A Little Sunshine Never Hurt Nobody

Hi! Another super quick post. An even quicker one the yesterday. LOL. I am not like the look of the sky so far this morning. It's just grey and boring. Mhmmmm. Okay I don't want fucking 27°C outdoors because that is too hot when I have to work outside all day long. But like maybe 20°C and some sunshine. A little sunshine never hurt nobody. Well, except for those who are allergic to the UV/UB sun rays. I am so glad that I am not.

OMG! So the weather app promised rain all day yesterday. When I came to work it was kind of sunny and kind of nice. I felt so stupid that I forgot my sunscreen at home. I didn't forget it. I just thought that it would be unnecessary to bring it since it was going to rain, but it didn't. Well it did until later. But when it was raining I was at the teacups and helping out and teaching a girl how it works over there.

Ahhhh, I have to say bye now because I have to get ready to leave so that I won't miss my train!

your writer, Erika


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