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Everyday I'm Tumblring

YOLO! I just looked at the watch and "Woah". I mean time passes by so fast sometimes! What are y'all doing? I have just been home all day. I mean I haven't done anything special. Um, yeah I mean I baked cupcakes. Vanilla cupcakes with raspberries and white chocolate. I instagramed pictures of the cupcakes. Before the oven and after the oven. LOL. Delicious. Something I just made up myself. Not the actual cupcake batter but the thing with the raspberries and white chocolate. I like to bake. I like to bake more than I like to eat it sometimes. I just don't like too much sweet stuff. Cooking and eating is more my thing 'cause I rather eat real food. Here are pictures of my cupcakes.

Before the oven...

After the oven...

There is this contest to meet 1D when they com to Stockholm next week. For me to qualify into the finale I need as many people as possible to like my plasylist on spotify. Pretty please like it…


YOLO! Valborg tomorrow. A Swedish holiday for all of you none swedes out there who have no idea what Valborg is. LOL. I am just going to be home. LOL. Lamo.

New music out. Union J's music video for their debut single Carry You got released (or whatever you say) today. It's live on their youtube veto channel. For all you lazy cats, I will publish the video here. I mean come on! Look at George, he is freaking sexy. I love his smile! Don't know which one is George, he sings the first verse (so you can just navigate yourself from there).

Anyway. Talking about new music. Kim Cesarion! Fuck he is awesome! A new Swedish wonder boy! Singed to RCA UK, Sony Music Sweden and Columbia US. Even though Kim has no prior social media platform Columbia US is going to make him a priority! Fuck yeah! He's from Stockholm. Woop woop! Check out his VEVO channel. His debut single is called Undressed. OMG, you have to check out the live performance from Atlantis Studios on his VEVO channel.


You Only Live Once

Seriously! OMG! It is like my life is put on hold, I mean that I procrastinate more than usual because of the Swedish Belibers, Norske Beliebers and Swedish Directioner. Everyone is so freaking hilarious! Depressed? Join them all. Freaking hilarious! LOL. I mean, the Swedish Directioners wants to be shipped and are hating on The Wanted. Norske Beliebers are horny for Justin and the Swedish Beliebers are mad at norwegian (norske) Beliebers for joining "our" group. 'Cause some swedes don't understand norwegian and just think that it's annoying. LOL! I love them all. Freaking funny people! Fan family are the best! I have homework you need to stop posting so that I can concentrate. LOL.

Tomorrow awaits, writing on my stupid essay. OMG! So bored! Don't want to write this shit! I don't have but I don't feel like failing. LOL, like that is avoidable! I have never cared so little. I am like what, whatever. YOLO. I am out. Peace.

your writer, Erika

Fandom Craze

It's late and I need to blog. LOL. What have you boys and girl been up to all day? I went to Vällingby Centrum where Anton Ewald was performing and then had a singing. I bought a single (Begging) because I already have a poster and it's fun to have a singed cd. But it feels so old school to have a single. I mean a physical cd single. I mean I never buy single like that anymore, I buy them on iTunes like most people I guess. But it's fun to have a singed cd single. One day I am going to frame all the cd's that I have singed from different artist, which now is a small collection consisting three Jonas Brothers CD's (one only singed by Joe) and yeah the one from Anton. Anyway, Anton sang a new song called Human. It was good and he will release a EP soon. Yeah.

OMG! Ever since I joined those Belieber groups and that Directioner group my timeline on facebook is almost only Belieber and Dierctioner filled. LOL, but it's fun. The Belieber groups are a little more fun …

Swedish Beliebers

I just joined two groups on facebook, Swedish Beliebers and Norske Beliebers (norske = norwegian in norwegian, LOL). It's so much fun. Finally people who truly understand me, understand how I feel. The Norwegians are jealous of the Swedish Beliebers because we are such a strong family. A norwegian Belieber in the Swedish group said that she was jealous of the Swedish Beliebers because there is too much drama ("D.R.A.M.A." is what she wrote) among the Norwegian Beliebers.

