Hard Work

OMG! I could go to school in California just so that I could live there. True story. School there I can take. Hopefully the school's in LA aren't as stuff as SBCC. Hopefully. Hahaha. I was watching Pregnant In Heels earlier on SVT Play. It just reminded me how beautiful California is. Hahaha. it is though. It really is. If I was in the US right now I wouldn't be able to do the fashion show next weekend. I wouldn't even be able to do something like that in the US since I am not a citizen (hmmm, maybe there is an American hunk out there - just saying, you know where I am getting at). Maybe if I work really hard I'll be able to buy that nice house in Malibu. Hahaha. That'd be the dream.

Today when I came to school I saw a sign for Filip and Fredrik's new show Nugammalt. What kind of crazy thing are those two cooking up now? Hmmm. Right now they have some weird talk show where and two or three guest sits in an elevator (fake elevator) for the whole hour just talking about stuff. Stuff  they've been through and such.

your writer, Erika


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