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Got Any Plans For New Years?

Hi hi my dear readers! Have you had a good weekend? I have. I mean it's been okay. I haven't done much except for going to Starbucks three days in a row. LOL. Fanny and I have become regulars there now. Hahaha. But it is my fave place for cheap coffee (you gotta know how to order right!), free wifi and hot guys.

So what is everyone doing for New Years? I am not doing anything. Just going to be with my family. I feel like it's the same fucking thing every year. I say to myself that I want to do something fun, be with friends or whatever. Then idk what happened but I end up staying at home with my family. I feel like  am getting to old for this shit and it's not fun anymore. But okay it's not like we are doing just nothing on New Years. We are going to celebrate Christmas since we all couldn't be together on actual Christmas Eve. So I mean yeah, at least I'll be getting something out of it. Hahaha (no I am not that superficial). It'll be fun and now I hav…

The Eternal Struggle of My Life

Friday! Idk weird buy kind of have no idea what day it is these days. I know that it is Friday but idk it somehow feels like it could be any day of the week. Idk but it is weird weird. Hahahaha.

Anyhow how is everyone these days? Have you checked out the sale yet? I did today. Sadly I didn't find anything. Well, I was looking for something particular to maybe wear on New Years but idk I didn't find it. Sad sad but I am going to look through my closet when I am done with this post to see if I have anything that I can work with and maybe just add some accessorize to it. Idk. I have some dresses in my closet. I feel like this is a problem because idk what to wear for New years but I am just going to be with my family so there is no need to sex it up to anything but I still want to look cute. Aaaah, the eternal struggle of my life.

your writer, Erika

It's Christmas!

Oh, I feel like it's time for a new on this blog. Sorray for updating so poorly the last couple of weeks! I just have been very busy with getting Christmas ready and work and all of the stuff ya know but i am here now. All to your service! Hahahaha. Nah, but at least I am here. What's weighing down your heavy hearts?

Have you had a nice Christmas? I hope that you have! Mine has been alright. It was just me, my mom and the dogs. I woke up with the weirdest voice yesterday - I couldn't barely speak because I had so much phlegm in my throat (I think that I might be getting a cold or something). It (my voice) was just on and off all day. Otherwise the day was good. We were home all day. Ate some good food, watched movies, The VS Fashion Show, opened presents and all of the Christmas stuff. Hehehehe.

I think that I might try my luck at the sale this weekend. Or at least see what they have. There is a few things that I have had my eyes on for a couple of weeks now. So I hope tha…

Ariana Grande - Santa Tell Me


Hi guys! OMG I am so sorry for not posting anything this weekend but I have been a little busy plus kind of tired. Plus now I am kind of stressed because I realized yesterday that I am working until the day before Christmas. The day before! That is cray cray. I mean it's not crazy, it's absolutely normal. But it is just that I thought that Christmas was on Thursday and not Wednesday. So I thought that I had a day in-between to get things ready and to shop the last presents. Gasssh! How will I ever get anything done on time!? I haven't even finished decorating yet (WTF is wrong with me! I EFFING LOVE CHRISTMAS!) and I have two presents left to buy. You could say that I am a teeny tiny bit stressed. But I'll manage (I'll have too).

I have discovered this new show on viaplay called Marry Me. It's some new American sitcom starring Casey Wilson and Ken Marino. The show is really fun. The story is about this couple (Wilson and Marino) who have been dating for six yea…

Not Feeling It

Hi hi! How are you all doing? Sorry for not updating the last two days. I just didn't have anything "good" to write and last night I was busy because I went to a Christmas buffet with my mom. We went to O'Leary's in Kista. I guess that it was kind of fun. I mean yes it was fun but like when you think of O'Leary's you usually don't think of them having a Christmas buffet. But the food was really good. Almost too good I have to say because I at so much food that I felt that I was going to burst. OMG but it was so worth it! Hahahaha! Yum, yum!

Guys seriously! It's freaking Christmas next week! Whaaat?! That is freakin cray cray! It's cray cray because I have no Christmas spirit at all. Nope, none nothing nada. Urgh! OI love Christmas though! It really is my fave time of the year. Christmas and my birthday. But I wasn't even feeling it for my birthday this year. Well well, I am sure that I'll have a great time.

your write, Erika

Teenage Dream (Accoustic Version) - Glee


Hello my little darlings! How are you today? I am good. I had a little part as an extra in commercial that is just going to be shown on the web. I don't know when it comes out though. Pretty soon I think because that's what they said. Anyway, I had a fun. I got Fanny on a corner.

