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I Tried Pilates

Hello! So it's Monday and that means back to the real world. How is everyone feeling today? Did you have a good weekend? I had an amazing weekend but I told you all about that last night.

I swicthed up my workout routine a little yesterday. I have gotten a little bored with it lately. I mean I love the results that I get from it and that is what motivates me. But it's just boring to do the same thing over and over and over again you know. So I decided to try some new things. Not just for me but for you guys! I like sharing workout tips with you. I mean just because I like it and it works for me doesn't automatically mean that it will work for you. But there is no harm in sharing, right? And if you want to share something with me you can always email me at or just comment. Whatever you prefer. Both is appricated.

Anyway back to my workout routine. I did my usual cardio but I did a different butt and thigh workout that didn't include any squats at a…

Weekend with My Mom

OMG I had an amazing weekend with my mom. It was really nice to get away for a couple of days. So much needed. I loved seeing the dogs and getting to meet Carlos, the new little pug puppy. He is so cute and so much full of life, but which puppy isn't?

Yesterday we had a really nice day in Nyköping. We went shopping which was really fun. I actually bought something on sale which I never do because I rarely find something I like on sale. No I actually bought two things on sale. The other thing I got an 10% off because I have student discount at that store. Mohahaha. Got to love student discounts!

Today we took a little walks with three of the pugs and let them run free. That was so much fun to see because I didn't know or think that they love to run around as much as they do! Maybe that is because they live with a bunch of whippets. They were crazy! I love it. Oh and Carlos, that little cutie. My mom took him out on the front lawn so he could run around a little crazy for a bit.…

Saturday with My Mom

Hello! I just wanted to make a quick post. I am still at my moms' for the weekend but I am going home tomorrow. I wish that I could stay longer but it's nice to get away a little bit like this. Cuddle with the dogs and of course to hang out with my mom. We had a really nice day today. We baked cupcakes this morning - snickers cupcakes. They don't look anything like the pictures from the recipe. But who cares, as long as they taste good, right?

your writer, Erika

Bella Hadid

Hello my darlings! How are you? I am good. I am visting my mom this weekend, so I don't know how much I'll actually blog. I just wanted to tell you guys this. I thought that it would be polite. OMG (maybe I am a little late on this news) but Bella Hadid is going to be in the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show this year. That is so cool! I was just thinking about it last week that she would be perfect for it. OMG I am so excited!

your writer, Erika

Yummy In My Tummy

Hello! So last night I made a delicious dinner from this cookbook I got from my mom this summer. It's funny because the cookbook is all in English and I usally use recepie in Swedish so some of the ingredients I had no idea what they were. But it's a good thing that there is something called google. It's fun trying these new recepies because it's dishes I don't usally eat or would think of to cook. So this is broadening my horizon. Plus I am learning new words in English. It is a win-win situation.

If you compare my dish with the picture in the book I don't think that they look that much different. What I made was spiced tofu, nudles and pak choi. It was delicious! The sauce - OMG!

your writer, Erika

Where Is The Love?

I have currently become obsessed with this song again. It is really amazing! Have you heard the charity single version of this song? I love that they made a new version because it was really needed. But it's sad that it was needed.

/ charity single version /

your writer, Erika

A Late Night Post

Hello! I sorry this ain't post than it should be. Eh, I guess it's just one of those days. You guys know that I do my grocery shopping online. Yeah so I ordered a bunch of food yesterday and I got it delivered tonight. So first the guy comes with three bags and I just looked at it because it just seemed too little. So I did a quick check in the groceries bags and I didn't see any yoghurt. If had seen my yogurt I probably would have thought that that must be all of it. Thank God for me that he didn't picked the bag with the yoghurt. Then I yelled at him from my balcony and said that there had to be more. I told him that he had to double check. Then a few minutes later he came back with three bags of groceries.

I don't know what I would have done if those first three bags really was it. First when I saw those three bags it looked too little and I know I ordered for a shit load of money. I just knew that couldn't all of it. I would have demanded all of my money ba…

Turmeric - The Healing Root

Hello everyone! I have been meaning to do this post for a while now. I mean a post about turmeric. Why turmeric you ask? Well turmeric is a fantastic root and wondeful spice. It gives your food a wondeful natural yellow color and a wondeful taste. Except for it giving you food a lot of flavor turnmeric has a lot of health benefits. I have decided to share three of my favorite reasons on why we should all eat turmeric.

