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The Last Day of The Year

Hi everyone! How are you? I am good. Just taking a break from my two hours of watching Jane The Virgin on Netflix. It's my new show. At frist it didn't seem that good, but when you're like five episodes deep you kind of just can't stop watching. You NEED to know what happens next. It's like that show my mom and I used to watch. Some Australian soap opera. I think it was called Home and Away. That show is so terrible and when they swapped actors for one part OMG, never seen anything more worse! They didn't even slightly look like each other! Not even slightly! Ugh! But there so much drama going on that you just keep on watching because you need to know what happens next.

I really just wanted to show you the amazing things that I bought at ZARA yesterday. It's funny thought thatI went shopping and nothing that I bought was on sale. But none of what I wanted was on sale. So yeah. Anyways I bought a jacket and a pair of pants. I need new pants because 1) I alwa…

Winter Fashionista

Hello! I went shopping today before work. Or, yeah I mean there was this scarf that I wanted so I just swung by H&M to see if they still had any. And they did so I bought one. I love it! I need something warmer now the it is winter. My regular orange scarf (which is also from H&M) won't keep my neck warm during the winter. Plus it is too summerish. I saw a really nice scarf a while back at Lindex but when I wanted to buy it it was gone *sad face*. Yeah yeah I know. But now I have this gorgeous thing this winter. Now I just have to get mittens and a had that goes with it. Until then I will keep rocking my regular black mittens. But you know gotta keep it fashionable and represent even though it's winter.

your writer, Erika

Hands To Myslef - Selena Gomez

A Little Beauty Secret

Hi! So I just thought that I would tell you about a little beauty thing that I recently started doing to my hair. As you have noticed in pictures that I have posted that my hair is very thick. I mean it's an afro. It's just that I never wear my hear like that. I usually braid it or put it up in a bun (happens very rarely). My hair is also very dry, or it used to be until I started doing this magical thing. Since my hair was so dry I need/ wanted something that would make it more soft. I heard about olive oil as hair mask and I have tried it. So thought why not use it in my hair daily and see what happens? First I googled just to see what the internet had to say about it. The internet had mixed opinions so I decided to try it. My conclusion is that, for me and my hair it has absolutely done wonders. It is way more soft and it has become shiny. I recommend you to try it... unless you have blonde hair. The internet said that your hair might become a little green. Idk, but the int…

I Am Getting Certified

OMG! Hi! So now I am done for the day! I can now allow myself to chill (I just have to write this post first). I went to work today, then when I came home I had to eat because you know you need food and I was damn hungry. I also did some laundry and was productive towards my future. It was good day. Any day where you're productive day is a good day. All you can do is your best. If you put in 100% how can the result not end up great?! Huh, right? Anyway, so yeah.

I am really excited though because at the end of next month I am finally going to become a certified barista. I will get a diploma and everything. I feel like I have to study for that though. About coffee and such. I mean I know how to make the usuals. You know like cafe latte, cappuccino, cortado, espresso and all of those things. But there are some coffee's that I am not really familiar with. I have to study up on those. I might be asked about them. I hope I pass. But of course I will. If I was that bad of a barista …

So, This Is Christmas....

Hi everyone! So it's Christmas Day. In Sweden we celebrate Christmas on the 24th so I've already done the whole Christmas dinner and opening presents thing. It was nice. It was nice and calm day. It was just my mom and I and the dogs. But it was good. I messed around with Sam. I got him and Merlin some toys for Christmas, but it was mostly Sam who played with them. We had a lot of fun and he tried to eat me. He's so cute! Unfortunately I don't have any pictures or videos of Sam or Merlin. I posted some on snapchat but I didn't save any of them. I should have.

It is weird though because I love Christmas. It is my favorite holiday! But this years I haven't had that much Christmas feeling. I have barely listened to any Christmas songs. I still haven't heard Ariana's new Christmas EP. Maybe I subconsciously got too much of Christmas music at work. Maybe I subconsciously got enough of Christmas at work since the Christmas campaign started in mid November. I …

Happy Early Christmas

Hi! Happy day before Christmas Eve! What is everyone doing tonight? My mom is at my place for Christmas so right now we are playing bingolotto. No luck so far. But we both have been very close. We are going to play all night so hopefully we'll win something. That would be really cool! I used to play bingolotto a lot more when I was younger. My mom usually plays bingolotto the night before Christmas but I never have time. I am always in the kitchen stressing out. But this year it hasn't been that stressful getting everything done for Christmas. Also I haven't baked as many things as I usually do.

The other day I had a little reunion with my friend Patricia. She goes to film school in London but she is home for the holidays now. We had dinner, exchanged Christmas gifts and went to the movies (we saw The Night Before). OMG, that one is a eager little gift opener! I wanted to wait to open mine until tomorrow but she was like NOOO, LETS OPEN THEM NOW! So we did. I got Pure Sedu…

The Holidays Season

Hi my folks! Gosh I have just been laying on the couch sleeping all day. Nah, that is not entirely true. I have done laundry, watched a few episodes of Scandal and been productive towards my future. Yeah. Kinda realising that I have some more clothes that needs to be washed. Plus I just realised that the Christmas campaign is almost over! What! No! I mean the Christmas campaign at work. Those red Christmas cups. But the worst thing we'll loose are our red aprons! The red Christmas aprons! Well well. Hopefully we'll get those blue winter cups and just not go back to our boring green/ beige cups. Hmmm.

Christmas is on Thursday. I am glad that I finally figured out what to wear. I bought a dress from Zalando. Since I really don't know what I am doing for New Years I figured that I could wear the same dress then. I mean I won't hang out with the same people. Plus I really don't know what my friends and I are going to do, so it probably won't be that fancy and the I…

A Struggle

Hi everyone! How are you? I am good. I am sorry for neglecting this blog. Two weeks. Gash no one probably never reads this blog anymore. Except for Patricia. Hi Patricia! (P is my friend).

I have to go to work soon but I just thought that I would make a quick post before. LOL. I have the weirdest shift today and it is so boring because it so short. I work from 4 PM to 7 PM. That' s three hours. Like what the fuck!? Ugh! Nah, I mean I like my job and I just prefer to work longer shift because when you have these weird short ones you really can't plan to do anything. Unless they're scheduled earlier during the day. Eh, whatever. I should't really complain. I have a job. I can pay my bills. I can save quite a lot of money each month and I have money over for food and whatever I want to spend it on. I got it okay. I got it more than okay in a way. I should feel more blessed. People have it worse. Yeah yeah. But we all live different lives so what might be a struggle for me…