Anyway's we were extras in a music video shoot a few weeks ago. It was for this new edm artist, Madeon. Idk if I should say new because this kid is bad ass and has worked with some pretty big heavy weights, such as Lady Gaga, Ellie Goulding, Coldplay, Muse & Zedd. That is pretty fucking awesome for just 20 years old!

His real name is Hugo, which o was like super confused when he introduced himself to me and this other girl who was standing near his DJ booth. I was like (in my own head) "Isn't his name Madeaon?", then it hit me that it is probably just a stage name. LOL. OMG, he was like the sweetest guy. We chatted a little bit before that started shooting. He was eating sushi, a…

It's All About Who You Know

Oh hi guys! Last day of the week or first day of the week depending on how you read the calendar in whatever part of the world you are in. It's the last day for me. You know in Sweden our calendar is from Monday - Sunday. Monday being the first day of the week and Sunday the last. Yeah yeah. How has your weekend been? Mine has been pretty good. I have mostly been working, expect for today. A friend came over, which kind of forced me to fold the laundry so that the couch would be free to use as, you know a couch.

Next week I have more TV shootings. That's gonna be fun. I am looking forward to Tuesday. Okay, I don't really know what I am going to do that day, but I have some info on what we are doing. Plus they seemed to really want me for that part since the guy kept on calling AND texting me for a few hours because I didn't answer (I wasn't being "dryg" I was just busy with an other TV show). Exciting. I am going to see if I get my friend in. This busines…

Just Like In The Movies

So I felt like a girl in one of those American movies today. Like I am wannabe actress and today I worked at this private event party. I looked just like something out of a movie, black pants and a white shirt (which is not white anymore so I will have to bleach it just to be on the safe side). Funny thing when speaking about the "out of a movie" one of the authors of the Swedish book Cirkeln attended the party and she came up to me and told me that she recognized me. When she said that I thought she looked familiar too. Then she told me that she recognized me from the set of Alena because she (and Mats - who she cowrote Cirkeln with) came to visit the set of Alena one time. It was really cool to see her and that she recognized me. It was random but funny and cool. LOL, I am getting recognized from a movie that is not even released yet. Hahahaha. OH, btw check out Alena's imdb page -!

I really feel like I need to read Cirkeln and Alen…

Taylor Swift - Blank Space


OMG Sweden why do have to be so cold! Gosh! I feel like I have a topic tonight. Something that has become a common theme in my life lately but I don't want to blog about it because. Just because.

So how is everyone else tonight? I am actually really good. I booked two things for next week within like the span of five minutes so that is pretty bad ass. Plus like they seemed to really want me for one of the things since the guy kept calling me. But I couldn't answer because I was busy and then my phone died because I had no batteries left. When I turned on my phone again I got like a million texts from different people and several missed calls. So I called everyone back and I booked two things. Well three kind of. So all in all, I guess it's been a good day.

your writer, Erika

Old School Modern

Hi guys! How are you? I am sorry that I have been absent for the past couple of days but I just haven't had the energy to blog or do anything. I just haven't been feeling my best but I am all better now! Yeah!

I wrapped some Christmas gifts today. I feel like that is half the fun with the Christmas gift giving. LOL. Just making them all pretty and cute. This year though, I am going kind of retro or whatever you would like to call with the gift wrapping. Old school? Idk, you decided. (Old school modern?)

your writer, Erika


Shooooo! Hahahaha lol. What is everyone up to at this hour? Me, I am just sitting here watching TV. Oooo I just bought my first Christmas gifts. Yeah! One of the gifts is the present of the year. Like I want this one for myself. So if this person doesn't think this is a cool thing I'm like sorry but we're no longer friends! Hahahaha. Maybe not that harsh but I am going to take it back for myself. LOL.

I went to a museum with Fanny today. It was quite, idk, it was a bunch of painting. Some of them were really beautiful. But like there was this one section with that had a lot of paintings with a lot of faces and I find that a little scary. Like I can't have a painting at home with a face just staring at me. It's freaking creepy! No please! There was this painting of some waves and it was really good. It was like you could actually see the waves crashing and turning or whatever. There was a lot of life in that still picture. It was really cool!