Being a Belieber is love. It really is! Justin has brought so many people together, he has introduced people to each other just with is music. I mean it's pretty incredible. Since all Beliebers are a family it breaks my heart to see everyone depressed because he has left our beautiful country. He is still in Scandinavia so I hope that our neighbors to the right, Finland, will take well care of him. We want him to know that Scandinavia is the place to be. He is already used to the weather, he's is…

A Serious Chat

I really don't know what to say. YOLO. Oh, yeah I got my beautiful Michael Kors watch today (which I actually got for my birthday but I got it today, I guess that the mail man is a little slow). I just have to get it sized so that it will fit my wrist. It's a little to big. Even though it can be sexy or cool it also very very annoying and that tops everything. I would be sacred that it's going to fall off my wrist. I am going to do that next week since I have no school. Well, I don't have to be in school but I have to write a paper. But I say it Hot Chelle Rae style, whatever. Anyway, here's my watch. Isn't it the most beautiful thing you ever seen?! I mean the second most beautiful, 'cause we all know I am the most beautiful.

Okay, you guys know that I am not serious when I write stuff here. I mean I don't mean exactly everything I write. I just want to create a tone (which is really hard to do with writing). I am trying to be funny in my own way and I…


Sad day people, sad day people. The last day of Believe Tour Sweden. Yep I am crying. OMG! You know what! I am so mad, like why did my dumb ass think that it was a good idea to go to school today. Skip, skip! Yep that's what you do when Bieber is in town! I could have meet Kenny and Alfredo today! Yep! I am so dumb, school is just making me dumber. OMG! I mean Kenny tweeted today that he was going to to some shopping at GStar in Gallerian in Stockholm. The exact place where he was going to be. Um, how do I know that I know that Alfredo was there? Um, 'cause some girl sent in a picture to Justin Bieber - Never Say Never Sweden of herself and Alfredo in Gallerian. Damn! But I knew that even if I left right there and then when I saw the tweet he probably would have been gone. Yeah. Maybe I'll try my luck at Arlanda tomorrow. Yeah, yeah. I know that I will meet him one day. The day will come, I just don't know when and where (which is frustrating and making me kinda depres…

Believe Tour Sweden: Day 2

Ha and I who thought that there would be no blog tonight because of the slow wi-fi. Hmm, but that's all fixed now. I don't know how but it is. LOL. But here I am and ready to blog! Yeah get the blogging on.

Day two of Believe Tour Sweden today. Day two of three. Sad that it's only three days. I mean the Swedish Belieber's want more!! But we are pretty happy that we got three days when it from the beggining was only going to be one day! I think that the second show was announced like a week after the tickets for first show went on sale. Yeah and then in February the tickets for the third show went on sale and then earlier this month more tickets for all the Believe Tour Sweden shows went on sale. Yeah! Even though I am not going to any of the shows I am still pretty excited about this. I mean come one the Belieber's are the best and biggest family on earth. Selena was here too. Or is, hmm, I don't know whether she's still here with Justin or not.

Here are so…

Carry You

OMG! Union J's debuted there debut single today on Capitol FM (British radio station). It has also been uploaded to their VEVO channel, UnionJVEVO. It is awesome! I lov-lov-lov-love it! It's freaking awesome! So awesome! The single is actually released on June 2nd and you can pre-order it here Do it! I can't because it's not available in Swedish iTunes! I guess I'll just have to listen to it over and over and over and over and over again on youtube.

your writer, Erika

Believe Tour Sweden

Yo! So I went to Arlanda today hoping to see Justin Bieber. Hmm, didn't. Sad but I still don't feel like I wasted my day being there for several hours. I mean I would have been sad if I didn't go there. Yeah, so. Hmm. Maybe I'll try to catch him on Thursday when he's leaving for Helsinki. I mean there's a possibility that he is flying back on Friday but the Helsinki show is on Friday, hmm I don't since he's not here (in Sweden yet and his first show here is tomorrow). Apparently he is shooting a short film for Key (whatever that is) in Copenhagen today. We'll se, we'll see. I mean the first flight from Stockholm to Helsinki on Friday is at 6:15 am. AM. And the last one is at 10 pm. Not that late. Hmmmm. We'll see, we'll see. Hmm, only if I lived in the US then I could write a heartfelt letter to Ellen and maybe she would arrange for me to meet him or something. A private message would be awesome too. Him saying my name, OMG I would die. …

