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Easter Funday

Woop, woop! What's up? Hahaha. Easter Sunday, what did you guys do? How did you celebrate it? I celebrated Easter yesterday with mom. In Sweden people celebrate Easter on Saturday. Anyway since I celebrated it yesterday with my mom. There were no typical easter celebration today. I had lunch with my mom in Sollentuna Centrum. We went there because my mom wanted to buy a birthday present for her friends son who turns one today. Happy birthday Zacharias, cutie pie! Also I wanted to buy a new screen protector for my phone. I got this copter screen protector that is (according to the box) created by the U.S Army. I don't care about that, what I care about is that it protects the screen on my iPhone. It also says on the box that it has a lifetime warranty. Copter ™ Screenprotector you'll be hearing from me if my phone gets damaged. Anyway, I can't use my phone for 12 hours because the screen protector has to dry. You can dry it with a blowdryer but I don't want to overh…

Easter Feaster

"Late" night blogging again. Hmm, I guess that the word "late" is up for discussing, I mean after what time it is considered late. Haha. I took a long walk with Merlin earlier. I have started talking walks for about an hour everyday and today I brought Merlin. I think that he wanted to go outside because he was sitting by the door and when I was about to open it he began scratching at it. Then he just ran, I had the leach on otherwise he would probably run somewhere. Ha, cute dog. I was such a beautiful weather today so it was nice to take a walk. Merlin enjoyed it too. He sniffed everything.

Happy Easter to everyone! I hope you had a good time. I have just been home with my mom and Merlin. We didn't do much, except that we gave each other easter eggs. I hid my moms egg in a really good place. She would never have had found it on her own. Hahaha. I am that good. I hid it a box that she never look inside of.

I watched some trailers for some upcoming movies earli…

From Today

Today hasn't really brought me much. Okay that depends on how you look at it. I went and saw The Host with my mom. The first time that I've been to the theaters since November 13th when I saw Wreck-It Ralph (that's what I see from checking old posts). Hmm, I mean that's also if you don't count all the movies that I watch in school, 'cause we watch them in a actual movie theaters. Hmm, yeah, anyway, The Host was a really good movie. Awesome! I think I want to read the book now. It is cheapest at adlibris, that's the english version and the swedish version is called Genom dina ögon and it's cheapest at ginza (hard cover) and bokia (paperback). The book is written by Stephanie Meyer for those of you who don't know this already. This information is for all you who don't know what to buy me for my birthday. I rather have the english version. Books are like movies to me, I want the original language. So I don't even know why I am brought up the Sw…


OMG! I haven't blogged all day. Damn! What's wrong with me? Hahaha, LOL. Busy I guess. Right best movie ever with the hottest leading man is in TV right now.  Justin Bieber: Never Say Never. Awesome! I just love that movie, so inspiring. I mean if you are ever feeling down watch it will instantly make you feel better and make you remember what you want in life and what's important to you. It what it does for me anyway. I love Justin Bieber and I have a ton of respect of him and I will ALWAYS think the best of him and I will always believe his words. I mean why shouldn't I. Yes,  don't personally know him but I mean isn't that how you are supposed to treat family and friend, at least the people you consider loved ones. Always have faith in them, believe what they say and see the best in them. Maybe I am a little bit less judgmental on Justin but that is because I don't know him. I still have a tremendous amount of respect for him. He is such a hard worker an…

Hello (MSFTS)

Hello, my name is Erika and I am young girl from Sweden. Yo, yo enough making Jaden's Hello into my own. Hahaha, bad right? I know. I love that song. The whole mixtape is amazing. Hello, Pumped Up Kicks and Underwater - Too Much are my three favorite songs. That kid got some serious skills. Will and Jada even Trey and Willow got to be super proud of him! I mean damn. I have heard somewhere that he speaks five languages. Five! I speak two and some words/ phrases in a lot of other languages but I don't count that as a language that I know since I wouldn't be able to have conversation in those languages. Hmmmm, I wonder if swedish is one of the languages that he speaks since they (Will and Jada) have a home in Stockholm. I've heard it's on Östermalm, which would be very understandable. OMG! You can't forget about MSFTS. Check it out!

Hello music video

So today I decided to wear my new clothes, the green pants and the white top. Super cute. I look royal don't th…

Ariana Grande ft Mac Miller 'The Way' Official Lyric Video



Hello! Hahaha. How are you all feeling today? I am good. I went shopping today and that always puts a smile my face. New clothes. I got a pair of colored pants from Cubus, a whit top and a striped dress from H&M. Got to love H&M. The white top I got because I wanted something that would go with the pants, though I have stuff in my clothes that would go with the pants I wanted something new. Got to look fresh. The pants I love, they are like so spring fresh. The sales person said that they look tasty. LOL. I think she means because they have such a fresh color.

