My Monologues and I

Hi guys. How has your day been? Mine have been hot. It's been really hot in Stockholm today. Like really hot. Ugh, I had to take a shower when I came home, because the weather. Well, well I prefer the summer over winter. Okay maybe not, I like both just in moderation you know. LOL. I got a nice tan line (not so much). Plus I got so much sun on my neck that it looked like I was dirty. Idek what to say about that. Hahahaha.

What do you all think of my latest monologue? Do you think it's good. Like I can be very pleased with a monologue when I post it then when I watch it like several months later I have no idea why I posted it because I think it's so bad. In case you haven't seen my monologue you can watch it on my youtube channel onenineninethree or just clock on this link to get directly to the video I hope that you think that I am talented.

I haven't chosen my next monologue, which I should really do? See if I'll find something before I finish this post other wise you are free to post any suggestions. OMG, I was watching this show or movie (I really don't remember), it was on TV anyway and I thought that "OMG, I should do a monologue from this show/movie since I like it so much." Hmmm, I wonder what it was. Hmmmm. First world problems. Now, I am like "Hmmmm, what shows and movies do I even like?" Hahahaha. Talk about first world problems since I watch TV all of the time. Hahahaha. OMG, I am googling movies now. I don't think that I should take on The Fault In Out Stars. I found something that I kind of like. Hmmm, we'll see. Imma keep googling just to see if I might find something better.

Have a good night! Thanks for reading my blog.

your writer, Erika


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