The Future Is Near

Two days left until my birthday, in case yo were wondering. I bought the latest issue of swedish ELLE today. I bought it so that I could study the models and of course for the fashion of it. The swedish supermodel, also the host of the swedish version of Top Model, Caroline Winberg is on the cover. The really cool thing about her, other then that she is a swedish model that has made all over the world as a model, is that she is from same part of Stockholm that I am from. That is really cool! I think so anyway.

A birthday card from my friend Madde :)

I am going to a casting next week. I hate castings and auditions, I mean I want the job that I go after but I just feel so awkward. This casting is in Nacka and it takes an hour to get there. I don't care. It will be fun. I think. Hahaha. I mean do both hate and love auditions. It's for nothing big, but I still hope that I get it.

your writer, Erika


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