London Calling

Late again, I know. Sorry (hahaha, I keep apologizing but no one complains, hmm it's my blog I can do what the heck I want, LOL). Okay I was looking at school in London. Not that I am planning on applying but I just want to see what's out there. LOL, believe or not but I kinda think that's stuff is fun. I want to experience something new and it would be fun to live in London. A few days ago looked what you need on order to legally work in the UK and if I understood right it's not just (for me as a legal citizen of a country that's a member of the European Union) to move there and get a job. You need that special EU passport (I don't know what it's called but I have it) and some other type of legal document but it seems way way easier than getting a job in the US. If I would go to school in the UK I would like to live on campus for at least one semester. I mean just try it.

your writer, Erika


I watched the latest episode of Cody Simpson's The Paradise Series earlier and I am really excited to hear Alli's song. I hope that it comes out soon! And how sweet of Cody too coach her. Also I am really excited that Cody's new single Pretty Brown Eyes hits iTunes on Tuesday. I am supper happy that I have brown eyes since the song is about a girl with brown eyes. Yeah! I can't wait for the album too. I mean he is super talented. They are both amazing! I wonder if Tom's ever going to do anything like his older siblings. That kid should have his own reality series because he is freaking hilarious. Funny kid!

I am going to redo my nails later since I took off that white and orange because I had a casting today. I have a casting tomorrow but I don't think that they care about my nails. It's not a model casting so it would be weird. Hmm. Anyway. Maybe I'll instagram a picture of them later. 

your writer, Erika

Chasing The Sun

Work, work, work. Hahaha. I have a casting tomorrow and the one on Saturday. I have never been to these places before so I pray that I will find them. LOL. I have looked them up on a map so I kind of know where they are. I am praying for that I won't get lost. LOL. Since I have castings this weekend I am glad that I have already done the reading for Monday. I am always a chapter ahead with reading. It's just so that I won't have to do any homework at home. Okay (a little confusing there), I read on my way to school and during my lunch hour. That way I don't have to do any reading when I come home. I hope that the weather will be better this weekend when I'll be running around the city.

I feel bad for Nathan Sykes. It's his 20th birthday today and he has to undergo surgery. I hope he has a good birthday anyway and that the surgery goes well. I mean if his voice gets damaged because of this The Wanted are kind of screwed. Damn, because Nath has an amazing voice! …

Miss Superstar

Hi you guys. How are you? I am fine. The weather has finally decided to be nice because the sun was really shining today and when I took Merlin along with me for a walk I had to pull down the zipper on my jacket because it was to hot. Yo. Finally.

On Friday I have two castings. So get to travel all over Stockholm because they are not close. It's good that I have no school on Friday so that I can go to them. I would probably would skip school in that case. I mean it is just one day. The world will not end if I skip one day of school. I skipped school last fall when I went to the Justin Bieber concert and all my teachers were fine with it. One of them even said "You're young! Go and have some fun!". Suck on that!

your writer, Erika

New Trends

I saw the cutest pumps today so I thought that I would a blog about current fashion trends. Yo. I mean it is just fun to blog about clothes. I just wish that could go and buy everything that I blog about. I also looked at some Michael Kors bags and was surprised by how cheap they were. Okay, I mean they're not cheap I just thought that they would cost a whole lot more.
So black white stripes are huge right now. It is so fresh because it's black and white. So I wanted to show you guys a pair of black and white striped pants from CUBUS or BIKBOK (btw did you know that Mary-Kate and Ashley are going to design for BIKBOK? Scandinavians be ready!) because both store sell those pants but I couldn't find them on either website. Hmmm, sad. But I found this striped dress on H&M's website. The dress is closely so it will you off your body (honey you gotta strut that stuff) and it has a zipper which you can you pull down if you want to show some cleavage (I probably won't…


