So, This Is Christmas....

Hi everyone! So it's Christmas Day. In Sweden we celebrate Christmas on the 24th so I've already done the whole Christmas dinner and opening presents thing. It was nice. It was nice and calm day. It was just my mom and I and the dogs. But it was good. I messed around with Sam. I got him and Merlin some toys for Christmas, but it was mostly Sam who played with them. We had a lot of fun and he tried to eat me. He's so cute! Unfortunately I don't have any pictures or videos of Sam or Merlin. I posted some on snapchat but I didn't save any of them. I should have.

It is weird though because I love Christmas. It is my favorite holiday! But this years I haven't had that much Christmas feeling. I have barely listened to any Christmas songs. I still haven't heard Ariana's new Christmas EP. Maybe I subconsciously got too much of Christmas music at work. Maybe I subconsciously got enough of Christmas at work since the Christmas campaign started in mid November. I remember I was so excited about that. I was like YEEEEAH FIIIINALLY we get to wear those pretty red aprons. Yeah, maybe. Christmas is over now. I mean the Christmas campaign is over and that means no more red aprons. Plus we have to return them. I want to keep mine *sad face*. Well well. At least a got a staff only edition cup from work. It is on my instagram (@eriikaworld), check it out!

I wish you all a Merry Christmas!

your writer, Erika


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