I watched the latest episode of Cody Simpson's The Paradise Series earlier and I am really excited to hear Alli's song. I hope that it comes out soon! And how sweet of Cody too coach her. Also I am really excited that Cody's new single Pretty Brown Eyes hits iTunes on Tuesday. I am supper happy that I have brown eyes since the song is about a girl with brown eyes. Yeah! I can't wait for the album too. I mean he is super talented. They are both amazing! I wonder if Tom's ever going to do anything like his older siblings. That kid should have his own reality series because he is freaking hilarious. Funny kid!

I am going to redo my nails later since I took off that white and orange because I had a casting today. I have a casting tomorrow but I don't think that they care about my nails. It's not a model casting so it would be weird. Hmm. Anyway. Maybe I'll instagram a picture of them later. 

your writer, Erika


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