Yo! Late night post again I know. LOL. How many of you are Dave Audé and Wideboys fans? I know they make awesome remixes. The best! I haven't heard that many Wideboys remixes but the ones that they have done for Conor Maynard are amazing (which I thought was four or five but now realizing are only two - Animal and Vegas Girl). I mean I am not a geek for these two. I first started liking Dave Audé a few years ago when I heard a remix that he had done for one of Selena Gomez song. I think that it was Round and Round, I mean I am not sure it might not even have had been Selena Gomez. It could easily had been someone else. Anyway here are some of my favorite remixes.

Selena Gomez and The Scene - Round and Round (Dave Audé remix)

Conor Maynard - Vegas Girl (Wideboys remix)

Chris Brown - Please Don't Judge Me (Dave Audé remix)

your writer, Erika

Sleep Tight

I tend to blog late at night, you know the end of the day. I don't know why it just happens. LOL. I mean, yeah, you know ( I don't even know). No, it's better to sum up the day at the end of the day instead at four in the afternoon when you come home from school. In like eight grade or so, I used to plan, while I was at school, what I was going to blog about when I came home. Bored I guess. Hahaha. Tomorrow I don't start school until 10:30 AM! So nice because I get to sleep until 7:30, I mean yeah because when I lived in the US I had to get up at 5:30. That's too early.

Well, now I have to get ready for tomorrow so until then, yeah sleep tight and have a fun night.

your writer, Erika

Awake All Night


Old Stuff

The add is now up on blocket if you want to check it. I am selling a skirt from H&M, a dress from H&M (Miley Cyrus was seen wearing that dress a few years ago), a pair of shorts that I have bought at Debenhams in London, a pair of jeans from H&M and a top from Gina Tricot. Click here to get to the add.

your writer, Erika

Sweet Stuff

Yo, yo. Hahaha. So I went to that casting. It was a pretty standard casting. After that I went shopping. I have needs (LOL), like a new bathing suit for this summer because, there is no chance in hell that I would jump in in the lake. Hahaha. I mean it's 3° C (37,4° F) outside. Cold, yup. Then I also got some beauty stuff and an other present for Isabelle. She turned eight a few days ago. Did you see how great the presents got after I wrapped them? I mean I am pretty amazing at that stuff. LOL. Got to my instagram to see the amazing wrapping that I did. My instagram is @eriikaworld.

Haha. I know that's the bathing suit that I said that I would never buy. But you know what it looks pretty amazing on me and I already have a black bathing suit (that's way cooler than this one, and it's also from H&M). Hahaha. Now all I need is a bikini (preferably from Victoria's Secret) and I am set for Beach 2013. If you see something cute that I might like, hit me with the link…

Just For Tonight

Yo, yo! I am so sorry that I didn't blog yesterday but it got late and I had school today. I don't know but I value my sleep. Hehehe. I posted the Justin Bieber video earlier, have you gotten a chance to watch it yet? It's the (beautiful) music for All Around The World feat Ludacris. Watch it 'cause it's really awesome. Before I continue I just want to address or whatever this home Mahomie madness, sorry if you have been bothered by it, it was for a contest for a meet and greet with the Biebs. No I didn't win but I am happy for the two girls who won 'cause I know how much it would have meant to me if I would have won.

