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Uh, uh I am sick! Boo huu, you whore!!

Öhhh, I am serioulsy sick today! Poor me. I have a cold and sore throat. Not funny. I am home from school too. Mom said I didn't had to go tomorrow too. Well, then I have time to do some homework. Yeah, or not. I hate homework!! Don't you?
right now I am listening to the Hannah Montana 2 cd. I love that cd. There are so many great songs on it! Oh, I want the cd with the songs from the first season! they are all so great (the songs). I wish I could be a singer and an actress.
Well me and my friend, Towe are thinking about seek to Top Model (here in Sweden). I hope we get in, if we do send in a tape!!! Don't you hope that for us? Hope we do.
If you live in Chicago, Minneapolis, Vanouver and San Francisco and like Mika listen to this:
If you think you've got the energy, pizzazz and moves to be a Lollipop Girl then come show us your stuff.
We're looking for 2 Lollipop girls to dance onstage with MIKA during the hit single "Lollipop" at his upcoming concerts …

Did you know

Did you know that my plan from the begging was to write every single DAY! EVERY SINGLE DAY! Well, I think I did it the first three days. Oh, I remember my first post, what it was about. It was about Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. Haha. I wrote about them on the first post because I didn't know what else to write about :( . Did you know that in 5th grade I was a total MKA (mka = Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen) freak. I bought all there books that they had released in Sweden. Movies, downloaded all their song that I could find. I still like them. I do. But just not as much as I used to. I guess that that was just a phase that I went through. Everyone has went through a phase in some point in their life. Everyone dose it. It's normal. Like now I have this huge thing for the Jonas Brothers. So who is my favorite Jonas? At first it was Nick, but then I thought it was Kevin but it was Joe (I got their names mixed up). So, yeah Joe is my favorite. He is hot. I have this really funny picture…

This week

Wow, alot of things has happened this week! Heath ledger has died, suicide who know or his sickness, I had my name day (24/1), I went to school yesterday and I finally bought Mika's CD (from the USA). Well I didn't order it from the US, but you can see on the CD that it's from the US. It's so F***ING great. I totally love it. Over My Shoulder is so great. Oh, the way he sings that song! So lovely, I just love his voice and all the noises he makes. Soon I am going to buy the DVD and the Big Girls single. Did you know that he has written all the songs on the CD. WOW!! Amazing!!
It's kind of sad that Heath Ledger has died. I mean he has a daughter, Matilda. Poor girl, never gonna get to know her dad. Well, she can see all his movies and she that he was a really really good actor. I love his movie Ten Thing I Hate About You. It's real funny.
I saw Enchanted this Thursday (24/1). The same day as my name day. A little "present" from my mom and yeah, I saw it …

I want to

I want to write about meaningful stuff not just about my life. Well, I can't. Well, of cures I can, it's just that i can't come up with something. Like that should be so hard. I mean I know alot of stuff about Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, Hannah Montana/ Miley Cyrus, Mika and other celebs. Well, that's just weird blogging about an other persons life. I know alot of people does that. Well, I am not that kind of person. I just bitch about my life. Hahaha, have I ever bitched about my life? Have I. I can't remember. Well of course have done it in real life but I just can't remember if I have done it on this blog? Have I? Please tell me!
I remember I bitch about having alot of test last fall, if you remember? And some other stuff. I now I am going to bitch about something I have a math test tomorrow and a Spanish and biology and a English homework. I hate it. I hate it, hate it, hate it, hate it, hate it!! ÖÖÖÖ! I am so tired of it. Well now I am going to have to say…


WOW, is all I got to say! I just saw Disturbia with Shia LaBeouf. It's great. You should really see it! One thing that´s really funny is when Shia, Kale, starts kissing one of the corps. Well that's in the outtakes, but anyway it's funny! I am not gonna tell you what the movie is about, but that seems a little bad by me. So I am going to post the trailer. Are you happy now?

Here is two interviews with Shia about Disturbia:
A movie review:

A clip from the movie:

Now when you have seen this videos get a hang of what the movie is about! So go and rent it or save some time and buy it.

Too much love and hugs from your writer, Erika

Hannah Montana

Wow, I just saw the latest episode of Hannah Montana. Wow she rocks!! She's so cool! I wish I were like her and that I could meet her. I saw the Hannah Montana Rock Star video a few minutes ago, when I heard it I just felt that I had to listen to the Hannah Montana 2CD. So now I am. I am a true HM fan! I love that show and all of her song. They're great. I wish I could go to one of her concerts one day. But she never comes to Sweden. I wish she would. Then I would get ticket right in front of the stage!! Love you Hannah. Do anyone else out there like Hannah Montana? I know that there is not so many people that I know that likes her. That's sad. But I am going to try to make them like her. well, I can at least try. It doesn't hurt to try. I can always give that a chance. What do you think? I think I could get my sister to like her if she don't like her. I don't really know if she does. I posted the new Hannah Montana Rock Star video for you to watch:

I think that…

Sometimes life is

So we got a new science teacher or he's not an official teacher he's just an substitute. Well, is a bit strange and the other half of him is normal. his head is so shiny that if you looked right at it you would probably see your own face and he as already given us homework's his first week as a teacher at our school. Well is just that we have to answer 16-32 question in the book. It might not seem like much but those questions are hard.
Not much this time but this is all!

