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Choice of Style

Hi guys! How was your weekend? Mine was pretty good I guess. I had a lot of errands to run and other stuff todo on Saturday and on Sunday I went shopping and went to Dunkin' Donuts. LOL. They ave finally opened a Dunkin' in city. 'Cause before that I had to go to either Täby Centrum or Skärholmen but I never did that. Too far away.

You know what?! I am actually pretty excited because I have almsot everything for my Ariana Grande concert outfit! YEAH! I only have one thing left that I am waiting for - the shoes. But I ordered them online yesterday and this morning I got an email that they were on they way to me. Effing YES! When I'll have them I'll show you everything and tell you where I'll bought it all. I'll also post a picture of the Ari outfit the I did my best to copy.


you writer, Erika

Good Girl

Hi guys! How are you all today? I am good. Well I should be. I've been shopping all day. Well nothing for me. Hmmm if you don't count those things that I ordered online. And only one of those things was for me because I also ordered something for my mom. OMG, I am too nice too people. Some people in particular, hopefully they know who they are. Otherwise I should probably think about making some changes when it comes to the people that I hang out with. Hmmmm.

An old group picture from the Partaj days :)

your writer, Erika

A Segregated World

Oh, hi guys! How are you doing today? I am fine. I haven't done much. Been to a meeting and ran some errands. Oh, I cleaned the apartment. I had to go a little bit McGyver but I am not going to bore you with that story.

I don't think that I have told you this but I am actually an extra in a new Swedish show called En delad värld (A Segregated World) that airs on SVTPlay (so you can only watch it on the internet). I am in a few episodes. I don't remember how many because the show was shot a couple of months ago. Before Christmas, even before December if I remember correctly. But, three episodes maybe. Eh anyway. If anyone sees me on that show again I'll blog about it. LOL, 'cause that is exactly how I found out that I was in the latest episode (aka episode five). Anyway, here are a couple of screen shots and a few pictures from set that day.

Lina Dawood and I. Check her out on instagram @dawoodlina :)

your writer, Erika

Still Loving It

Hi guys! How are you all today? I am good. My stuffy nose is almost gone, so yeah! Hahaha. But nah it is alright with me. I kept reminiscing about Hannah Montana earlier by listening to some Hannah song on my phone. YES, I have all the Hannah Montana albums on my iPhone. I miss that show! It was everything to me. I am so happy that Miley is blonde for real now. LOL. Ik but I used to wonder if she would ever dye her hair blonde when she was down with the show. Though I didn't think that it would end that soon after only four seasons. I kind of hopes for at least 10 years. Seriously if the show was still on TV I would HONEST TO GOD watch it. Hihihihihi. Wouldn't you? I mean if you loved it back then.


your writer, Erika

Pump It Up

Hi guys! Hope that none of you all have a cold. I do, but that salt-water-mix is working. Actually way better than nasal sprays that you get at the pharmacy. Those usually clear up my nose my not this time and thankfully this thing worked! Thank you Dr. Oz!

I am kind of annoyed because I am trying to find the perfect pumps for my Ariana Grande and I did find them. But unfortunately Zalando did not carry them in my size, so I signed for them to email me when they do get my size back in stock. Which they did, but I checked the site like a day or two later and then they were out of stock again. So I signed up again for them to notify me when they do get them back in stock. This morning I got one of those emails, I check the website AND GUESS FUCKING WHAAAT? They're out of stock again! LIKE ARE THEY FUCKING KIDDING ME? OMG so annoyed! But now I have found a pair for shoes on Amazon but like the problem is that I am not sure if they'll get here in time. I mean tomorrow it is one mo…

Me & My Stuffy Nose

Hi guys! How are you? (Aw, I am always so polite by asking you that, don't you think.) What have you done this weekend? Though I haven't really done much because I have been sick. Okay maybe not really sick. I am recovering from a cold and I have this stuffy nose that just won't give in. But it is starting to get better now. This morning I had enough of this stuff so I googled. And my googling led me to this article on Dr. Oz's website. It listed a few remedies for a stuffy nose and one of them was to mix a few tables spoons of salt with sterilised water. I did that and I feel like it's getting way better. I still have a lot of snot up my nose, but I can breath now and that it what it's important.


your writer, Erika

Treating Myself

Hi guys! How are you? I am still a bit sick but I would say I feel better than I did yesterday. Yeah, so I decided that I was well enough to treat myself to a little shopping trip. So off I went to my favourite little store H&M. I bought myself a pair of shoes, a cute little necklace with an infinity symbol and one of those donuts for your hair. It's just annoying though because the woman at the cash register was new (I assume because she just seemed a lot of confused) and she messed up a little. She forgot to take off the alarm of my shoes, so now I have to go back to H&M and ask them to take it off. Just so annoying.

your writer, Erika

Stealing Her Style

Hello everyone! How are you doing? I am good except for the fact that I am still a little sick. I was sick last week on my birthday and then it got a little worse, but just for like a day. Then it got better and then this Monday (aka two days ago) I started feeling worse again. I just have a cold though so it's nothing too bad. I just feel warm and my nose is stuffy. Still though this is not comfortable and fun.

