Today I have been fangirl heartbroken. Hahaha. Being a fangirl is tuff. Tomorrow I have a job interview. Yeah! Hahaha that sounded fake in my head. I guess it's good thing. It is but I have more interesting jobs coming up where my enthusiasm will shine through. That's more the kind of thing I want to do. Something like that. It's more me. LOL.

Talking about jobs. Music, lets skip to that. Have you heard Glee's cover of TLC's No Scrub? OMG! Freaking awesome! I am obsessed. Hahaha. It's the most played song on my iPhone the last 24 hours. LOL. Here is the performance from the show but you should listen to the full version too!

Now that we are on the music subject. Olly Murs as I get it has done a cover of Cody Simpson's Don't Cry Your Heart Out. But his (Olly's) version is called Cry You Heart Out and the lyrics are a little different. Cody released his version on his 4U EP that was released in December 2012 and Olly's version is on his cd, Right Place Right Time which was released on November 23 last year (Miley's birthday).

Cody Simpson

Olly Murs

your writer, Erika


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