Weekend with My Mom

OMG I had an amazing weekend with my mom. It was really nice to get away for a couple of days. So much needed. I loved seeing the dogs and getting to meet Carlos, the new little pug puppy. He is so cute and so much full of life, but which puppy isn't?

Yesterday we had a really nice day in Nyköping. We went shopping which was really fun. I actually bought something on sale which I never do because I rarely find something I like on sale. No I actually bought two things on sale. The other thing I got an 10% off because I have student discount at that store. Mohahaha. Got to love student discounts!

Today we took a little walks with three of the pugs and let them run free. That was so much fun to see because I didn't know or think that they love to run around as much as they do! Maybe that is because they live with a bunch of whippets. They were crazy! I love it. Oh and Carlos, that little cutie. My mom took him out on the front lawn so he could run around a little crazy for a bit. Hahaha, yesterday my moms' friend tried to take a picture of him but Carlos just wanted to play. I tried taking pictures of him today and got one decent picture of him. You only see half is face but that was the only good picture that I got. Dogs are so adorable.

your writer, Erika


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