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New Record

WOW! Over 10,000 readers this month! That is incredible! Last month I had 8,241 readers and was just hoping to get at least 9,000 readers this month. But 10,000 WOW that is truly amazing! I have never had this many readers in one month on this blog, so thank you all so much. This is kind of cool that this blog is growing. Hahaha. Next month I am hoping for 11,000.

So what is everyone doing this weekend? I have no big plans. Probably just going to stay home. Idk, maybe go for a walk (OMG I am the most boring person! I really have no life… what is wrong with me.) Maybe put away some more clothes that I can donates to charity. I have a few pieces in mind but I deal with that tomorrow because it's too late now.

your writer, Erika

Bad Neighbours

I went and saw Bad Neighbours today. I gotta say that it was pretty funny, but that is not what was on my mind while watching the movie. 'Cause DAMN Zac Efron has gotten pretty hot. Like, whaaat! Please let me marry that man. The person who gets to marry Zac Efron wins in life. You also win in life if you marry any of the guys from One Direction, but that is not what we are talking about right now. We're talking about Zac Efron and his incredible hotness. Sure, he is an incredible actor. He really is. Damn.

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your writer, Erika

Still Too Hot

Hi guys! How are y'all today? I am good. Just that It has been freaking hot today. Kind of almost too hot. Hahaha, thought it has been like 31°C today. Yeah it's really hot but it's not too bad. I you stand in direct sunlight it feels like you're gonna pass out. It really does. Just because it has been really hot doesn't mean that I have been sitting inside watching TV like some, like someone who doesn't have a life (though the doesn't have a life part seem to fit my description at times). My mom and I went to the Golf club near where we live and had some fika/ lunch there. It was really nice as a change of place. I have never eaten there before. Not that I remember anyway.

Oh yeah before I leave you guys for the night I just want say something. Hahaha. LOL, that monologue that I have been saying that I am going to post, I am not going to it because, of reason. I have to much on my mind to focus on it. Sorry.

your writer, Erika

Kat Graham

OMG! Seriously, Kat Graham is so freaking flawless! This is not fair. Dayum! I am crying right now. Not that don't see myself as beautiful, but you know it's a girl thing. Like, you can look at yourself in the mirror and be like "DAYUM who's that hottie? Oh, yeah it's me!" You know be in a kind of bitch-don't-touch-me-I-am-famous mood (you know the feeling), but then you see someone that you idolize or that in you're opinion is way more beautiful than you and your good mood is gone just like that. Right now Kat Graham is that girl to me. Though I still think I am very gorgeous not just at a Kat Graham level (*sad face*).

Let's all admire the Goddess Kat Graham.

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Crazy Weather

Hi guys. I am a little bit tired. A little sleepy. But today has been good though. Even considering the weather that we had. Hahaha. No but I had a good day today. This morning I went blueberry picking with my mom. We wanted to do that so that we could make a blueberry pie. It's a little bit more fun picking them yourself then just buying them at the store plus they taste way better than the ones you get at the store (sprayed with you know what chemicals - No thank you!). While we were picking our blueberries I could hear the thunder and when it started dripping rain we decided to go home, we had enough blueberries anyway. And the pie was delicious.

I am glad that we decided to go home when we did because not short after we got home the thunder got even worse and the rain, OMG. That, idek, but dayum, and lightning. It was really bad. Dayum. I filmed some of it. It was CRAZY! It really was. Robin Stjernberg, a swedish singer, was going to perform at Skansen today but since the weat…

Too Hot For You

Hi guys! Today has been a hot day. A very hot day in Stockholm. Almost too hot. Yeah. It's been like 31°C. How has the weather been wherever you live in this big world that we live in. Iy has really been to hot to do anything. I have been home all day with the dog while my mom was helping out at some dog show (it was too hot to bring the dogs, that's why I got to spend the day with them but it was all my pleasure). I did practice my monologue to so that will be up tomorrow (I hope that I didn't say that I would post it today)! Tomorrow, yeah finally. I also baked some bread today and put away some old clothes that I have in my closet. I mean like I barely never use them and, like I don't ned them anymore. Yeah I like them but I don't use them so I am going to give them away to charity.

It's supposedly doing to be cloudy with some thunder tomorrow. According to the weather app anyway. That's how I interpret the little cloud with a lightning flash in it. But …

Union J - Tonight (We Live Forever) [Official Video]

Movie Lover

Hola guys! How are you today? I am good. I went to the movies earlier tonight. I took my mom. Yeah, I am a nice daughter like that. LOL. We went and saw Sex Tape. It's a romcom starring Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel, it's not an actual 90 minute long sex tape. Hahahaha. That'd be perverted if I'd had seen that with my mom. LOL. Though in the movie Cameron and Jason make a three hour long sex tape. 180 minutes. Yup. Hahaha. It's funny.