1. Turmeric is one of the strongest anti-inflamatories there is. It has a lot of healing power and is a very powerful antioxidant that is ten times stronger than vitamins.

2. Turmeric has been proven to be anti-diabetic. The active ingredient curcumin has been shown to affect both insulin sensitivity and blood lipids.

3. Turmeric can help with skin problems. Try to make a facial mask out of turmeric because it will whiten scares and increase your skins elasticity. It will also protect your skin against chemicals and pollution in the air.

your writer, Erika

New In

Hello! So um yeah I went shopping yesterday and I just want to show you what I got. I bought some socks but I am just gong to mention that because it's not fun to look at socks. They're just regular black ancle socks. I got other things that are way more fun to look at. I got a new blouse from ZARA and some new nail polish. I just had this urge that I wanted to be girly and pink nail polish was the way to show that. Not that I am not girly but eh, I wanted pink nail polish so I got pink nail polish okay. I also got grey nail polish. I was just standing there trying to decide which pink color I should choose and then I saw this cool grey color and was just like "This one too!".

/ here /

Grey: Volcanic mud, Pink: Roseraie

your writer, Erika


Hello my darlings! It's Saturday, what's up? I just came home from a little shopping spree and now I am sitting here on my couch calming down from today. I had an intense morning! I tried a new cardio workout from Fitness Blender and wow I hate it. That means that it was good because it made my body have to work. I feel like you if hate a workout because it's too hard that is good. No it is amazing, because if you never push yourself you're never going to progress and that's why we workout right?! I mean we want to improve ourselves whether it is just to be healthier or you want a rounder butt or to be stronger or whatever your goal is. But we workout to be better. If I was perfectly content with how I am I wouldn't workout. Well now I am but if I stop working out my body will go back to the way it was, so nope.

After this morning I have decided that I need to do cardio more than I do now. Now I only do cardio once a week but I have decided to do it three times…

A Tower of Sandwhiches

Good morning! or I don't even know if it's appropriate to say good morning because it's almost 11:20 am. Well well I said. I guess that I am a bad ass. Not that I have anything special to say aat the moment, I just wanted to show you guys the beautiful tower of sandwhiches that I made for then lawyers and their big meeting this morning. Doesn't it look absolutely delicious?!

your writer, Erika

I Have Been Revolutionized

Goodmorning my little darlings! How are you today? I am good. You know what I have discovered something that has revolutionized me! I am dead serious here! I mean it. I have discovered nigth cream! Boys and girls, not just boys and girls everyone reading this need to try night cream.

Maybe you don't have the skin problems that I do. I have atopic eczema on my face and during the winter it gets worse. For two years now it has been really bad. A few years back when I first got it I used body lotion on my face because it was the only thing to keep my face form being completely dry. Then it stopped and I went back to my regular moisturizer. Two years ago when it started to get really bad I didn't know what to do at first. The skin around my left eye was so dry and red because it was irretated. As soon as I put lotion on it it calmed down. But that is no way to live, waking up looking like you've been sunburned. It doesn't feel nice either because when my face is that dry I…

Apartment Hunting

Hello darlings! So I told you yesterday that I was going to show you some apartments. I had the perfect one in mind but it has been sold! I mean how fun is it if I show you guys an amazing apartment thet you might fall in love with and maybe want to buy but you can't because it has been sold? Not so fun. I mean I link it in case you want to check it out anyway - click here.

So the apartment that I am going to show is absolut beauty! It was listed at 12 000 000kr but is now up at 13 400 000kr. So if you're intressted you better contact the real estate agent right now because I think that it's going to go very soon. Click here if you want to know more about the apartment or go to the showing on Sunday at 11AM.

