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What song?

Today when I went shopping I walked past a store and stopped. Not because of the clothes, becuase of the music. I stopped beacuase I was thinking "Hey, this song is kind of good!". So I walk in to the store and was like (thinking of course) "Hey, it sound like Nick Jonas".
          "It is not Nick Jonas and The Administraistion so it has to be Jonas Brothers. Awesome. Wait I have not heard this song be for."
          I was waiting for the chorus to begin so I could hear the name of the song. Want to know which song it was? It was Critical from the JONAS L.A soundtrack.
          Jonas Brothers and shopping, that is a good day :)

your writer, Erika

Teenage Dream

Have you heard Katy's Perrys new single? Well, I have and it is my new favorite song of the moment. It is really great and I can't wait for the cd release.

Tonight I used my mom's footscrub and footprotector. I sat on the washing machine with my feet in the bathroom sink. It was fun.
          I should have a spa night with candles and evrything. That would be so awesome! I should do more ME stuff. Everybody should do more ME stuff for themselves!

xoxo, Erika

Life In a Day

I made a video, two actually, for Life In a Day on youtube. I might do another video later, I don't know.
          Tomorrow I am going to read out Chasing Harry Winston. It is actually a great book, You should read it. After the book I am reading now I am going to read the third book in the Shopaholic series. After that - if I have not bought a new book - I am going to read the seventh Harry Potter book.
          I am going to read it because the movie premieres in November and I want to refresh my mind.

your writer, Erika

Find Your Love

Right now I am just waiting for Ugly Betty to start. In the mean time I am listening to Drake. He is kind of good.
          I love him as Jimmy in Degrassi High. Whyen he got shot in the back and counld't play backetball anymore... I felt so sorry for him.
Here is the music video for Find Your Love

Find Your Love is my fave song with him. The music video is really cool.
          What are you going to do tonight? I am going to watch TV and read some more in Chasing Harry Winston. You should read that book. It's a really great chick-lit.

your writer, Erika

I Love Justin Bieber

There are many reasons to why I love Justin Bieber and his music. He make me smile, he make me cry - a good cry of course. The kind that makes you cry out of happiness. He is hot - you already knew that. No he is not hot, he is the most amzingly hottest guy ever!
          He has got the charm that just makes you want him, want to see more of him. He is an awesome singer - one of the best. No THE best!
          His music got me addicted! I just want to listen to it 24/7. I know I can't be the only one.
          Having the Bieber Fever is not something bad it is something beyond awesome. You can't descride it with words. That is how good it is to have the Bieber Fever.
          I think Bieber Fever could solve alot of problem that the world has.

your writer, Erika

Who Said Money Can't Buy Happiness?

Look at these jeans that my mom bought me today. Aren't they the most awesome amazingly jeans you have ever seen!!
Do you wanna look like me now?! LOL - it's cool if you don't (but I just might hunt you down and kill you - well I don't fight, might hurt a nail, so I will send somebody -, LOL).
           Today I have posted alot about Justin Biebers song Omaha Mall on HIH. I posted the download link.
           Check out what I got yesterday

your writer, Erika

Daimonds Are Forever

I have finished Marley and Me and started on a new book called Chasing Harry Winston by Lauren Weisberger. The book is so far so good.
          I can really see this book becoming a movie. But as far as I have read it is kind of like Getting Played with Carmen Electra. But I don't know.
          You should go to to HIH and watch the trailer for LOL: Laughing Out Loud. It is not the trailer for the version with Miley Cyrus and Ashley Greene. It is the trailer for the original version, the French. The movie seemes really good.

your writer, Erika

A Hot Summer Day

It is so hot outside today. SL train drivers (ot whatever it is called) are so lazy that they don't even open doors to the trains. You have to push the button on the doors (which is weird that they work now because they usally never works).
           Today I am going to try to finish Marley and Me. It is a really good book. You should read it if you haven't.