I got called at the mus…

Coming Out


Hi guys! How are you all this Sunday evening? LOL it's almost midnight here, so I am going to try to finish this fast so that I can go to bed before midnight. Seriously, I have a problem! Need to STOP staying up this late! Gosh. I mean I am 21. I don't know what that means. Yes I am 21, which just kind of stating facts here but Idk what I meant with that "I am 21". Whatever.

OMG! So I just finished watching Super 8. Damn, a lot of freaky things happening in that movie. (Sorry if I am spoiling here for y'all who haven't seen the movie but want to. But seriously though, the movie came out in 2011 so you have had your time to see it!) I do recommend it to all of you who are thinking about seeing it. You will not regret it! It is an action packed thriller that will keep you on the edge of your sofa for 112 minutes (1 h 52 min). There are a few WTF moments! Like in the beginning I was like "WTF is this movie?!" But like in a good way. So you should reall…

Saturday Night

Hi guys! I feel a little obligated to make post now since I didn't write anything yesterday and i have to head out in a little while. So 1D was here last night. Idk, just feel like that need a little recognition since you know that I am a major Directioner. Oh and by here, I don't mean here as in my house (unfortunately). I mean here as in Stockholm and Sweden. Well, one day maybe I'll get to party with them. It kind of feels like a lot of people went to see the Idol finale just to see 1D, that why it should out. Sorry not sorry, but having 1D preform during the finale kind of saved them (Idol). I seriously do not think that they would have had sold as many tickets if One Direction weren't there.

So what are you all doing tonight? I am going to go and see Horrible Bosses 2 with a friend. I love the first one. LOL Motherfucker Jones!

your writer, Erika

Pirates + Christmas = ?

Okay so the Christmas Advent calendar this… like the only word that I have for it is WTAF!? I mean pirates and Christmas - how do they go together? What is the connection between the two? I am not saying that it is bad, I am just saying huh? I mean because I still watch it. I might have outgrown the chocolate calendar but the Christmas Advent calendar on TV, please that will always remain a tradition. I may not be as excited about it as I was when I was younger but I still like to watch it.

your writer, Erika


So what does a little 21 year old girl like Erika want for Christmas? The world, she wants the world. LOL. I want so many things but there are a few things that would make me cry insanely like the little fangirl that I am. And below I am going to list my top 5 gets that I want for Christmas. (In no particular order!)

A "PROFESSIONAL FANGIRL" jumper (picture source/ credit to: picture 1 -, picture 2 -

A gift card at so that I can buy One Direction concert ticketsAriana Grande's first two albums, Yours Truly and My Everything (deluxe versions pleeeease!)A subscription to COSMOPOLITAN or COSMOPOLITAN UKA good book
your writer, Erika

Some Grown Up As Shit

Hola muchachos! I feel like I am growing up or some shit. Idk. But I guess it was time and that everything has to come to an end, but who knows - maybe next year? Okay so after 21 years I decided that I don't want a chocolate Advent calendar. I just don't feel like eating candy every single day, even if it is just a small piece of chocolate. Plus I wanted a One Direction Advent calendar but I can't find one so if will just have to be.

I feel like, I mean like I am amazingly proud of myself because like I have done things lately that I like a month ago never ever would have had the guts to to. I am proud of myself. But I am goring as a person and that is pretty fucking cool. LOL. Y'all have no idea what I am talking and you'll never know either.

your writer, Erika


Waddup people! How are you all? I am good, thank you. WTF, it's past 11 PM and I am still up. LOL. Okay that is quite common when it comes to my life, but I am just like. I mean like around 11 PM last night I was like "I am done with this shit!" and I went to bed. Like, me? Bed? 11 PM? That's three things that don't occurs simultaneously that often. Well well, there is always a time to try new things.

Talking about bed times… I remember like when I lived in SB or even just throwing it back to last summer when I went to bed at like 12 AM, at latest. 'Cause anything later than that was like devil time to dance (whatever that means). No, but I just thought that anything after 12 AM was freakishly late to be up and awake at, and like for some reason it gave me anxiety if I went to bed later than that. Well, well. Now I can stay up until like 1 AM. Anything between 12 AM and 1 AM is pretty normal for me. Well, I did stay up until like 4 in the morning for 1D Day l…