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Live From San Siro Stadium

Gash! I am happy that I have this weekend off but all of my friends are either working or do not live in Stockholm. So I am like all alone with nothing to do. I want to do something. I want to hang out with my friends and party or whatever. Just not have to spend the weekend alone. Meh. But it is the One Direction: Live From San Siro Stadium concert on TV so I guess that my weekend isn't starting off that bad. I mean 1D! But I still have no idea what I'll do the rest of the weekend.

your writer, Erika

A Little Mishap

Hi guys! I hope that you all are good! I am good. I had a little mishap the other day. No not really, BUUUUT I could have had. On Monday night I was super convinced that I started at 4:45 PM the next day. I was super convinced about. Then, as I always do, I checked my schedule right before I went to bed (which was at around 12:30 AM) and saw it said 9:45 AM. I thought it was a joke since I was super convinced that I started later in the afternoon, but nope. Not that it was like a super big deal but it just meant that I had to get up earlier and if I know before hand I wouldn't have stayed as late. I would have made sure that I got get my eight hours. Eh, well well. No damage done. So no reason to stress about to. Today I KNOW that I start at 4:45 PM. LOL, so I won't be late. But tomorrow is a long day (but I have gotten used to it).

your writer, Erika

A Lil Shopping Spree

Today was one of those day where I was like I don't want to stay home all day but I have stuff to do at home. Some stuff that I should get to, ya know. But I didn't feel like staying at home all day. Plus I needed to go grocery shopping because a girls' gotta eat. So I figured that I could just go to Sollentuna Centrum just to feel like I have done something today. So I went. plus I figured that i could look at some lingerie because I want some new fine as sexy ones. Yeah. They have Twilfit and Lindex which both have quite nice underwear. So I thought that I would be safe walking into H&M because even though I LOVE (I cannot emphasise how much I love H&M) H&M I kind of do not like their lingerie. Then I found this amazing korsett and I was like if it looks good on me I am buying it. Then I was like I can't just buy the korsett I need some matching panties. I did. I would show you guys a picture but I think that a woman underwear is a very private thing and …

Sunday Funday

Hi guys! Today has truly been the definition of Sunday Sunday! Amen! I went to brunch with my gal pal Patricia. we went to Strandvägen 1. I always pass that place on my way to work and it look so lovely. I mentioned it to Patricia and she decided that we should go, so we went. LOL, I am still almost full from the food. OMG! But it was so good. We both ordered a roasted chicken with fries. I just ordered it because I wanted fries. I could have just taken the fries with dip. It was a lot of chicken, and could not eat it all. I had a lovely time with Patricia.

We sat outside because the weather was nice. It started getting too nice, or at least my friend thought so because she started leaning towards the shadow. LOL. I got like nasty tan lines. Maybe not nasty but I've got tan lines on my left side of the body because the sun was shining on that side.

My beautiful friend Patricia :)
Amazing view from the restaurant :)

While we were sitting there I saw someone. Someone famous so I fre…

A Little Sunshine Never Hurt Nobody

Hi! Another super quick post. An even quicker one the yesterday. LOL. I am not like the look of the sky so far this morning. It's just grey and boring. Mhmmmm. Okay I don't want fucking 27°C outdoors because that is too hot when I have to work outside all day long. But like maybe 20°C and some sunshine. A little sunshine never hurt nobody. Well, except for those who are allergic to the UV/UB sun rays. I am so glad that I am not.

OMG! So the weather app promised rain all day yesterday. When I came to work it was kind of sunny and kind of nice. I felt so stupid that I forgot my sunscreen at home. I didn't forget it. I just thought that it would be unnecessary to bring it since it was going to rain, but it didn't. Well it did until later. But when it was raining I was at the teacups and helping out and teaching a girl how it works over there.

Ahhhh, I have to say bye now because I have to get ready to leave so that I won't miss my train!

your writer, Erika


Hi guys! I have to go to work soon but I thought I do a super quick post before that. How are you? I am okay I guess. I only slept about an hour and half last night. I just had a lot on my mind that I couldn't stop thinking about. I am glad I got some sleep at least. It's going to be interesting to see how today goes since I have a long day at work ahead of me.

I went and saw Magic Mike XXL with Fanny last night. It was weird having out with her because we have barley spoken or seen each other in a few months. But it was fun going to see the movie. IA NOT GOING TO SPOIL IT FOR ALL OF Y'ALL WHO HAVEN'T SEEN IT YET! I am keeping my mouth shut. All I am going to say it that it is way better than the first movie and you will not be disappointed when you do go and see it. So SEE IT!

your writer, Erika

Rachel Platten - Fight Song (Official Video)


Cool For The Summer

Not to let this blog die, I am going to post something now. LOL. Yeah, so earlier this week when the weather wasn't as great has it has been for the past few days I decided to say fuck it to everything and dress for summer. I mean wear skirts and shorts and dresses instead of jeans. This is Sweden you never know when this will end. Yes we can have amazing weather (as we are now) during the summer but the winters can also get cold as fuck. So while we have this summer and while it is indeed summer I am going to dress like it. YOLO as they say lol.

your writer, Erika