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2012 Round Up

Hmmm, so I guess it's time for the last post for the year. This has certainly been a year out of the ordinary. I graduated from high school, I went to Berlin with my senior classmates, I moved to the United States (and back again), plus (and do not forget) I went to school in the United States. Something I've always wanted to do, though I had high school in mind but if you do that you have to repeat that year when you come back and no than you. Now 2013, what do you have in store for me? Can we top 2012? Well, I think that we can if we just try? Where should we move next? Hahaha, away from home would be a good start since I can't live at home forever but for now it suits me. I mean it's comfortable. (Oh, damn I was just looking through my facebook pictures and I forgot about the release party/ fan event for Justin Bieber's Believe).

I don't really have any New Years resolutions. I never have any. It's just always the same. Do whatever you can to be whatever…

Plans For New Year Eve

Hi and oh, sorry for not posting that video that I said that I was going to post. Sorry (again)! I will post it sometime tomorrow, December 31st swedish time.

Tomorrow is New Years Eve. Yeah (, I don't know). I am just going to be home with my mom as usual. We're not going to do anything special. Just going to be home eat some food and watch some movies. I haven't seen Katy Perry's movie yet and since I have lived in her hometown I feel like I should see it (LOL). My mom wants to see War Horse I know so we will probably rent that one too. I want to see Magic Mike but that one don't come out on DVD until the 9th so I'll have to wait.
Oh, we are going to make an American apple pie from a recipe in a book that I bought while I was in the US. The cookbook is called The Macy's Culinary Council: Thanksgiving & Holiday Cookbook. There is a Swedish chef in who has contributed with some recipe's for the book, his name is Marcus Samuelson. His chapter is call…


Hi guys! What's up? I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas (I probably wrote that a few days ago but it never hurts to be friendly). Yesterday my family and I had a our little Christmas since we all couldn't spend Christmas eve together. It was fun. LOL. Annika had made two potato gratins (delicious BTW) but only one was eaten. We were like nine adults and eight children but the children had waffles with jam and ice-cream. It was a fun night. We ate good food, had fun opened presents, spend time together and all that is Christmas.

Today was also fun. I went to Stockholm with my mom (and Merlin) and had tea and scones at this little cute place. For Christmas I got this gift certificate at this bakery so I went and bought some bread there. One big loaf and two small rolls (yummy little rolls, I think that they were made with sifted rye flour, and probably sirup since they had a sweet taste - plus all of those other important ingredients).
They place where we had tea and scones…

Winter Break

Hi guys. How are you? Nawh, sometimes I just wish that we all could have a virtual hang out. Don't you think that that would be fun. "Meet" people from all over the world. Learn about different cultures from people actually living there. I mean it so much more of a richer experience to actually experience the culture on your own or actually taking to people who are living it. What do you say? Well, maybe when I have a few more readers. It would be kind of lame for just myself sitting talking to myself. Hahaha. That be kind of just a blog,

Today I started reading Sophie Kinsella's Mini Shopaholic. I actually bought it before I left for the United States so that I would have something to read on the plane or while I was there. Hahaha, that was a big laugh 'cause tough I thought many times about reading it, but I actually never did. Never even opened the book. I just didn't have time because of school and yeah, school because that took up most of my time. Blah. …

Preview of "Mean Girls" Monologue


Taylor Swift - I Knew You Were Trouble


Trying Siri on iPhone 5


The Day Before The Day

Okay so I baking and baking a whole lot of stuff. Bread, nougat among other things. It's a special christmas bread and the nougat I need for the rocky road. I hope it all will turn out okay. I am not the type of person to do things last minute but here I am the day before. College has fucked me up. LOL. But seriously I had two paper two write and three play reviews to write but I got started on everything like not more than two months before they were due. I don't why. Hmm, it was also that I also had homework to I never dug into it until I really had to since I had other homework to do.

Okay. I think that stupid log in problem had been solved. I think it was the email address. Hmm, it's weird because I tried to log in with the email address that I have been using for this account since forever, but no. I think it might be that I changed, I mean added an email address to the account. I don't know. Hahahaha (I felt like laughing with words but my face is stone dead cold…


Bitch please, google please! Gosh! Still having problems with the stupid password. Maybe someone has hacked me? Na, but seriously it's annoying. I try to log in but I can't. Hmmmm.

Anyways. Yesterday Linda came over. I mean I spent four months in the United States but it doesn't feel like we have been away from each other for that long. It just doesn't. We really didn't anything special. We exchanged Christmas presents and then we just talked and played wordfeud ('cause we're that social, LOL). That game is hard! We switched to random and english. Linda has more points than me but thats only because she got 99 points for "BYS". That's why she's ahead of me, not because she's better at english (LOL). She hasn't played for a while (boring!).

Today, haven't brought that much. I went to Annika and Kaj to leave a bag of M&M peanut-butter that her sister wanted from the United States. They are going to spend Christmas with her so…

In Sweden Again

Hi guys! I am sorry that I haven't blogged in a week. I came back to Sweden last Friday (the flight took about 20 hours or so because first when we got to London the plane couldn't land for about 20 minutes because other planes had to land. Then the plane from London to Stockholm was late to London. When we came to Stockholm we couldn't land because there was too much snow on the runway) and I have had some problems with accessing my account. Stupid google keep google keep logging me out for some weird reason. Gosh, hate that! Well now I am just sitting here watching Love Actually (I have never seen the whole movie before. Never. This time I am going to make it.)