Much love from your writer, Erika


I am going to Rhianna's concert here in Stockholm. Yeah! Thank you daddy! I just asked him and was just like "Yeah. Of coures.".

Something I wrote yesterday but never posted: Long lost Charmed Right now I am watching Charmed. You know the TV show about those three powerful witches, that are sisters. You know Alyssa Milano. Yeah if you don't know, tough luck for you. Love, Erika

Finally Friday

What a week! School - lots of homework, my hand and just everything. Well that´s in the past and the weekend is here to save me now! Tonight I am going to see London Live. Fergie is playing. Well right now I am listening to some music; artists like Adam Tensta and Gym Class Heroes, well not just them. Well soon I am going to write an book report about the book The Suitecase Kid by Jaquline Wilson. I am going to try to make it three pages. Well I am going to try.

Later that same friday night.......
Well my mom and I rented a movie called Are We Done Yet? with ICE CUBE.

Take care from your writer, Erika

Stupid homeworks

God, I have to do homework now or actually I am done with them. But it's boring anyway! Don't you agree? Well, that's my opinion. So right now I am watching The War at Home! love that show. It's really funny. This episode is about that Dave is taking Larry and Kenny to this Si-Fi convention. I really don't want to explain more but the episode is called "Super Dave" and it's the 3 episode if the second season.
Well, now I am listening to some songs on Jesse McCartney's third album . They are really great. I really like Blackbird! Well I really don't know what to write any more so I guess this is god bye until next time.

Take care and best wishes for the new year from your writer, Erika

.p.s. De toi moi .d.s.

The end

Today is the last day of the winter break :( ! Bläääää! But you have to go back to school some day and I guess that tomorrow is that day. that's just something I have to live with. How am I going to get the job I want if I don't go to school?
WOW, today I am going to eat "makaronilåda" to dinner! Yeah. Love my mom! I was a really long time since I ate it last time. Can't wait to eat it!
Right now I am watching The O.C. I love that show. It's so sad that they canceld it! Don't you think? The last episode, wow, I just love that episode! Oh, I've updated my personal profile on MySpace, go and check it out! Hope you´ll like it, comment me on MySpace if you´ll like it!. I have disided that this is going to be my year. I am going to life this year to the fullest! Not a boring day. Well, yeah I am going to do the best to get what I want!
I just tuned on MTV and saw that Nick Cannon's WILD ´N OUT was on. It was a really lon…

The Magical World of Disney On Ice

Today I went to DisneyOn Ice, right here in Stockholm. It was incredible! Amazing! I've only been to Disney On Ice once before, but that was with my mom and my aunt. Today I went with one of my moms friends and her brother and their kids. It was really fun. But between the two acts I got hungry so I thought, why not by a hotdog. My moms friend asked me to by a hotdog for her son as well, so I did. When I saw the price on the hotdog I saw that they cost 20 kr each! That's much for one hot dog. 40 kr for two! I was hungry so I had to pay, which I did. The show was great. The ice skaters/ figure skaters were incredible! I just wish I could skate like them. Did you know that when I was younger I used to learn how to skate like that? But I quite because I got bored. A girl in my class says that you should never quite because it gets hard or boring. She's a figure skater, so she would know, don't you think? Sad enough I didn´t take any pictures or video :( ! But I can tell …


I just googled my self a little for fun and when I googled the blogs name , Erikas World, on pictures I saw some pictures that I have posted. Ha, I famous. OK, I am not. But it seems so cool.
This night it snowed alot. Kind of boring. But yeah insted of going shopping I am going to do the best of the situation. But I want to go snowboarding! But then I have to go to one of these skiparks or what ever you guy call them.
I want I MyScene Westly doll. Not to play with, of course, just to look at. She so cool.

Best wishes for the new year from your writer, Erika

.p.s. I forgot on my best of 2007 list meeting Eric Maskin .d.s.

It´s here, 2008

Happy new year everybody!! Hope you had a great year so far. I know I have. LOL!! There has only gone almost 11 hours into the new year. I have a video of fireworks that I took only a few seconds into the new year that I will post on YouTube later on. I don't know when, but I will.
What is everyone going to to the first day of the new year? Well, I am going to try to find someone to go and see Enchanted with me. You know the new Disney movie. I really want to see that movie. So, I hope I find someone that wants to go with me. There's no fun to go alone. Don't you think so? Well I think so anyway.
I just want to wish everyone best wishes for the new year:

Best wishes from your writer, Erika