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Hi, so I tweeted earlier that I would post some pictures from school here on my blog. Unless you follow me on instagram these pictures will be totally new for you. Some pictures (two of them) I took today and haven't posted on instagram so they will be kind of an Erika's World exclusive (haha, LOL). You should follow me on instagram at eriikaworld.

This is a costume from the swedish movie Mammas Pojkar (2012)

your writer, Erika

Picture Frames

OMG! Bad Erika, I haven't blogged since Thursday (my name day, how many people remembered that - huh?!). Oooops, sorry!

Well, this weekend I have organized my closet. I went through old magazines and paper and such and threw away the things that I don't need anymore. I put up some picture on the wall over my bed. I moved them from one wall to the other wall (my bed is pushed into a corner), it look much better that way. It's mostly pictures of me, 'cause those are the only ones that I could find that were framed. There is one of Charlie, one of Joe Jonas and I and one of my sister and I. I posted a picture on instagram. Follow me @eriikaworld.

We watched Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho on Friday. It was good considering it is from 1960 and it is in black and white. But the stabbing scenes were bad. You don't see the knife hitting the body you just see a knife coming towards the camera and then back to the person who has been stabbed and got of with a mild wound. It l…

A Themed Birthday

Hi guys! You know what! I've decided that I want a english themed birthday. Hahaha. My birthday isn't until April but I've decided and next year VEGAS (Girl - in honor of Conor Maynard. LOL, but you know I'd love to go to Vegas. Either for my birthday or in the summer.
You must be wondering why I suddenly want an english themed birthday. Well I am going to tell you! I went to the grocery store with my mom and she bought some croissants ('cause who doesn't love croissants, right!) and then she was thought that we needed some marmalade or curd or something to the croissants. We decided to get lemon curd. So we ate that when we came home (so delicious!) and that's why I want an english themed birthday. I think that would be cool and fun. I don't have to over do it. Just decorate a little bit and make some english delights. What you think? Does it sound like a good idea.

Hahaha. I just thought that the VEGAS (Girl) themed would be like a continuation of the…


I am so annoyed right now! Like why. Not like why I am annoyed just like why. Like I don't know. I am annoyed. I got this email - to my HIH email - about maybe cover the Grammy Awards. The blog got an invitation to be there. So cool right?! Gosh! I am just annoyed that I can't do it. That is just such a great opportunity for the blog and just a really cool thing to do and think of all the people that I would met. I am just dying thinking about it. Like Ed Sheeran is going to be there 'cause he's nominated. It's just cute because he didn't expect it. He is totally undermining himself. All the (true) geniuses don't realize their brilliance. Hmmm.

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University In Sweden

Hi guys! I think that my bad habit from USA has followed me to Sweden. Hahaha. I think I fell asleep during class yesterday. Gosh what is happening to me?! It was a dark movie theater and a not so interesting movie. I was leaning on my bag and all of the sudden it was that boring music and closing credit (it was n Chinese so I really have no idea) and people were leaving. Ooops! Hihihi. But in the United States people couldn't really blame me. Well, I think so because I went up at 5:30 AM so that I could make it to my 8 AM class (keeping mind that it to me about 45 minutes to get to school). You know what? It takes me longer to get to school here in Sweden that it did in SB. WTF?! Like, "Hello, dude!"

Like right now I am not like "Yeah!" about school but maybe it's like Sara said that once you get to know people it will be a lot more fun. I met this one girl today who has a friend at NYU and an other friend or maybe it was her friends' friend who goes t…

Oh, Honey You're Not in Cali Anymore

OMG! Today I went to school IN SWEDEN for the first time in like 8 months or so. It was weird. They spoke swedish. Nah, but it was weird. I don't know. It's like people are different here, I mean yeah of course they are. I am just, I don't know. I've gotten just to the Cali style of life. Just how people are and act and represent themselves. Here people are much more reserved. In the US (well in Cali, or well in SB - 'cause that's where I lived) people are more outgoing. I like once you get to know someone here there is no difference between the two it's just, hmm, I guess people are more cautious. Lisa (the woman that I stayed with the longest) said that people in New Work (she's from NY) are not as friendly as in SB. Like, in New York people wouldn't just start talking to a stranger. If someone were to do that people would just like at them like their crazy or just ignore them and way away. So that's in the same country. I feel like some Swede…

At Any Price

Jarvis - Make A Little Room

your writer, Erika

With a Headache

Hi! I am sorry that I haven't ben blogging much (not at all to be correct) during the last week. Gosh I just haven't been that inspired and now I have this pulsating headache. It started last night, it's better now. I had my mom make me breakfast. I was like "Can you make me two sandwiches? I want one toasted please." She was like "Excuse me?" but she did it anyway. I just had no strength to do anything. No, I had strength, the headache just got worse when I started moving around. Now it's better.

