My Ariana Grande Concert Outfit

Well hello hello hello. How are you? I am good. Really good. So I promised you guys that I would blog about my Ariana Grande concert outfit. Yeah, today is the day... because I finally have all of my stuff. Hmmm, I am kind of realising that I will look slightly hoe-ish in that outfit but too little too late. I AM WEARING IT. LOL. I gonna look hot. I hope that I will look good hot and not "hoe hot". Anyway so that Ari outfit that I am trying to copy is the one that she wore while performing at DiverCity Tokyo Plaza in September last year. The only two differences between her outfit and mine is the skirt because I could find a skirt like that and the shoes because I wanted black pumps and not nude.

Ariana Grande's outfit

My pieces
Crop top from H&M DIVIDED

Skirt from MONKI

Knee-socks from FYNDIQ

Pumps from Steve Madden, bought at

your writer, Erika

.p.s. I'll post a picture of me in the outfit later...


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