My Stove Broke

Hello! Did I tell you guys about my stove? I don't think that I did. Well it broke. Not just the stove but the oven as well. The whole damn machine broke! I am getting a new one (for free). Don't know when but he said it will probably be within a week but he also said that he didn't know when. Urgh so annoying! It is scary because I noticed a weird smell. First I thought that it was nothing but the When I checked the stove it was off but I could still smell something. Then I saw smoke coming from the oven. Not a lot but still. So I called my mom because I didin't now what to do. She told me to unplug the stove, which I did. This was late Friday night so yesterday she helped me and called some to get me a new stove. I got a replacement stove but it's just a stove, I need an oven too. I guess it's better than nothing.

I just really wish that I lived in the city now. It would be so nice if I could walk to work or take my bike. One day maybe, hopefully. Until then I need to work hard and invest my money really well so that I can afford to buy something and buy all new furniture. I mean I don't want the stuff that I have now.

your writer, Erika


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