basicly did our job. She was like "Pose like this", "Do this with your hands" and so on and so on. So Catherine and I just stood there. I told one actress to smile more because it is supposed to be a comedy. She just snassed me (ok, maybe she didn't snass me but anyway), and said "Well, I thought since this costume is more serious I should look serious."

We weren't there for more than about 40 minutes. It was ok. I brought the t-shirt that I altered to show my teacher. She liked it.

your writer, Erika