your writer, Erika

Ben & Jerry

Today I enjoyed not one, not two but three scoops of Ben & Jerry ice-cream scoops. Yummy!
            I hade Baked Alaska, Mango Berry Swirl and Chocolate Macademia. Out of those three I have to say that I liked Baked Alaska the most, mmmm :)
          What is you favorite Ben & Jerry ice-cream? I like Baked Alaska and Peanut Butter Cookie Dough. Peanut Butter Cookie Dough really taste like peanut butter and who doesn't like peanuts?

xoxo, Erika

.p.s. Chech out HIH for the latest Hannah Montana Forever episode XD

It's Friday, Baby!

OMG you MUST see this clip with the Jonas Brothers! It's - OMG - hilarious!!!

Did you LOL? I did. I love when Nick starts to laugh - LOL!
          What are you going to do tonight? I am going to watch JONAS in about 20 minutes and in an hour it is the season finale of Hannah Montana season three. I know, it's weird. It aired like five months in the USA - I saw it on megavideo. I might put on a DVD later, I don't know.
Have a great Friday night!

your writer, Erika

Go Green

Here is a few go green tip: 1) Recycle - recycling is one of the most eastiest thing in the world. Put up different bins and mark them. You can mark one as paper, one as hard plastic, soft plastic and one as metall (and so on). If it says paper on a bin don't throw plastic in it.
          If a product is both plastic and paper - like a paper pack with a plastic cork, take off the pastic cork and throw it in the bin marked with plastic and the paper pack in the bin marked with paper.
         2) Reuse - reuseing is also very easy. If you buy a drink in a plastic bottle you can save the bottle and fill it with water or something else you like to drink (or you can just recycle the bottle and get money for it :).
         3) Reduse - do you have the TV, computer and radio (NOT free streaming from a website) on at the same time? Well, do you really need it. Maybe you do, but you are waiting alot of energy. On the computer you have everything you want (almost :) so turn off the TV and…

The Fantastic World On Screen

What up? I know I am bad at updating this blog. I hope you don't hate me. I update 'Have It Hollywood' at least three times a day (I have updated three times already on HIH).
          Right now I am just chillin' infront of the computer a long to songs on my favorites on youtube. I think I am going to read later.
          Right now I am reading Marley and Me by John Grogan. When I have finished the book I am goning to buy the DVD - I have not seen the movie. All of my friends says the the movie is amazing and kind of sad (a good sad according to them). I like the book.
          Today I am going to see Shrek Forever After with my mom. We are going to see it in 3D. SF only had the enlish version in 3D. I don't care.
         I remember when I saw Spy Kids 3D when I was younger I got a headache from watching the movie in three 3D. It didn't feel better when I took of the 3D glasses.
         For those of you that have not seen Karate Kid with Jaden Smith and …

Beautiful Girls by Jojo

your writer, Erika


Yeah, it was H-O-T outside today! I went shopping with Linda today in this countrys beautiful capital. OMG it was so hot outside and we got very very thirsty. Linda wanted to go and buy a LOKA, but I was like "No I think they have free water at Waynes Coffe".
          We went to Waynes and I asked them what a glass of water cost and they guy was super nice and said "What? Here? It's free". He saved my day!
          An other guy who had a H-O-T day is Ryan Butler. Check this out (that's how hot is was in Stockholm).

your writer, Erika


So this fall cycle 15 of Americas Next Top Model will air. The finale of cycle 13 aired like two weeks ago.
          Top Model always airs the same time as another tv show that I like (this spring it was the new 90210). So I am going to watch the the show online from now on. I am going to start tomorrow because I have a book I have to read out.
Queen of Bable In The Big City by Meg Cabot. I love Queen of Bable. I have read the first book and now I am on the second book. I have like 71 pages left and I am going to read out the book tonight (at least I hope so. Other wise I have to do it tomorrow. I love reading so it won't be a problem :).
          Remember to check in at everyday so you can keep up with your favorite celebs.

your writer, Erika