Hi guys! I had a thought that I should/wanted to blog about my Ariana Grande outfit. I mean, I wanted to take a picture of me wearing the Ari outfit. But that also means I have to do my hair and eh, I don't feel like that right now and my hair is kind of in point today. So you now I kind of don't want to ruin it. You know girl problems. Buuuut, I'll will take a picture and probably instagram it on Thursday and blog about it this weekend.

I have kind of been prepping all day for the concert. I have been listening to her music on spotify. I really can't wait until Thursday. I just as excited for the concert as I am about wearing my outfit. It is kind of hoelicious. LOL. I mean Ari didn't look like a hoe in it but it is just me. I mean I don't usually wear short skirts and crop tops and when you add the knee socks and those pumps it is kind of hoe but in a good way. Thereof hoelicious. Plus I'll be wearing a headband with cat ears you know like Ari always wears. Iiiiiip. Kind of excited but also scared to step outside in that. Eh, I just have to wear it with confidence!

You know what I want to do. A kind of "steal her style" post. I just have to find a good picture of someone and try and copy it. You you have any tips please tell me.

your writer, Erika


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