Tomorrow I am going to post my monologue which I should have had posted last weekend. Like I have nothing to do, just going to be home all days. Watch the dogs bake and yeah, so I have plenty of time to do my monologue. I am not going to start watching Nashville until I have done my monologue. 'Cause I know that if I start watching Nashville I won't be able to stop because it's a pretty damn good show. So monologue first and Nashville second. (Sorry Nashville producers and cast and everyone working on that show! Sorry.)


Kerry Washington

Since I finished watching Scandal tonight I thought that we would just admire the talented and gorgeous actress Kerry Washington who portrays Olivia Pope on the ABC drama.
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your writer, Erika

Bellamy Young

Since I have been such a Scandal freak this week I thought that we would pay tribute to actress Bellamy Young, who plays First Lady Millicent "Mellie" Grant on the show.

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your writer, Erika

Rixton - Wait On Me (Audio)


Hi guys. Hahaha so no monologue tonight, that being said I won't promise you a monologue for tomorrow because I am not sure if I will post one. LOL. I feel like this is bad. I am watching way to much Scandal. It's taking over my life thinking maybe I should get into politics or maybe go to law school. Ha, no. Though I could do just for the prestige of it, just to have that piece of paper that says I have a law degree. That's the same reason I want a PhD. LOL. Just for the prestige but deep down that it's not what I want. And I think that I probably get bored pretty quickly. Eh, or maybe not. Whatever I can just pursue that in 10 years when I have won a few Academy Awards (LOL hahahaha).

I'll probably post my monologue with in the next few days, when I am done watching Scandal. I am just going to finish watching season two because I have already seen season three (that's when I started watching the show). LOL. When I am done with that, tomorrow or on Thursday I …


Hi guys. Okay so no monologue today. I am sorry but Scandal has more or less taken over my life since yesterday. I CAN'T STOP WATCHING IT. Hahahaha. I never used to watching Scandal, I always used to scrunch my nose at the sound of the title and the TV spots. Then there was this recap thing about the show on TV and I was like "Damn! This show seems pretty interesting! I gotta watch the season premiere next week!" And I did, and the I was hooked. So yeah I have only (before yesterday) seen the third season and now I have finished watching the first season and am a few episodes into the second season. Dayum, I can't wait for the season premiere in September. I am going to be glued in front of the TV. I am kind of a nerd when it comes to my TV shows and movies. Always have, always will. Hahahaha.

Oh, yeah so my monologue. Yeah it will be up tomorrow. Promise. I feel like I am a few days over deadline on it. Hahaha. Not that I have an actual deadline but in my head I alw…

Praying For The Better

Hi guys. I am hopefully posting my monologue tomorrow. I say hopefully because I haven't memorized it so like I don't know it by heart but it's just a monologue. I'll fix that tomorrow. LOL. Maybe I try and dress accordingly to the part, not that I have anything that is similar to what this character wears in this movie. Or ever for that matter. Well, well. I never dress accordingly to my monologues. I just wear what I am wearing that day and to the monologue. Hmm, of you think it will be better if I try and look more like the character I am trying to portray. Hmmm. In the mean time you can watch the monologue that I posted earlier this week (please give me some feedback!)

I feel like I am getting sick again. Not fun. I mean just the same old same old, so not really sick. Just a sore throat and a cold. But still it doesn't mean that it's so much fun and that I enjoy it. It sucks. Maybe not as much as when you can'…

Plain Old Housewife

So I guess I am a boring old housewife because instead of going to watch Sommarkrysset live at Gröna Lund I stayed at home and watched it on TV and baked. LOL. Yup, that it pretty much a Saturday night in my life. Welcome to the real life of Erika Eklund! Hahahaha. That's a show you don't want to watch, because I pretty much watch TV and movies all day, and stay on my computer or phone (of course), so you wouldn't get much from me. Sorry! I mean in case you were hoping for me to signs deal with E!, MTV or idk. LOL. Reality TV is really not my thing. I want to be am actress, so I will stay out of that thing, unless it will help my career. If you would have had asked me a few years ago I probably would have said yes to reality TV, but no I don't want that.

My love for TV and movies goes way back. I feel like that is all I can ever imagine for my future. Tragic, if I won't be able to work with it in some way. It's kind of like social suicide, no let me rephrase th…

Def Jam

Hi mi amigos. I meant to type "hola" and not "hi" but whatever. Hahahah, I guess that "hi" came out as a reflex because I usually say "hi" at the start of every post. Anyway, have you all had a good Friday today? What have you done? Been productive or just laid in the grass and enjoying the sunshine all day?  Hahaha, that is what you should do says like this! (Un)fortunately I had to do laundry this morning, and the my mom and I cleaned the apartment. I also went to the recycling station and did some recycling.

