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Shout Out

So, this is just gonna be a quick shout out or something like that! So this weekend has for me been about music, fashion and make up. OK, that´s what I´m all about but anyway XD! Oh, today when me and my mom where at my aunt place or yeah when we were going home, I saw some people who were giving out free clothes! So I found a skirt from ESPRIT and a t-shirt and a vest. The clothes were really nice!!!! I love them and then when I got home one of my moms friends called and said that she had some clothes for me. So I´ve got some new clothes today!!
WOW, I just singed in on myspace and then I saw someone who had posted a bulletin called "Jesse McCartney has a new song". So I read the bulletin and then listened to the song and I can say that it´s really good!!!
Oh, the thing I really wanted to say that I know I spell some words wrong and I am aware of it. I just notice it when posted the "post". So, just so you know I am aware of it.

Love and Peace (LP) from your writer E…


Whats up everybody? Did everybody had a great friday? I did! I took my camera to school yesterday (friday) and I shoot some videos and I uploaded them YouTube so I´m gonna post them here. If you just scroll down you´ll see them. Right know I´m listen to some of Paula DeAnda songs. I love her songs and she is such a great singer! My favorite songs with her is Easy and When It Was Me. I love those songs. It´s so cool that Wilmer Valderrama is in her video Easy. You should visit her MySpace page ( and her YouTube ( So what is everybody gonna do tonight? I´m gonna watch TV I think. I´m gonna watch shows like Instant Star and SNL (Saturday Night Live). That´s all I know. Tomorrow I´m gonna me and my mom are gonna visit her sister and her sisters son, Kevin. That´s all I´m gonna do this weekend.

Much Love and Peace from your writer Erika XD

Here is some videos for you to watch:
HIP HOP POLICE - Chamillionai…

love you baby

What´s up everybody!!! Has anyone had a great week so far? I think I´ve had one. You never know. Oh, yesterday in school we had a "sport" day. So when you were done with all the stuff you could go home and for me and my friends it only took about an hour and a half. I´ve posted some videos on YouTube from that and here´s one:

It´s my friend Agnes saying Hally Potta. Our other friend Maja (standing next to her) sad that that´s what they call Harry Potter in China. If you wonder why we are in the forest I can only say that more then half of Sweden are covered with trees. Weird uh! Now you know that. Not that it´s important to anyone but anyway.
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Much peace and love from your writer Erika XD

Here is some videos for you to watch:
There is something about Ashley - trailer

He said, She said - Ashley Tisdale

Wine Up (the song, not the video) - Kat DeLuna


Oh, I´ve realised how much I love Jesse McCartney. He´s so damn HOT!!!!! WOW and I have heard that he´s single!!! I know I thought he and Katie looked good together. It´s not like I would have chance but anyway. Haha, I love him and his music ;D!
Ha, in my english class we are going to work with a project and me and my friend are going to make a short movie. But about what I don´t know! If you have any ideas please tell me. Have anyone here seen Britney Spears music video Gimme More? `Cause I really want to see it. I have heard the song so, yeah I want to see it!

Much love and peace from your writer Erika ;D

The Music In Me

So my new favourite song is Potential Breakup Song by Aly and AJ. Wow I really love that song. Don´t you? Right now I´m listening to music on MySpace and YouTube. I listen to music all the time. I love music <3!
Here is some of my favorite songs:

Potential Breakup Song - Aly & AJ

SOS - Jonas Brothers

Kids of the Future - Jonas Brothers

Umbrella - Rhianna

When You Were Young - The Killers

The Pretender - Foo Fighters

I love all of these song and of course there is more song that I like. But these are the songs I listen to most at the time.

That was all for this time.
Much love <3 and peace from your writer Erika XD


Here is some videos I want you to watch on youtube:

Please watch this videos on YouTube: was all for this time!!Peace, love ya <3>

So much in my heart, but nothing to build

Today I went to Kista Galleria with my mom. God she is not the person you should go shopping with or maybe sometimes if you want something you can´t afford. Haha!!!! hope you like the song i posted yesterday! I know I can´t sing but I posted a video so you know how to sing the song. Wow, I saw an episode of TRL today and guess who was a guest? No other then Shia LaBeouf!!! So I saw the whole episode. And I can that say Shia is so hot and so hilarious!!!! I totally love him!!!I so want to be an actress and I got to do something about that. I mean I´m 14. I now I write books and songs but they never get posted somewhere. I now the books never get finished, but anyway. Some people say I can sing and some don´t and some people say I can act, but I never get the real fact. Is it just because everyone has a different opinion? I got to be that or, I don´t know. Hope you like the new picture of me. I look kind of goofy. Haha, ain´t I funny!!! I talked to a friend a while ago and she liked the…

In The Mind of a Teenage Girl

Tjobaloo!!! LOL
I hope you read what I wrote last night! Yesterday when I was on imdb to find out Shias last name I looked at some of Erik Per Sullivan and I guess that some of the are new. If the were new he looked kind of cute/hot! Look at the picture of him --------> Dosn´t he look cute/hot! LOL! Well I think so. Did you know that his mother is from Sweden! Cool, I mean I´m fron Sweden so, yeah. So, yeah now I´m gonna write down one of the song I´ve written here on the blog so enjoy: (I couldn´t find the song I wanted to post here so here is an other to enjoy)

(verse 1) You see me You follow me with your eyes and you´re thinking I don´t know what you´re thinking One thing I´m sure about is that you like me
(chorus) Come and see me Come and follow me through the world I wanna kiss youI wanna hold you in my arms I want to be with you forever `Cause you are the on (and) the only You are mine, my own man
(verse 2) When we walk around in the city you´re all I see You´re mine, you´re mine Because you are…

Umbrella / In the Mind of a Teenage Girl

Wow, I found the genius musician of the acoustic version of Rhianna's song Umbrella. I think his version is better then Rhianna's. (And) his name is John West! I found his MySpace too and so I listen to the song he has there and they are good. If you want to listen to the songs here is two sites and tougth that I can post one of the songs I´ve written here so I will do it soon. I don´t know if it will be today. But I will do it.
A while ago I posted a video of me saying a line from High School Musical 2 and today someone comment it. The comment says: "WOW". I hope who ever posted it means well. I mean that she or he don´t think I´m a bad actress. If you want to see the video just look at one of my other posts here on the blog and you´ll find my YouTube.

Peace, love ya <3>