Ella Henderson On Sommarkrysset

Hi guys. I am sorry that I didn't blog last night but I was just really tired. Sorry but I thought I'd blog about Sommarkrysset now and then probably blog again tonight! Does that sound good? Two posts in one day, yeah! LOL.

So Sommarkrysset was amazing! I mean Ella Henderson was there, aka the only reason I went. Hahaha. I think that I was at Gröna Lund (the theme park in Stockholm where the taping of Sommarkrysset is) at around like maybe 3:30 PM or so. I don't remember and the time is really not important to the story, LOL. First I went to the Ben&Jerry ice-cream bar and bought a milkshake, and then I just stood by the fence and waiting to spot Ella and waiting for them to open up so that I could go and get a seat. When I stood there I saw some girls that I met when Austin was here. LOL, they were also there to see Ella. I saw Ella when she went to shoot her intro for the show. When she was walking back the woman from Sony who worked with Ella the last time she was here saw me and the other girls so she stopped and Ella started talking to her. She was sweet as always. When she saw he she said that she remembered me. She was like "I remember when I met you the last time I was here. Outside the Sony offices!" I was chocked. I mean she probably meets a lot of people all the time and that she remembers that means a lot. LOL, it was probably because I was crying. Hahaha. I don't exactly remember what I said but I thanked her and that she asked if I wanted to take a picture, and I was like of course. I took a few, you know options. Hahaha. She also told me that she liked my hair band and that I looked really beautiful in it. She is so sweet, she's they one who is totally gorgeous. LOL, Sony Music Sweden liked my picture with Ella on instagram! That is cool. After that she went and did her soundcheck.

After 5 PM they opened gates so the people go get inside and get a seat. I got a seat close to the stage. At 6 PM they had a rehearsal of the whole show. So then I also got to see Vance Joy. He was good. LOL I saw his soundcheck as well. Did he deliver? I guess, I mean he was good but I am not gonna run off and buy his album.

Vance Joy

The actual show started at 8:15 PM. It was really good. I love the dress the Gry (the host) was wearing. Amazing, beautiful! I will see if can find a picture of the dress or if I have to screen shot it from TV4 Play. I just also have to say that Ella was amazing (OF COURSE!). It was fantastic to finally get to see her live. Hopefully I get to see her in concert soon!

Gry's dress :)

I feel like one of the many joys buy going to see Sommarkrysset live instead of watching it on the TV is all of the things that happen during the commercial breaks. Like this time there was this gospel choir from Chicago that was in Stockholm on a school trip. They asked if the could perform on stage and during one of the commercial breaks they sang Oh Happy Day. It was really incredible to witness that.

Sommarkrysset's backup singers :)

The gospel choir

your writer, Erika


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