OMG, I forgot to tell you guys about this thing that happened earlier this week. It's totally cool. Maybe not but I kind of fangirled a little bit over. Just let me have my moment OKAY! Def Jaf Recordings official twitter DM me! Whaat just happened?! LOL. Okay so I followed them and they just DM me to thank me, but still. Come on Def Jam! But I can't respond since they don't follow me.

your writer, Erika

My Monologues and I

Hi guys. How has your day been? Mine have been hot. It's been really hot in Stockholm today. Like really hot. Ugh, I had to take a shower when I came home, because the weather. Well, well I prefer the summer over winter. Okay maybe not, I like both just in moderation you know. LOL. I got a nice tan line (not so much). Plus I got so much sun on my neck that it looked like I was dirty. Idek what to say about that. Hahahaha.

What do you all think of my latest monologue? Do you think it's good. Like I can be very pleased with a monologue when I post it then when I watch it like several months later I have no idea why I posted it because I think it's so bad. In case you haven't seen my monologue you can watch it on my youtube channel onenineninethree or just clock on this link to get directly to the video I hope that you think that I am talented.

I haven't chosen my next monologue, which I should really do? See if I'll fi…

A Beautiful Night

Hi guys! How are you! I am good good. It is such a beautiful evening tonight. It really is. I went to the dog exercise area with my mom and the dogs. My mom brought a little for the dogs to chase, mostly Merlin. He loves that kind of thing, Kickan not so much. I was throwing the ball for Merlin to chase, and then I accidentally threw the ball at Kickan, and she screamed. It was an accident! Fortunately she didn't get hurt. Thank God for that! It was truly an accident. I felt bad about it though.

The ball the was throwing was green. Aka the same color as the grass. Mhmmm. I accidentally threw the ball so that it landed outside of the dog exercise area and when my mom went to get it she couldn't find it. So went and helped her but I couldn't find it either. LOL, so no we have no green ball. But it doesn't matter because it was kind of almost falling apart as Merlin was playing with it. LOL. My mom was going to throw it away anyway. Hahahaha.

your writer, Erika

Freaky Friday - Rehearsal dinner scene monologue

Hi guys, so I did my second monologue from the movie Freaky Friday. Yeah! And I have just uploaded it to youtube. I hope that you think I am good. Please give me some feedback. Like what do you think of my english? Do I have an accent? Was it good acting? How was it compared to the original (LOL maybe not that one because, Jamie Lee Curtis is a really good actress and I am just a girl who is a wannabe actress)?

Watch the monologue and comment below!

your writer, Erika

Becky G - Shower


Hi guys! How are you! I am good. LOL, I should really start this now and stop getting distracted by Hunter Hayes, facebook, the TV among other things. Plus I am starting to feel a little sleepy. It might have something to do with the fact that I have not had any coffee today (Yeah, a shocker since I am such a coffee lover! LOL, hahahaha!). We don't have any coffee, but mom said that she would buy some tomorrow so it's all good. Eh, we have tea so I am not completely, idk but we have tea. Hahaha.

OMG so my mom made home made french fries for dinner tonight. Really delicious and a way more luxurious than store bought frozen french fries. They were really good! Sometimes there is really nothing better than your mother cooking. Seriously when I was away in the US, sometimes all I wanted was to go home and just eat my mothers cooking. Partly because I was so physically and emotionally tired from school and the whole thing of moving across the world.

your writer, Erika

These Are My Confessions

Hi guys! OMG I am sitting here watching the end of the World Cup finale, playing Farm Hero Saga and listening to Hunter Hayes. Just kind of an amazing evening. LOL, I haven't been watching the whole game (hahahahahahahaha no), I've been watching Confessions of a Shopaholic. LOL because it's Confessions of a Shopaholic, maybe not the greatest movie of all times and as in all cases where book-made-into-a-movie the books are way better. Since the movies is based on the first two books about Becky Bloomwood. Confessions of a Shopaholic and Shopaholic Takes Manhattan. You know she is British, right? I mean the character Becky Bloomwood.

I just check wikipeda and it says that there is another Shopaholic book coming later this year. According to wikipedia the book will be called Shopaholic To The Stars. Aaaa! Another book! I am so excited. Like I thought that the fifth book Shopaholic & Baby was the last one the she released a sixth book about Becky and her shopping addiction…

John Legend - You & I (Nobody In The World)

Not So Well

Hi guys! So I promised you a second post today and a second post you'll get. But it will be a short one because it's after 12 AM here and besides the fact that I am tired I am not feeling 100%. I feel like I am going to get sick. No. You know that feeling you have, or I mean how you feel when you have just been sick and you body is recovering so you're just kind of sore in your whole body (do you understand what I am trying to say?). That's how I am feeling. So annoyed. I just laid on the bed earlier today watching TV unable to move because I wasn't feeling well. Lets just hope that I won't wake up sick tomorrow. Lets all pray for a healthy Erika.

