Happy Early Christmas

Hi! Happy day before Christmas Eve! What is everyone doing tonight? My mom is at my place for Christmas so right now we are playing bingolotto. No luck so far. But we both have been very close. We are going to play all night so hopefully we'll win something. That would be really cool! I used to play bingolotto a lot more when I was younger. My mom usually plays bingolotto the night before Christmas but I never have time. I am always in the kitchen stressing out. But this year it hasn't been that stressful getting everything done for Christmas. Also I haven't baked as many things as I usually do.

The other day I had a little reunion with my friend Patricia. She goes to film school in London but she is home for the holidays now. We had dinner, exchanged Christmas gifts and went to the movies (we saw The Night Before). OMG, that one is a eager little gift opener! I wanted to wait to open mine until tomorrow but she was like NOOO, LETS OPEN THEM NOW! So we did. I got Pure Seduction fragrance mist from Victoria's Secret and sleeping tee from PINK. I am so happy, because yes we do have Victoria's Secret stores in Sweden but the only sell make-up, body products, panties and perfumes. And she got me a t-shirt from PINK. LOL. I also have a cousin in London. It's great knowing people living in London since they have so many stuff there that we don't have here in Sweden.

Here are my gifts from Patricia:

your writer, Erika


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