Lagerlings Östermalm is my favorite real estet agency in right now. They have so many beautiful apartments around Östermalm. Check out their website for more beauties like…

Me New Stove

I got my new stove/ oven today. They came and fixed it while was at work. It's not something fancy but I got a new stove which I am super excited about since my last one "caught fire". When I buy my own apartment I will make sure that it has the finest of everything. Most apartments has a nice stove and all of that or at least the ones that I have looked at (will show you some of my favorite apartments tomorrow). Maybe that's because I have a good/ expensive taste, call it what you want but I call it standards.

your writer, Erika

Yesterday's Outfit

Good morning my little darlings! How are you today? So um yeah I took pictures of me in my new sports gear but hum, they weren't any good. I might try to take some pictures when I get home today. We'll see. For now these pictures I took yesterday of my outfit will have to do.

/ Pants H&M (similar here) / Nightgown Etam (exact one here) / Choker H&M /

Have a good day!

your writer, Erika

My Stove Broke

Hello! Did I tell you guys about my stove? I don't think that I did. Well it broke. Not just the stove but the oven as well. The whole damn machine broke! I am getting a new one (for free). Don't know when but he said it will probably be within a week but he also said that he didn't know when. Urgh so annoying! It is scary because I noticed a weird smell. First I thought that it was nothing but the When I checked the stove it was off but I could still smell something. Then I saw smoke coming from the oven. Not a lot but still. So I called my mom because I didin't now what to do. She told me to unplug the stove, which I did. This was late Friday night so yesterday she helped me and called some to get me a new stove. I got a replacement stove but it's just a stove, I need an oven too. I guess it's better than nothing.

I just really wish that I lived in the city now. It would be so nice if I could walk to work or take my bike. One day maybe, hopefully. Until then …

Saturday Workout

Hello! OMG, so I switched up my workout routine today. I wanted something new and new it was and good it was. I decided not to go outside for my cardio workout today. It's freaking cold so that is why. I tried a new video from Fitness Blender and wow it was really good. It was a high intense cardio workout with a mix of excises (plus you don't need any equipment for this workout). While I was doing my cardio I thought about skipping my butt and thigh workout but that just made me want to do it even more. But I tried a new routine and it was fun so I am going to do this one again. I have posted both of the videos below for you to try them out for yourself! I really recommend you too because it will be an amazing workout. I did both of these routines today plus 160 situps and 160 backlifts.

your writer, Erika

Friday Night

It is Friday night and I am super tired. Maybe not super but yeah I would say that I am tired. Fredrik Eklund and Tyra Banks is going to be on Skavlan tonight. I hope that my body as enough energy to stay up for that. I am even more tired now because I have started to go to bed earlier. Just 30 minutes. I figured that I would get more sleep then. It would probably benefit me more if I got up 30 minutes earlier during the week. But that would mean that I would have to get up at 5 AM and no. But tomorrow is Saturday and that means that I get to sleep in. Y-E-S!

I got my new gym clothes in the mail today! Pictures will be up tomorrow or on Sunday (I haven't taken them yet). Yes, I am so going for a long power walk tomorrow (you now I don't like running except on a treadmill). I mean I want to show off my new gear! Hahaha I mean sin't that the reason you buy nice stuff because you want to show off how good you look in the or because you really like them and want to show off yo…


So today I have had a lot to do at work but I manage to get it done in time. Which is so nice! What's less nice that is that I almost became def in the process. Okay maybe that is a little bit over exaggerated but my right ear started hurting so much because of the ship sound from the stapler that I had to take two painkiller. It's better now, which I am so happy about. Now I am just going to chill on the couch eating my risotto and watch the latest episode of Empire.

your writer, Erika

Myths About Microwaves

Hello! So I have kind of always believed that microwaves are bad. They're bad for your food, they're bad for your health, and so on and so on. But apperently that's not true. It's just a big misconception that have given microwaves a bad reputation. So this afternoon I thought that I would clear some of those myths so that we all can live happily ever after with the truth. Isn't that amazing!

