9 to 5

I am a good hard working girl. I am. You know that I complained about having to read two chapters in my film history book for Monday. Yeah, well I read on my way to school, during my lunch hour and on my way home, that means that I only have nine pages left to read which I can just finish on Sunday because I ain't doing no homework tomorrow. Woop, woop. Hahaha. Anyway it feels nice to not have so much left to read. That way I can relax a little more this weekend and not feel pressured about having to do homework.

I am looking at job on arbetsförmedlingen's website. Just for fun I check out what kinds of job they are offering abroad. In the UK then because, I mean it is a huge benefit you you know the language of the country that you're working in. Or what do you say? LOL. Most of it is just nanny/ au pair work. It sounds okay but involves kids and being responsible for someone else's child. It's not that I think that I can't do it it's more that I don't really know what being an au pair means. Anyone out there that can with experience that can share what it really means to be an au pair. Anyone?

Tomorrow I turn 20. I thinking of going to Systembolaget and waste my money because I can. The problem I don't know what to buy since I really don't drink alcohol. Maybe some Bailey's to spice up the coffee? Champagne? Some vodka and go to Coop and buy some juice? I don't really drink alcohol. I have never been drunk, true story.

your writer, Erika


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