Tomorrow, I have an other casting. it's for a couple of fashion shows. I hope that I book at least one show. 'Cause fashion show are really fun. I mean I have more "experience" with fashion shows than with photo shoots. Hopefully I can book something soon. If I know you and like to take pictures and want to do a photo shoot j…

Justin Bieber - All Around The World (Official) ft. Ludacris


Mahomie Nails

More Mahomie love from me. Okay I really want to win this meet and greet competion! I mean I wanna meet Justin Bieber. I wanna meet Austin too so I want do the same thing if it was for a meet and greet with Austin. He's kinda cute. We have a lot of things in common. We are both born in April. Austin's birthday is April 4th and I am born April 6th. This also mean that we have the same star sign, which is Aries. We are both '90s kids. Austin is born 1996 and I am born 1993. Austin is from the United States (San Antonio, Texas) and I used to live in the United States (Santa Barbara, California). We are both good looking. We both like Justin Bieber (Austin has said the meeting Justin was the best day ever!). I could mention so many more things that we have in common but yeah, that's for another time.

your writer, Erika

Mahomie 4 Life

If you are my friend on facebook or just know me. I just want to please like the official swedish facebook page for Austin Mahone, Austin Mahone - 'Mahomies' Sweden. Like do it now! I mean they have this really sweet contest right now that you absolutely don't want to miss you you're a Belieber. Yep, a Belieber. Listen up now! Like the page and share it for a chance to win tickets, Oh not just any tickets MEET AND GREET tickets to one of Justin Bieber's concerts in Stockholm in two weeks! Yeah, nothing is wrong with your eyes, that's right meet and greet tickets to see Justin Bieber in concert and meet during his April 23rd concert in Stockhom, Sweden! Aaaaah! I am freaking out too! Anyway ever if you can't to the concert like the page anyway for all the exclusive (I assume) Swedish news about Austin Mahone and what goes on in the Swedish Mahomie community. Yeah, you don't want to miss that! Come on like Austin Mahone - 'Mahomies' Sweden for a c…

Erika From The Block

Okay so I started a post but that I also started watching a movie which is almost three hours long. Yeah, that was somewhere after 8 PM. Now here late at night begging you to vote for me at in "Fan of The Week" app on the official swedish Austin Mahone facebook page. Click here! There will will be announced on Friday and you can win meet and great tickets to Justin Bieber one of Justin Bieber's concert in Stockholm in two weeks. Pretty please vote for me! Please!
Also have you seen Becky G cover of Jennifer Lopez Jenny From The Block. Her cover is of course called Becky From The Block. Watch the music video below. I think that this is a absolutely great song for Becky. She has so much talent and she is going to go very very far!

your writer, Erika

Selena Gomez - Come & Get It


Sewing You

OMG! I just realized that I hadn't blogged yet today and we can't have that. Like c'mon! I mean if I go a day without blogging it will just send me down an evil spiral. No, no, no, no, no. Or what do you guy say? LOL.

It's the end of the day and I am just sitting here sewing a button to a shirt. Tomorrow I am going to have to fix my jacket. I mean sew a button to it, I mean even though it looks good, I can't have that Bieber button on forever. It's more fashionable with the original button on. I'll fix that tomorrow (as well as my nails). I'll also have to wash that jacket because it's dirty. The other day when I was out walking Merlin he found a stick and I took it from him so that he didn't have to carry it all the way home but the he wanted it jumped up and down trying to take it from. While he did that he accidentally put one of his paws on my jacket which left dirt mark. Nothing big, I'll just have to wash the jacket and it will be fine…

Teenage Dream

So, I guess my teenage years are over. Yep. What's next? I mean I don't really feel any different. I am still me. I went to systembolaget (the liquor store) and bought a small bottle of Bailey's. Just because I can. Not that I really drink aclohol, but Bailey's is good to have in your coffee. Very tasty. Hahaha. LOL.

OMG, I watch this video earlier of Hot Chelle Rae covering Katy Perry's "Teenage Dream" and o it was just true magic. Ryan you are my teenage dream! Nash, Ryan that was just pure magic. I am sitting here just smiling and hitting the replay button like my life depends on it because it does. True story! True love! Really just magical magic!

