It's All About Who You Know

Oh hi guys! Last day of the week or first day of the week depending on how you read the calendar in whatever part of the world you are in. It's the last day for me. You know in Sweden our calendar is from Monday - Sunday. Monday being the first day of the week and Sunday the last. Yeah yeah. How has your weekend been? Mine has been pretty good. I have mostly been working, expect for today. A friend came over, which kind of forced me to fold the laundry so that the couch would be free to use as, you know a couch.

Next week I have more TV shootings. That's gonna be fun. I am looking forward to Tuesday. Okay, I don't really know what I am going to do that day, but I have some info on what we are doing. Plus they seemed to really want me for that part since the guy kept on calling AND texting me for a few hours because I didn't answer (I wasn't being "dryg" I was just busy with an other TV show). Exciting. I am going to see if I get my friend in. This business is really almost more about who you know than your actual talent. Yes talent matters I am not saying that anyone can be someone (well, it is 2014, yes anyone can be someone it just depends on how serious you are and how much of an attention whore you are). BUT who you knows is a lot in this business.

your writer, Erika


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