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Home and JB on Ellen

Today home and I am watching Ellen. I love that show. I wish I could be a guest on it. Two days ago my mom said that the Jonas Brothers were going to be on Ellen. I was like oh I am going to be sick that day. So funny and today I am home and they are on Ellen. Couldn't it be better. They are the best. Have read one of the blog they have written about their tour with Avril Lavigne? I have read all of them!
I sooo going to "their" concert here in Stockholm in a month. It's a month today I just realised it! OMG!!! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! They are coming! I am so happy.
Yesterday it was two week left until summer vacation!!! This is going to be the best summer ever! Do you know why? The Jonas Brothers are coming to Stockholm and they are releasing a new CD August 12! that will definitely help me get through next semester in school! definitely! i love the so much!!!!
Now I have to say goodbye because I have to do some home work!

xoxo losers,
your writer, Erika!

What we all think about

Yesterday I went to Stockholm with my mom. We went shopping. I got this really cool dress from American Apparel. It's black and white. I love the store. They have so many cool clothes.
Earlier this week Jesse McCartney released his new CD! Departure. I think it comes to Sweden next week. I am going to buy it then.

LOL, my moms friend thinks that Zac Efron is hot! She's like "It's so sad that he's so young" and my moms like "He's over 18". She's like 36. I don't blame her he is soooooo HOT! I don't believe he's gay! no matter what people say. Even if he was gay I would still think he's HOT, but I would be sad! But that's the world you can't always be happy.

xoxo, Erika.

Studing for a Spanish test

Mine - Mi
Your, Yours - Tu
His, hers, thiers - Su

Mine - Mis
Yours - Tus
His, hers, thiers - Sus

ir - abren - open
rapido/a - fast
ir - escribe - write
ir - interrumpe - interrupt
ir - cubre - cover
ir - vivís - live
ir - vivimos - live
ir - vives - live
ir - vivo - live
ir - abre - open
ir - sube - e.g walk up the stairs
ir - descubre - discover

jubilado/a - pensioner
soltero/a -single
viudo/a - widower, widow
divorciado/a - divorced
novio/a - boyfriend, girlfriend
enamorado/a - in love
prometido/a - engaged to be married
madrastra - stepmother
padrastro -stepfather
hermanastro/a - stepbrother, stepsister
mujer - wife
marido - husband
casado/a - married
compañero/a - person with whom one lives, partner, common-law spouse

iHola, Liza!
?Cómo has pasado?
He estado en una isla a las afueras de Marruecos. Fue de marvillo.
Nosotros nos bañamos y tomamos mucho sol. Estoy morena.
He comido muchos helados. Eran muy ricos.
Mi amigo Ana vive en Barcelona con madre y hermano. Su hermano es mi novio.
Estoy muy enamorado…

I'm back!!! (I hope ?:/ )

I AM BACK!! (or I hope so at least) What has everyone been up to? I have been shopping (today and last Sunday and probably before that. I really don't remember).
Oh, yesterday I had two test in school! Science and history! Blääääää! I hate test. But the science test wasn't that hard. Ok, I didn't answer everything but I answered most of it! That's pretty good! I answered everything but I know all of it isn't right! I have an other test on Tuesday, spanish. But those tests ain't that hard! But Io still have to study!
Now it's Agent Cody Banks on channel 5 (kanal5). The one with Hilary Duff! I have seen it before. It's quite good. I don't know if I am going to watch it now.
I posted a new video on youtube yesterday. It's a karaoke video to the song Life's What You Make It with Hannah Montana. It's the official karaoke version of the song. I just added the song to the music video. Here's a link


1. CD:s
2. DVD:s
3. shoes
4. clothes

1. study for 2 tests that's next week
2. get the clothes in to the closet
3. get some rest
4. plan my summer
5. look for summer job

your writer, Erika.