It's a Shoe Thing

Hi guys! I am kind of irritated because I am trying to find the perfect shoes to wear to my Ariana Grande outfit for The Honeymoon Tour. The annoying thing is that I have found the perfect shoes, BUT (yeah the big but) is that my size is sold out. Hmmm, but when you look at the size chart I should be able to wear a size larger. Idk though. But they do have free shipping and free return on all of there products. Which is a good thing. Idk we'll see if I'll buy them.

Today was fun! I met a friend, Isabelle, who I haven't seen in like ages. It was a lot of fun catching up with her taking about One Direction, Zayn's departure and all of that fangirl stuff. Fanny is really not that kind of person. Though she says that there is a teeny tiny fangirl living inside of her since she "used to" be a Directioner. But it was fun seeing Isabelle.

your writer, Erika


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