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New classic

Miley winning favorite female singer at KCA09

Last year

I remember last year on my birthday which was actually a sunday. People were a half hour late (not appreciated). When they hadn't shown up after like 10 minutes was beginning to wonder if they even were planning to show up. I thought they could at least call me and say that they were going to be late. But no they didn't. When they finally came it wasn't that fun.
When they left at like 4pm I watched a movie on Disney Channel with Alyson Michalka called Now You See It. I hope my 16th birthday will be more fun.
I had fun on my last birthday don't misunderstand me.

your wrter, Erika.

Earth hour

Are you ready? Earth hour is here or -yeah- is about an hour left. Are you going to turn off all the electricity in you household? I am going to turn off everything. My mom said that a friend of hers said that you can have you TV on if you want so. I told my mom that we could turn off the TV and just play card for a whole hour. She didn't sound exited about that. Damn it! now I am going to light some candles. I am going to take all the candle holders I can find and put candles in them. Cool huh!
What are you all doing to night? Earth hour, earth hour, earth hour! I am just kidding. You don't have to do it if you don't have to. You should do it. Do something good for the planet. Light some candles like me. That's how people got light in the stone age. I know, I know, I know we live in a modern time and we have all kinds of modern things but we have to do something to keep our planet alive. So it's kind of doing something for yourself. Do this for you because you dese…

Miley cheer - the video

KCA 09: Miley cheer

hey, hey miley you're the one
you're the one the wins a lot
hey miley
hey hey
hey miley
hey hey I'm a fan
I'm a fan that votes for you
hey miley
vote vote for miley
hey hey KCA 09
that the year that miley won
all the prizes
all all the prizes
go and vote for miley

.p.s. video comming soon!

Who will I be

I think there's alot of pressure on kids these days to grow up alot faster. It's like it's not allowed to be a kid anymore. You have to grow up and be somebody or at least just......yeah you know grow up. Who agrees with me out there?!
When you walk to the kid sections in clothing stores (girl section) what do you see? I am gonna tell you right now: for girls between - lets say - 5 and 8, there's bras and bikinis. Ok some girls get breast early and some are just fat (counting in guys). But I don't know. It can be cute with bikins on babys but there babys but should they really be wearing that.
It's not just that is the problem. It's alot of other stuff. I think media is helping alot.
I see girls in seceond grade weasring make up in school. What's up with that?! Just be kids as long as you can before it's too late!

your writer, Erika.

It's killing me

So this week I was home for two days and I didn't write anything! That's bad. I had a sore throat (which I still have). I can barley swallow. It hurts that much. My medicine (I think it's that) made me nauseous, but I am still taking it and I am not nauseous now. OMG, I don't what to do. I want to stay home from school tomorrow, but I have a test (and I don't like to do tests afterwards). Do you see mu dilemma?! Oh my god it hurts, I' gonna dieeeeeeeeeeee!
Ok I am overreacting now but still it hurts.
Last friday - two days ago - when I was in school I felt really nauseous several times. I wanted to go home but I couldn't. Maybe I could but I was going to go and see Confessions of a Shopaholic with my mom. So I didn't know if she would let me go if I went home.
I don't have any feber or I don't know because the thermometer is not working quite right. I tried to check my temperature a few days a ago and it said that I had 33,8 degrees celsius. i know…

Lo que soy

Lo Que Soy

Don't Foget (to buy Demi's new cd that comes out march 31!)
Demi Lovato - Don't Forget - Official Video (HQ)

Show me heaven

Future Aly and AJ?

If you seek hope and glory

I'm sorry I haven't been so active and written alot on this blog but I have had alot going on in school. I hope you understand my situation! Today is the finally of Melodifestivalen ot yeah the finally in Sweden. Tonight we will find out who will get to go to Moscow and compete in the Eurovision song contest. My mom is hoping that Måns Zermerlöw will win.
Look at his contribution, Hope and Glory

Britney Spears new music video, If You Seek Amy

writer, Erika

Don´t worry about a thing.......

.......´cause every little thing is gonna be alright!
We spend to much time worrying about stuff that we shouldn't´t be worrying about! I think everybody that is reading this right now should close their eyes, take a deep breath and think about something that makes you happy! NEVER FORGET TO SMILE AND RELAX!
Like this week we had two test and was so worried all week about them but they all went ok. So don´t know what I was so worried about. Every little thing is gonna be alright, baby!
Now I am taking my own advise. Inn and out, mom - Jonas Brothers - Miley Cyrus - MYSELF - Jesse McCartney (almost forgot)! I´ve should have had put myself first! But anyway I put it in big letters! I love myself.
Right now I am watching The Tyra Banks Show and it´s about single moms. Solange Knowles is on the show. I didn´t know she had any kids! They showed a picture of her son - he´s so cute!

your writer, Erika.
It´s All Right Here - Hannah Montana

.p.s. I´m sorry but I won´t be posting so much videos th…