I am going to let you in on a little secret, the dress is actually from the children's department because I wanted that dress with long sleeves instead short sleeves.

your writer, Erika

Let's Dance

There has been a fun and exciting last couple of days! Yes to more of that, especially to days like yesterday. I want to meet Anton again, the next time I will try not to be as nervous. I mean yes, I am a fan of him so that's one of the reason why I got nervous but I got to say that 99,999999999999% is that he is so damn hot. He was really sweet though so he didn't make me feel out of place. I mean I am 19 and around me are a bunch of people that are born 1997 or younger. So I kind of feel like an old lady, but Anton is the same age as me.

Today I was an extra for the swedish version of Dancing with the Stars, Let's Dance. It was kind of fun. I got to meet Maria Montazami from Svenska Hollywoodfruar, Erik Segerstedt from EMD (who recently competed in Melodifestivalen and who got his start in Idol) and his dance partner Sigrid who actually won last year with her start dance partner Anton Hysén. That's really cool! The whole thing took about two hours. It was fun. I took…

Meeting Anton Ewald

I met Anton Ewald! OMG! Am I the only one fangirling over him? Gosh he is freaking hot! I got a signed poster. Aww he was so sweet 'cause I told him that my name is Erika (he asked what my name is) and the he asked if I spell it with a "k" or a "c". That's nice! I mean if I was at a meet and great meeting fans I'd probably be so nervous that I spell their names wrong and or just assume that they spell it a certain way. Maybe I wouldn't ask them how they spell their name because I don't want to look stupid 'cause I don't know.

"To Erika, Anton Ewald"
First I wasn't going to go because when I looked up how to get to the mall where he had the meet and greet today I saw that it takes an hour to get there. So my reaction was "Puff! I am to good for that stuff!". Then I thought but if it was for Justin Bieber I would do it and I really like Anton so why not. Live a little and don't be so boring. Yes, I consider myse…

Sollentuna Fashion Show

OMG! I was a model today. Totally awkward. I mean I love and hate those kinds of things. It is just awkward because I feel like I don't know what to do. Just awkward, but I like it because I am in the center. No, that sounds selfish. Is that I don't get to be me for a little while, no, mhm I guess it's just hard to explain. I just like it, I guess that's it.

It was really fun! The other models were so sweet, I was expecting that alot more were experienced girls (three girls were) and that they would be like "Oh, I don't eat I am a model!" I expected them to be like super snobby. I was talking to some of the other girls and they said that they thought the same thing.

I told you yesterday that I took some pictures that I would post today. I took some more pictures today and unless you don't follow me on instagram you haven't seen a few of them. Like the ones of my hair. Damn! That hairt was crazy good! Kudos to the young woman at Klippoteket in Soll…

The Fitting

Finally I get to eat. Hahahaha. Nah. I went to the fitting today for the fashion show which is tomorrow. That took longer than it was supposed to. Okay somewhere between 30 and 40 minutes. It was okay. The other models were really nice. Some people get to walk for the same store which means that they are going to be on the stage at the same time. I am one of those people. I get to walk on stage with a girl named Julia. OMG, her friend Alice her like three outfits. I mean fun but she is going to have to stress backstage (or somewhere). We were in the conference room in Sollentuna Centrum (the 5th floor) where me got to meet with the choreographer Maggie. She was really helpful. Since the conference room is on the top floor, it's I don't know. I mean I am not scared of heights but when you look down yeah, the butterflies in your stomach start to movie their wings. Hahaha there was this young teenage couple kissing, um that's toning it down they were having this full on make …

It Feels Like Friday

Oh, gosh I am just sitting here watching TV as always. I am just waiting for Pregnant In Heels to start and that's in about an hour and a half. 90 minutes to kill. Ah, Criminal Minds that's 60 minutes, well 45 since the show has already started. Spotify to help me during the commercials but it keeps shutting down so I switch to youtube. Don't you too die on me. LOL.

I am so bored. It feels like Friday ("It always feels like Sunday when I drive you home", who sang that song?). Hahaha. It is just because I don't have any school tomorrow. I haven't had any school all week. Hahaha. But tomorrow I am busy. I have the fitting for the fashion show. I wonder what I will get to wear. I will take pictures if I have time to post later after the fashion show.

I didn't know what more to write so I looked up some shoes. Not just any shoes, flats. Not all girls can walk in heels. I do it all the time, some think they're uncomfortable. Depends on which brand you&…