Tomorrow my family is coming over to celebrate my birthday with me so I will be kind of busy getting things ready. I mean, baking and stuff. LOL. I'll post pictures for y'all so that you can see my masterpieces. Especially the cake! Oh my damn, I wish that you could taste my cake because I make the m…

9 to 5

I am a good hard working girl. I am. You know that I complained about having to read two chapters in my film history book for Monday. Yeah, well I read on my way to school, during my lunch hour and on my way home, that means that I only have nine pages left to read which I can just finish on Sunday because I ain't doing no homework tomorrow. Woop, woop. Hahaha. Anyway it feels nice to not have so much left to read. That way I can relax a little more this weekend and not feel pressured about having to do homework.
I am looking at job on arbetsförmedlingen's website. Just for fun I check out what kinds of job they are offering abroad. In the UK then because, I mean it is a huge benefit you you know the language of the country that you're working in. Or what do you say? LOL. Most of it is just nanny/ au pair work. It sounds okay but involves kids and being responsible for someone else's child. It's not that I think that I can't do it it's more that I don't…

The Future Is Near

Two days left until my birthday, in case yo were wondering. I bought the latest issue of swedish ELLE today. I bought it so that I could study the models and of course for the fashion of it. The swedish supermodel, also the host of the swedish version of Top Model, Caroline Winberg is on the cover. The really cool thing about her, other then that she is a swedish model that has made all over the world as a model, is that she is from same part of Stockholm that I am from. That is really cool! I think so anyway.

A birthday card from my friend Madde :)

I am going to a casting next week. I hate castings and auditions, I mean I want the job that I go after but I just feel so awkward. This casting is in Nacka and it takes an hour to get there. I don't care. It will be fun. I think. Hahaha. I mean do both hate and love auditions. It's for nothing big, but I still hope that I get it.

your writer, Erika

Ashtrays and Heartbreaks

OMG! What the shit is this? For Monday we have to read two chapters in our film history book, good thing for me that I have already finished the chapter for Friday 'cause this I ain't doing homework on my birthday and on Sunday I am busy doing other things. The other thing is the our teacher isn't going to show Citizen Kane (very famous movie by Orson Wells, in case you have no idea what I am talking about) during a regular film screening. Yeah! I am chocked too! What is this crap! Hahaha, I haven't seen the movie so I don't know if it is good or not. I just want to know what all the fuzz is about because in every book that I have had for every film studies class that I have had that book as been mentioned. OMG! U got so fed up with that movie last semester in the US because that movie was practically mentioned on every page. Annoying! He is going to screen Citizen Kane for us but not on a school day and fortunately that screening is not mandatory. I mean I liked t…

Three Days To Go

Yeah, um, so my plan was to do my nails tonight. Okay, since it's about 10:20 PM and I "have to" go to bed at 11 PM and I haven't even posted a blog or some other things I should probably have done by now the nails have to wait until tomorrow. Well, that's that. I mean it's not like my nails are ugly or dirty it is just fun to paint them in some color. Haha. Well, if I do my nails tomorrow I will try to remember to post a picture.

Tomorrow it's three days left until my 20th birthday. OMG! I am getting old. Hahah, I remember what Io wrote the day Jesse McCartney turned 20. OMG, that was six years ago. I was 14 then, have I really had this blog for that long. Crazy, right! Damn, but it has been a total blast writing for you guys. Hopefully I will continue this for many many years to come. Like when I get married you will get all the exclusive deets here. LOL, To the future and a successful blog! Love you all.

your writer, Erika

Hung Up On You

Hi guys so who should we tribute today? Hmm. Have you seen Hot Chelle Rae's new music video Hung Up? I am a huge fan of them. I mean come on Ryan Follesé is so freaking hot. I mean they're all hot. So it is kind of a tough choice to say who the hottest. Anyway, they are four guys making awesome music and I am super excited for their next album!

As you know I am a huge Jonas Brothers fan and they have FINALLY released a new single and music video! It was leaked since it's supposed to be released tomorrow, April 2rd. I think that it is a little different but still just a s awesome! I can't wait for the new album. I have been a fan for so long and their music have been the soundtrack to my teenage heart (hmm, I was gonna write "years" instead of "heart" but autocorrect changed it, you know what "heart" fits perfectly).

your writer, Erika