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My Weekend

So, what have you all been doing this weekend? I am sorry that I haven't blogged much. Yesterday I had that photoshoot with SollentunaRevyn. That was at 5 PM, but before that I worked on my college application and I went to Stinsen to do some shopping. Hihihi.

Oh, I want to show you what I did yesterday morning and this morning. Yesterday morning I altered a t-shirt, all by myself. I am so proud. Anyway. This past week in school us graphic commincation girls have been doing t-shirt prints. I made a t-shirt with my name on it and my birth year. The t-shirt was a size small but still too big for me, so I altered it. The before picture is of a t-shirt in a size medium, but my t-shirt looked like that, just a size smaller.

I am pretty satisfied with the result. I never thought the t-shirt would turn out the great. Hahaha. No but seriously. Ijust tooka t-shirtin the closetand put iton top of other the t-shirt.Then I tookjustamarkerandmarkedwhere Iwouldsew.Assimple as that, in caseyou&…


Today we had our finals in Swedish. Well, the first part - the speech. I did alright except that when Magnus (a guy in our class who timed us) made the four minute sign I got a little nervous and look at my paper - I just looked at it for confidence, not to read the text - I forgot like one line and when I remembered what I forgot I already started saying something elese so I could not say what I forgot. My teacher said I did alright and thate she noticed that I was well, prepared. So if I get an MVG on the essay I will probably get MVG in Swedish B. Voila! Hehehe.

Our teacher started crying after Katja's speech beacuse she spoke about a friend whom tried to commit suicide. She also read a text from a secrat notebook that her keeps. Really good text. Good speech. Some people chocked me with their speeched. I mean, I didn't expect that from them. Like Adam.

Hahaha. Adam (whom has the same last name as me - or I as him because he is older than me). Today was 'Halloween Day&#…

Bieber and I

I posted this picture yesterday on Have It Hollywood:

your writer, Erika


I have Joe Jonas Fastlife now! Yeah! I got it yesterday. I orded it a few weeks ago and yesterday I got an email saying that I could come and pick it up at the store. It is so good! Of course it is, it's Joe.

ÿour writer, Erika


On Saturday us seniors taking graphic communication are going to photograph SollentunaRevyn because we are making flyers, posters and program sheets for their variety show next spring. Our teacher said that we don't have to come, because it is on a Saturday at 5 PM. Those who show up will get compensatorytime offanda gift certificateat SFBIO. That's not so bad. Otherwise I wouldn't go. I just hope that the shoot won't last that long. I mean it is a Saturday, I have better things to do like watching TV. Hahaha.

Have you ever been to a REAL photoshoot? By real I mean something for a magazine, movie, catalouge or you know. Have you?


I am sitting here trying to get some homework done. As I told you earlier this week, I have finals in Swedish on Friday so I have to (I don't have too but I want to) finich my speech today so that I have enough time to memorize it. If you live in Sweden, have you finished your speech? And which texts or pictures from the booklet did you use? I used The Kite Runner from the booklet and the book Queen of Babble by Meg Cabot (I think I have already told you this).

I am going to try to get some more homework done today. I will see how much though because I am going to a friends/ family memeber in the afternoon. We are going to have some coffe and talk about Christmas. Oh, it is not just me and my friend/ family memember, there are other people too. Hehehe. I am not thrilled by what has been decieded about Christmas but I guess it is run by democracy and I have to followthematterhas been decided. Crule. No, I shouldn't be bratty about this. I was ok whit this for the twi second whe…

How To Love

Earlier this week I donated some old (but still in a very good conditon) clothes to the Red Cross. I do that sometimes. Now and then. Now, I am looking for more clothes that I don't need/ don't use anymore that I can donate. In case I find enough clothes I will donate them during the fall break. I have school next week and too much homework to go to the Red Cross before or after school.

I am totally obessed with Lil' Wayne's How To Love. I L-O-V-E that song! Damn! I heard Bieber's version first and fell in love with it. Now, I love both versions. I have to listen to Demi's version too. Probably great too. That girl has voice to die for!

When I first heard Demi sing I didn't believe my ears. She has a big voice for such a young girl. So so so talented. I am a little bit jealous. Aren't you?

your writer, Erika


I framed the picture of Joe and I. I also painted the frame earlier today, I just thought I should show you guys.

your writer, Erika


Blä, I have finals in Swedish next week. I have to hold a speech for five minutes. Not, two, four or seven minutes but for fibve whole minutes. So that is what I am working on right now. It is hard because I have to refer to either two texts, two pictures or a text and a picture. So far I have chosen Queen of Babble by Meg Cabot. I love that book, it it totally amazing and so is Meg. Awesome writer, she is my favorite! I think I am going to choose The Kite Runner as my second text. We got this booklet with a bunch of articles, lyric quotes, excerpts from books and such and we have to choose a text or a picture illustarting a text from the booklet in our speech. I think that The Kite Runner will fit in my speech. I hope my teacher thinks so too.