I was actually thinking about showing you guys my Ariana Grande outfit. I mean the outfit that I am trying to copy. But I think I'll wait with that until I'll have everything that I need for the outfit. So that I can blog about the whole outfit and where I bought my stuff. Mohahaha, I am so excited about this outfit! I am just hoping that It won't be too cold to wear it. It's gonna be May (LOL). Yeah but the concert is at the end of next month and there is still a slight chance that it might be a little too cold for this outfit. But I am going to have to ro…

It's a Shoe Thing

Hi guys! I am kind of irritated because I am trying to find the perfect shoes to wear to my Ariana Grande outfit for The Honeymoon Tour. The annoying thing is that I have found the perfect shoes, BUT (yeah the big but) is that my size is sold out. Hmmm, but when you look at the size chart I should be able to wear a size larger. Idk though. But they do have free shipping and free return on all of there products. Which is a good thing. Idk we'll see if I'll buy them.

Today was fun! I met a friend, Isabelle, who I haven't seen in like ages. It was a lot of fun catching up with her taking about One Direction, Zayn's departure and all of that fangirl stuff. Fanny is really not that kind of person. Though she says that there is a teeny tiny fangirl living inside of her since she "used to" be a Directioner. But it was fun seeing Isabelle.

your writer, Erika

Saturday Nights

Hello today my beautiful beautiful beautiful readers! How are you? What are you doing? I am just sitting on my couch watching TV. There is a movie, New YearsEve, starting soon but I think that I am going to watch White Chicks on Netflix or some thing else on Netflix. That movie is hilarious though and I haven't seen it in ages. The first time that I saw that movie I laughed so hard that my stomach hurt. OMG it is fucking hilarious! That's how I remember it anyway, so I hope that it will live up to my memory.

But, would it be so bad if I actually went to bed like now instead of watching a movie? Before 10 PM on a Saturday night? But I am tired and just feeling how nice it would feel if I went to bed now. But than I am probably going to wake up early and I don't want to get up early on a Sunday morning. Sundays are made for to sleep in. Too sleep until noon or maybe even further than that or less (idk what kind of person you are) but still. Eh, I am going to watch my movie n…


Hi guys! Omg I really need to get better at this, at updating this blog. Gash! But in my defence (if I am allowed to say that) Easter and being that it is my birthday week right now has kind of come in between. Also I have been a teeny tiny bit sick. Yeah, I got sick on my birthday. Well, sick and sick I got a cold but when you have a cold you feel way worse than you actually are. I just felt like I had a fever. I just felt bad and that I wanted to stay home all day long but instead I went shopping (bought two cute tops at JC). Maybe i should have had stayed home because after a few hours I felt like I was going to die. Like literally! Like I was going to pass out right there and then at the mall.

Eh, I am all better now. Not free from my cold. I still have a runny nose but I am better. I went out to dinner and to the movies with my mom last night. It was really fun! We saw Into The Woods, which was really good I just didn't know that it was a musical. I had just seen the trailer …

Party Trick

Hello my little readers! How are you this Easter? I am good anyway. I am watching this movie on TV. The story take place in som southern state and idk but there accounts has me think that I need to start practicing accents again. I used to practice my British accent for one hour every day. Now I think that it is okay. I mean in my ears it sounds British but I also think that my normal English speaking voice sounds American and Americans don't seems to thinks so. None Americans do. Okay, it was a while since I asked anyone or anyone commented on that but still. I mean if I really want to be an actress someday it would be nice to know some accents. It's a good talent to have. Also if the acting thing would never work out or I would choose to do/ end up doing something else it would be a nice party trick. Maybe I should practice my swedish english accent. I want to be able to do that, sound like a real swede when I speak english.

your writer, Erika

The Interview

You know what I had really good day yesterday. It was just good and the weather was good and it was just good. I had a meeting and after that I went shopping. I also did an hour of yoga and after that I finished my day by renting The Interview. I mean that movie was so talked about before Christmas, so you kind of have to see it. But I am going to watching again tonight because I was kind of tired when I watched it last night.

your writer, Erika