So what do you want to know? I mean about everything. The United States? I mean about my experience. OMG, I can tell you this for now. When I got there I thought it was Sweden was all better because if you excepted into a program you get all the course you need in order to get that degree the program will give you…

I am Coming Home

Hi guys! I am going for home tomorrow. Yeah, in a way. I mean, my suitcases weigh a little too much. Less then a lb. Not much and for a second I thought that I had lost my passport. If i wouldn't had found it I would have had a nervous breakdown. Luckily I did.

I have a strategy for my suitcases. If they weigh so much that the person at the check-in counter want to charge my for overweight I will simply slap the with my passport. No, JK. I will just take out things out of my suitcases. I am just done with it right know. I have the same strategy for my cabin bag (aka a sport bag aka my future gym bag) if they consider that bag too big I will take stuff out of it because it because smaller when you take stuff out of it. Gosh, I am really just done with this shit. I mean all the craze around packing.

your writer, Erika

Not a Very Long Post

Hi guys. Gosh I know that I have two finals tomorrow but OMG! I mean, I am trying to figure out my suitcase problem. I have two suitcases and two bags that I will bring with me on the plane. Gosh. I hope that I don't have a nervous meltdown tomorrow night like I had the night before I came here. I don't, things will probably turn out okay.
Gosh will be mad if they will charge me for 300 grams, 0,6 lb. Yeah.

your writer, Erika

Freak The Freak Out

Okay, so today I had a slight panic attack..... over my suitcases..... 'cause they both weigh more than 23 kg, 51 lb. Yeah. Okay. I have a problem there because I do NOT want to pay over weight but according to BA's website you're allowed one piece of hand baggage and a handbag or a laptop case. Plus they can also weigh 23 kg, 51 lb. Together I guess but the hand baggage need to be able to fit in the baggage gauge and the handbag or laptop case must fit under the seat in-front of you. Yeah, yeah so I guess I am going hand baggage shopping tomorrow. Ha, rather that than studying for finals. Yeah, yeah.

I had my first final today in Intermediate Acting A. It went good. Really good I think since my professor only complemented my acting partner and I. She said that she only had good things to say about us. She said that we did a perfect presentation of our scene. Maybe I am a good actress after-all. Gosh, when Felix had his long speeches all I was thinking that it felt like I …

Gift Giving

Zup? Ha. Gosh today was a long shopping day in Olsenboye heels. They are actually comfortable it's just that they have a 5 3/10" heel. I love 'em. I wore them to the Winter Celebration at school last Friday night.

(picture source:
As I said I went shopping today. I got some more Christmas presents. I bought one more for Alex and one more for Belle. I also bought something for Björne. seriously if people don't like what they're getting, well just sell it on tradera then. What the fuck do they want me to do then? Return it? A little hard considering that it's bought in an other country in stores that we don't have in Sweden. Be happy! OMG, I am so worried about the clothes that I bought for some people. I mean I am not worried about the that they will get damage or something like that. I am just worried about weather they will like them or not and weather they will fit or not. That's the biggest thing. OMG. Pray with me! …

I am Bringing Gifts

Hi guys! What's up? Have you had a good day so far? I have. I went Downtown for the usual. Shopping and fika (at Starbucks, nowhere else duh!). LOL. I bought a case for my iPhone 5 at Victoria's Secret and since Caroline wanted a pink lipgloss from VS I got that too, plus some for myself. LOL. I have so many lip-glosses it's crazy. I love 'em. I am trying to remember what more I got. The 20's are kicking in. Yeah, that's right now I remember I got faux eyelashes, a brown eyeliner and a eyeliner sharpener from SEPHORA. I also got another mug at Starbucks. The same one as before because I wanted at least two that look the same. Ooooh, I got a Christmas present to Kaj and one for Annika. Tomorrow I am going to buy some more Christmas presents.

Yeah, I know I haven't shown you any picture of the shoes and the dress that I bought at JCPenny but I have already packed them in one of my suitcases and I am sitting here comfortable in my bed. LOL. Yeah, I started pac…

International Students Winter Celebration

Hi guys! Tonight I went to a Christmas dinner/ winter celebration for the international students at my school. Well it was more a winter celebration. It was okay. They had food, some (crazy) games and a photo booth. I had karaoke too, but I don't know how many people sang. I went there with my friend ShanShan and when we arrived at school we met up with Mariella and Sandra and a friend of their's Amalu.

ShanShan and I :)
Amalu, Sandra, me, ShanShan and Mariella :)
Sandra and I :)
An elf handing out candy after you took a picture with Santa Clause :)
ShanShan and I :)
ShanShan and I take Introduction To Film together and it's so crazy because we found out that Amalu is in the same class. OMG, like we find that out now when the semester is almost over. It's because she always sits in the front row and we sit in the back row. That's sad, I mean that we didn't meet earlier. Ah, what can you do, right?!
I can't believe that I am going home in less that a week. I…