The finals in Swedish consits of two tests. The speech - which we will have next Friday - and an essay - which we will have in November and on the day of the test we will have five hours two write the essay. Talk about alot of time, hehehe. An…


I received my TOEFL addmissons ticket in the mail yesterday. I thought I was going to get it by email, eh, who cares. I have it now and that's what matters. I am glad that I don't have to be at the test center as early as when I took the SATs'. I have to be there at 8:30. I have never been to the test center before, but I looked it up on google maps when I registered for the test. so I have good idea of where it is located. LOL. I am going to check it out this weekend or so. I have to know where it is before I take the test.

There is this photo file record that I have to fill out, plus I have to attach a photo o myself. I am going to ask my graphic communications' teacher is she can take a picture of me, since it has to be recent and she takes pictures of the whole group anyway.

I started my personal statement essay for my college application last night. It is so hard, I don't know what to write about. On UCLA website there are some tips on how to write a good pers…

Hello Kitty

I found this drawing that I did of Hello Kitty in freshmen (10th grade - high school in Sweden is from 10th to 12th grade) year of high school. The one to the left I found on the internet and the one to the right I made. Pretty good huh?!

your writer, Erika

My Future Husband

Iiiiiiip! I met Joe Jonas today! I can't believe it. I went to Arlanda Airport today. I took a chance because I was not sure if he was coming today or tomorrow. I checked his facebook this morning and he had posted a video that he had just landed in Lisbon (last night). I assumed that he would be flying from Lisobon to Stockholm. So I after I checked Arlanda Airport's wedsite for international arrivals and saw that the only flights arrving from Lisbon was today at 2:20 PM and tomorrow at the same time.
The plane landed at 2:25 PM and about half an hour later I met Joe. It was surreal. As the time past by I started to think that maybe he is not coming today. I told myself to wait an hour or so, but he came after about half an hour after the plane had landed. Just before Joe came the were these guys in black suits (one of them had headphones) there. I thought that maybe they were there to take care of Joe here in Sweden. I was right. I turned around for a sec and looked at them …

Edited in Black And White

I edited some pictures in school today. The first one is today's picture, the second one our teacher took of us last week and the third one she took the first day we had graphic communication.

your writer, Erika

.p.s. Now that I am looking at the pictures, the first one kind of look like a poster to some teen chick-flick or what do you say?

Not Just You

Ok, new post. I know that I just blogged but I have to tell you about this amazing song, Not Just You by Cody Simpson. I just heard it today. I know, I know, I know that he posted it on youtube a few weeks ago but I wanted to wait until the ep or music video came out to hear it (I don't have the ep yet, I want the deluxe version and I can't find a site the ships to Sweden). So, I watched the music video today since it came out yesterday (or was it on Tuesday?) and WOW!

While I was watching the music video Linda said to me "This song is really good" (she was sitting next to me). Now when I logged in on facebook Linda posted the music video on her wall and said the it was her new obsession. I got Linda to like Cody! She liked him before (I think).

Last fall when I was obseesing about him "OMG, he is so cute!", "He is som damn talented!", "I love his music!" and so on, she agreed with me that he is cute. Now she doesn't say the he is …

What I Am Doing

Right now I am doing laundry and homework at the same time. Blä, blä, blä. Ther are other thing that I rather do right now. I don't know what, but other thing that I am sure of.

I have two huge assignemtnts in for my phsycology class, my English C essay, my project plan,TOEFL (I have to study for that), finals in Swedish B and, no I think that's it.
Right now I am working on one of my phsycology essays.

Today In school we were all working on the cover for the 2011/2012 year book. I edited a picture of me that our teacher took this Tuesday. Tell me what you think? I now that picture is not fun, but that is not what I was going to. I think it is beautiful.

I also edited an other picture. Everytime when we have Graphic Communication B our teacher takes a picture of us (well, more than one - we choose one as today's picture). So I edited one of the pcitures that she took today.

What do you think? Is ther after better then the before? I think so. Hehehe.

your writer, Erika


I am sitting here writng an 400 word essay about Thanksgiving in the United States. Not fun. Well, it is fun to learn about it and I think I should know something about it if I am going to school there next year, but the no fun part equals having to write about it. I thought I was done so I check how many words I had written. Only 188 words. It is a little more now and I just came up with a trick to make me write less. Mohahaha. Boring I don't want to be doing homework. I want to be free and to whatever. Not homework, blä, I think I am dieing here. No, just bored. I am almost done so I don't have to worry. I am going to finish it today because I have to hand it in on Friday.

your writer, Erika


The wait is finally over! Joe Jonas debut solo album, Fastlife, comes out today! Iiiiip, I am so excited. I can't wait until I have the cd in my hands. I pre-orderd the cd from nearly a week and a half ago, so I hope I can pick it up at the store today. It is an import from the Unites States. A few years back when Jesse McCartney's second studio album came out I pre-orderd it from mega. I got it a month or so before It was released in the US. Weird. The same thing happened when I pre-orderd Ke$ha's debut album, Animal. The album was set to release on January 1st 2010 but I got it a few days before New Years. That will say in December 2009. I am not complaning, great for me. Hehehe.

