Hello my little darlings! How are you today? I am good. I had a little part as an extra in commercial that is just going to be shown on the web. I don't know when it comes out though. Pretty soon I think because that's what they said. Anyway, I had a fun. I got Fanny on a corner.

Anyway's we were extras in a music video shoot a few weeks ago. It was for this new edm artist, Madeon. Idk if I should say new because this kid is bad ass and has worked with some pretty big heavy weights, such as Lady Gaga, Ellie Goulding, Coldplay, Muse & Zedd. That is pretty fucking awesome for just 20 years old!

His real name is Hugo, which o was like super confused when he introduced himself to me and this other girl who was standing near his DJ booth. I was like (in my own head) "Isn't his name Madeaon?", then it hit me that it is probably just a stage name. LOL. OMG, he was like the sweetest guy. We chatted a little bit before that started shooting. He was eating sushi, and I was kind of hungry because I hadn't eaten dinner yet so I stared at his sushi and said, kind of dreamingly, that I was jealous of him because he was eating sushi. Then he offered me some! I was shocked, I mean yes I wanted some but he didn't have to share with me (but he did so YEAH!). So was like "Really?!". Then he gave me his chopsticks. But since I really can't eat with those kinds of sticks I just put the salmon roll in my hand, but then he told me that I was cheating. Hahahaha!

Check out his music video (the one we were extras in) You're On below!

After the music video shoot I asked Hugo if he wanted to take some self's and he was like "Of course! Always!" Or something like that anyway.

your writer, Erika


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