Today. I don't know I was going to go to Kilroy and talk to them about some schools but because of my headache I think that I'll stay home instead. I emailed them and asked to reschedule my appointment. Well, my mom and I are going to eat a carrot cake for dessert tonight so I guess that I will get on that later. I mean baking the cake. I think I'll do an other post later I have some plans for Have It Hollywood. More ideas than plans.

Here is a…


Here comes my wise words for January 11th 2013. First I just want to say happy 16th birthday to Cody Simpson. Happy birthday Codes! I hope you had or have (depending on where you are in the world) an awesome birthday! lots of love and support from me. Love ya!

What the fuck is this? Were those people in the Oscar committee high when they made their nominations? Like what the fuck? Only two nominations for Flight. Thankfully Brave and Wreck-It Ralph each got a nominations, so they at least did something right. Okay, so now I want to see two awards for Flight and one for Wreck-It Ralph. I like Brave too but Ralph's better.

your writer, Erika

The Winter Break is Almost Over

Hi. Hi. What have you all been doing? School starts soon? How are you all feeling about that? I don't know. I feel kind of bored about it. I know, it weird since I am not going to be in the US (I am not sad about that). I am going to be in Sweden. Hmm, I thought that going to school in Sweden would be free (okay it's not expensive or anything I just have to pay a 400 kr registration fee, that's about $61) and that it wouldn't take an hour to get to there (I looked it up on an app on my phone). It doesn't take an hour, it takes about 50 minutes. It takes that long because I am not that course that I am taking is not going to be at the main Stockholm University campus it's somewhere else (like wtf?! Right!). Whatever, I applied for the course, I have registered for the course, so I'll guess I just have to take that it takes that long to get there. I am going to complain when I have classes before 9 AM because then I have to get up before 6 AM and I had enough…

One Direction - Kiss You


LL Cool J - Ratchet



I wonder if I can get Camryn publicist to get me tickets to the One Direction concert in Stockholm on May 8th? I mean it's probably a long shot and she probably has a different publicist here in Europe. Hmmm. I don't know. I'd probably have to give her something in return like an interview with Camryn, that'd be cool and I love to do it. A backstage interview so that maybe I'll get to meet Liam, Harry, Niall, Zayn and Louis. Hahaha. It'd be super fun if I could do an interview her. Maybe I should just throw away a mail and see what they'll say. Hahaha. Ohmigosh, what if - that horrible "what if" - she (Camryn) doesn't have the same publicist anymore!? Gosh no.

This is her latest music video Now or Never, the song is actually pretty good. This one and Wait and See. I don't listen to her that much but it doesn't mean that I don't like her or think that she has talent.

your writer, Erika

What To Do About 2013

Hi guys it's 2013 (apparently the first years since 1987 to have four different numbers, when I thin about it it's true - mind blowing I guess, haha). So far this year hasn't been exciting for me. Guess I'll have to change that. X Factor? Hahaha, a big NO on that one. Well, I mean if I want to make a complete and utterly embarrassment of myself then, yeah. I mean, I am not a singer (I might have the passion for something like that and I probably give it my all). Let me explain with different words, I can't sing. Sad but what can you do about it? The fact that I can't sing doesn't change that I go around singing all the time. Not all the time but often. I want to do something exciting this year like my friend Matilda. She's officially trying out for America's Next Top Model. I mean people who go after their dreams, do what they really believe in lit the light in me and make me want to do big things (even do I always want to do big thing). I don't…

Girls Generation - I Got a Boy

Seriously?! This video has got more than 10,500,000 views on youtube in less than a week (it was uploaded on the official SMTOWN youtube channel). I don't think that this is the best song they they have done but the music video is still amazing as all of their music videos are. They always look super cool. I just love their clothes!

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