You know what's weird? Well maybe it is not  weird and I should not be complaing (and I am not - It is just weird). Tomorrow I have the day off from school. I mean, on a Wednesday in the middle of the week. First I have to go to school for two days, then I have the day off, and…

Year Book Covers

Here are some more year book suggestions plus the ones I posted last week (but now they are finished). What do you think of them?

your writer, Erika

Miley Cyrus & I

A few days ago I wore a dress that Miley Cyrus had before. I posted a picture in HIH the same day but I thought I should post it here too incase you didn't see it. The dress is from H&M DIVIDED.

your writer; Erika

Year Book Cover

So I promised you guys a peek on this years year book cover. Well, these are just suggestions and please keep in mind that they are not finished yet. Oh, I screen printed the cover and the back cover (the cover is to the right. If I add something to them tomorrow, I will screen print them and show you. If you have any suggestions about the cover's please tell me. All idéas are welcome!

your writer, Erika

.p.s. I thought that maybe I should mention that the blue and purple lines are there because I screan printed them from the documents I was working with in InDesign.

So Much School Work, So Little Time

Homework, homework, homework. Oh, school work. So much to do, too little time. Well, little free time that I want to spend on this. I have alot of free time but I don't want to spend it on homework. Who wants?

In school this morning I was like a new born baby discovering the world. I had so much fun. I was downloading free fonts. I don't know how many I downloaded, who cares? They were so cool. After lunch I worked on the cover for this years year book. That  was one of the reason that I downladed so many fonts. Tomorrow I will screen print the covers so that you can see what I have been working on. Please tell me what you think of them.

Right now I am also working on my english c essay. I am writing about teen pregnancy in the United States. I am writing the introduction at the moment. I was just writing about how teen prgnancy has started to sneak its way into teen dramas. I mentioned 90210 and The Secret Life of The American Teenager. I wanted to mention three teen dramas …

Cinnamon Buns

Today is kanelbullens dag (cinnamon bun day). So I made cinnamon buns. Yum, yum - they were delicious!

your writer, Erika

New Topic

I mentioned last night that I have to write a four page essay for my English C course and that I chose United States and milk. Boring. Well, I got bored by just writing about it. Anyway, last night I tried to come up with something else that might want to write about and to a presentation about. Oh, maybe I didn't mention but we have to to a short two minute presentation about our essay infront of the whole class. I am thinking about either gay marriage or teen pregnancy since the United States and the United Kingdom has the highest rate of teen pragnancy. I am still going to focus on the United States (I might mention the United Kingdom in my essay too).

What do you think would be more interesting for me to write about? Or maybe hear a short presenation about? I am leaning towards teen pragnancy but if I choose gay marriage I have a perfect introduction already "written" in my head. I have all of these "smart/ big" words that will probably give me a higher gra…

English x2

I am done with the SAT. Yeah (let's all cross our fingers and hope that I didn't fail and have to take the test again on December 3rd).

As you know (I think I have mentioned it), I am taking two different english courses in school. English B and English C. I have an assigment for the B course that is due on Friday. It is a critical reading excersise. Bläää! No but, I don't know. It is blocks and blocks of words. It feels like it anyway. Last Friday we had to read an article from The New Yorker called PETRIFIED: The Horrors of Stagefright by John Lahr (it is just so many words) and after the we had to answer questions related to the text. When I read the first question I was like "What?! No, I have to read this thing all over again." At least until I have found the answer to the question.
There is a total of ten questions.

I also have an assignment for the C course. I have to write a four page essay about a on going topic or something else related to a english spe…

October Weekend

Today I took the SAT. It was a fun experience (I wonder if I will say the same thing if I fail?). I thought that I was going to be the only one taking the test. Tops one others person. No, there was bunch of people there. Plenty more than I expected.

There was guy there that look like Robert Pattinson's better looking unknown identical twin. Seriously. DAMN! This guy was better looking and he was tall (taller, I don't know because I don't know how tall Robert is).

Seriously the test wasn't hard at all. By that I mean that it wasn't harder than any test I have had in school. I was like a regular test. So people don't freak out if you are going to take the test. It is just a test (that is going to determine your future - no pressure, LOL). But seriously, take a deep breath and relax. You will receive 600 points anyway just for filling out the front page of your answer sheet correctly. So don't mess up your name and remember your address (incase you don't …