I think the biggest myths about microwaves is that they destroy all of the nutrion in your food when you heat it up. I have actully believed that this is true and not wanted a mircowave because of it. Now that I know that it's not true I still don't want a microwave because I don't need one but it doesn't make me afraid to use the microwaves at work to heat up my lunch. What is really the deal about this myth? How you cook your food with about how much you heat it up and not about how it's heated up. Water soluble vitamins like vitamin B and vitamin C is lo…


Waiting for things that you've ordered online to arrive is very annoying! Or maybe it is just me being impatient about it. Are you also like this? I ordered new gym clothes from Zalando two days ago and I want them now. Hahaha. I am that kind of person that if I send you a text at 3:29 PM I except a reply by 3:28 PM. I kind of feel like that when I order things online too. I want them delivered right away. Because when you see an item in a store and you decide to buy it you get to take it home with you right away. But when you order something online you have to wait a few days. I would say that I am a pretty patient person otherwise but this is just annoying. Well I guess I will know if it has arrived today when I get home. Of course I will do a little photoshootwhen the package has arrived for you guys to show you what I've bought .

your writer, Erika

Food Inspiration

hello my darlings! How are you this morning? I am good. You know what? Every morning when I wake up I always think about what I am going to eat for dinner. I always eat the same thing for breakfast and for lunch I always have leftovers. So dinner is always on my mind. It is the meal where I get to be creative and do something new. I love cooking and I always have. The sad thing is the I live alone so I always cook for one and havíng dinner by yourself is not always as fun. What am I going to do? A girls' got to eat right? Sometimes I'm just so brain dead about what to cook for dinner. When I am cooking for other people I always havce a ton of ideas and I am way more cxreative because I want to impress them. In case you're like me and just don't know what to cook sometimes I am going to do post pictures of a few dishes that I am made. Hopefully it will inspire you to make something delicious for dinner tonight.

your writer, Erika

A Good Morning Thank You

Whaat?! What is happening?! I have gotten a ton of new readers lately, like in just the last few days. Like what is happening? You have bno idea how much this means to me. Thank you so so so much. Wow, when I a couple of months ago decided to really focus on this blog I never thought that things would trun around so fast. I would like to say that this is all me but that is not true! The success of this blog will always be because of you my lovely readers - thank you! Hopefully we will get to do this together for many years to come! Wohoo lets go!

Yeah with that being said, right now I am at work. I have taken it upon myself to update a list of search words for all of the laywers. It is so when people call the receptionist office and ask to talk to a certain person or talk to someone about a specific thing my colleague and I will better know who to connect them with. It is not easy, that is why the serach words need to be updated. I am also trying to figure which fruit I am going to ea…

Sunday Dinner

Hello everyone! And hello to all of my new readers! Wow I have had a lot of new readers the last few days, THANK YOU! Really, thank you! I really appreciate it and please tell all of your friends about me (you know I am cool). Hahaha!

Right now I am sitting here on the couch waiting for my potato gratin to cool down. I just took it out of the oven and out on the balcony. It's freezing outside so it will cool faster out there. I am just going to chill with my dinner infront of Netflix. Going to watch an episode of Gilmore Girls! Since I am so nice I am going to share my recipe for the potato gratin.

10 potatoes
2 carrots
1/2 an onion
2dl creme fraiche
2dl milk
Vegetable stock

How to
1. Set the oven to 250°C.
2. Peal the carrots. Cut the carrots and the potatoes in 1cm thick slices. Chop the onion.
3. Let the onion, carrots and the potatoes simmer in the milk and creme fraiche until the potatoes are soft. Add the vegetable stock, salt and peppar for flav…

Today's Outfit

Hello! This will be my second and last post of the day. After this I am going to lay in my bed and watch a movie. Thinking about renting Dirty Grandpa. I really want to see it because of Zac Efron but Patricia says it sucks. Still gonna watch it though. Anyways, I promised you that I was going to post pictures from my little "photoshoot". Look I am wearing jeans! I never wear jeans but I had to wash all of my other pants this morning because they were dirty and what I had left in my closet was jeans (which I otherwise never wear). Well I had the pants in my closet but not any matching shoes, so jeans it was. I kind of like this outfit though but that doesn't mean I will start wearing jeans in public or to work or just wearing jeans in general. Just not now anyway...

Oh, I tried this new cardio workout today since I didn't want to go outside. It's a video from FitnessBlender om youtube. Try it out for yourself -!

your wr…