OMG I read something disturbing today. I highly doubt that it's true though. I ready that Matty B Raps had been caught smoking marijuana. I mean like I googled it and I couldn't find anything about it. Hmm. Fangirls. Hype up about everything. But like someone had also commented a screen shot of an article on t…

Ender's Game

Hi guys! How are you? So two posts today, huh. What do I do to myself? Hahahaha. Nah, it's all pleasure though. So I saw Ender's Game last night. Finally! I have to say, like in most cases (book-becomes-movie) the book is a billion times better. The movies was okay but I don't think that I would have liked it as much if I hadn't read the book. Have you read the book? I honestly think that everyone you go and read the book. It's way way way better than the movie.

One thought really struck me when I was watching the movie last night. The book was first published back on January 15th 1985. 1985. Think about it. Like Orson Scott Card who wrote the book was a little bit a head of his time. I mean like how he describes the mind games and how they are on these like iPad like things. Idk but that's the vision I had in my head.

your writer, Erika

"Horrible Bosses 2" Trailer #1

Lupita Nyong'o

Hello my darlings. Late post tonight, sorry for that. I have just had a lot on my mind today. Anyway, I was watching The Ellen DeGeneres Show earlier and actress Lupita Nyong'o was on. Anyway she looked really gorgeous! Her outfit was stunning! She is stunning, anyway I thought that I would pay some tribute to her and her awesomeness by posting some of my favorite outfits that she has worn.

(picture source/ credit to:
(picture source/ credit to:
(picture source/ credit to:
I really love the Oscar dress, the first picture LOL. It really reminds me of Cinderella. LOL, I think that we all have seen the comparisons by now. Isn't she just stu…


Hi guys! I almost forgot about you guys. LOL, not like that though. I mean like I am watching this movie on TV, The Hot Chick, and looking at One Direction concert tickets. Which are like super expensive because ticket master only have resale available and most of the resale are like in a quantity of like at least two and I don't feel like paying about $400. I mean then I have to find someone to go with. Someone who's also willing to pay $200 for one ticket. Just one ticket, no VIP or anything special. Just a regular ticket for $200. Yeah! Oooo, btw I just found "cheap" resale tickets AND I could  select one ticket! Hollar!!! Yeah! Hahahaha.

I just got to say that I love Fifth Harmony's new single BO$$! It's kind of amazing, and freaking girl women empowering. It makes you feel good, that's what I am trying to say. I have been listening to it all day. The music video is pretty cool too.

I feel like I need to do this before I leave you tonight. I WANT to d…

Freak Friday - Therapy scene monologue

Fifth Harmony - BO$$

Monday Mix

Hi guys! Another blog as promised! How are you? What has changed since last time. LOL. Did you watch the video that I posted of Ella Henderson's performance of Ghost? Isn't she just amazing! Voice of a Goddess! DAYUM! LOL, she's talented though you have to admit that even if you like the song or not.

LOL. I did my nails today. It has been a while since last. I used to do my nails all the time before, and then I started working at McDonalds where I isn't allowed to have nail polish. Boooo. Hahaha. Anyway, I just wanted to do something now because you now it's summer and all that. So I wanted something summer fresh and fun. Okay I wanted all white nails but I am not sure that there is enough nail polish in the bottle so, yeah. Hahaha. I need to buy some new. Nail polish is so expensive in this country. Most things are expensive in this country, though. Like before I moved to the United States when I was 19 I never used to paint my nails because you know, too damn exp…

Ella Henderson On Sommarkrysset

Hi guys. I am sorry that I didn't blog last night but I was just really tired. Sorry but I thought I'd blog about Sommarkrysset now and then probably blog again tonight! Does that sound good? Two posts in one day, yeah! LOL.

So Sommarkrysset was amazing! I mean Ella Henderson was there, aka the only reason I went. Hahaha. I think that I was at Gröna Lund (the theme park in Stockholm where the taping of Sommarkrysset is) at around like maybe 3:30 PM or so. I don't remember and the time is really not important to the story, LOL. First I went to the Ben&Jerry ice-cream bar and bought a milkshake, and then I just stood by the fence and waiting to spot Ella and waiting for them to open up so that I could go and get a seat. When I stood there I saw some girls that I met when Austin was here. LOL, they were also there to see Ella. I saw Ella when she went to shoot her intro for the show. When she was walking back the woman from Sony who worked with Ella the last time she was …