A Pale Tale

OMG I am pale! That's a bit funny but sadly it's true. Sadly yes. I mean I haven't become "white". No, I mean I don't have my California tan anymore. Sadly. I am not the pale Scandinavian that I was born as. Hmmm. Ha, the funny thing is that when I first came to Cali I didn't like that I got so tan at first 'cause I wasn't used to it. I thought that I looked dirty. Hahaha, now that's actually funny. Now, I am pale but it is nothing wrong with that. I mean pale people are people to. We are also humans so (please) don't discriminate us because we don't have a golden glow tan. We are people just like you. LOL. That was a joke, you got that right. Pale people have humor too (also a joke).

California tan

Scandinavian pale

You know what a dream concert would be? I mean yeah I love Miley Cyrus so yeah I  definitely want to see Miley in concert (and One Direction) but that's not who I am thinking about. The All American Rejects. Why? I love their music and it's not type of music I listen to everyday. I mean like Bieber, Cody, 1D and all of them. The All American Rejects have so many good songs. I can't really say which one I love the most. Some of my favorites are It Ends Tonight, The Wind Blows, I Wanna and of course Dirty Little Secret. Dirty Little Secret was like my favorite song when I was 13 and they were it then. That was, wow not that I think about it - a long time ago. It was a third of my life time ago. but I still love them.

your writer, Erika


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