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Ariana Grande - Problem ft. Iggy Azalea

A Quick Stop

Hi guys! Since I am going to the Miley Cyrus concert tonight I thought I would make a quick post now. I mean I won't bog when I get home. Don't worry I'll tell you all about the concert tomorrow, pictures and all. Hihihi. I am so excited! I really am. I am going with Linda of course. I don't know that many people irl that like Miley enough to see her in concert but it doesn't matter because there is no one I rather go to the concert with.

I am going to have to chance my outfit. I mean it's raining so I don't want to wear my skirt because I'll be cold staring outside the arena waiting to get inside. So the only change to my outfit is that instead of the skirt I'll be wearing black pleggings. (LOL if you picture google "pleggings", on the third row there is a picture of me and another picture from my blog of Justin Bieber posters).

your writer, Erika

Dreams Come True

You know what! The one day I wanted to watch Emmerdale it's not on TV because it's Kristihimmelfärd so they're showing a bunch of movies on TV because everyone is home today since there is no school and most people (with a normal job) have the day off swell. Hmmm. I mean Jake from Rixton used to be on that show and the Sweden is like few season behind England. So like I just wanted to see if he is these episodes, 'cause then I would start watching the show. I mean I don't like it but I mean if Jake's on it, then I mean yeah I'll watch it. Hahahaha, LOL.

I can't believe that I am seeing Miley Cyrus tomorrow! I have dreamed about this for the longest time. I have ben aran since I was like 12/13 and now at 21 my dream is finally coming true. I remember when I was around 14 some people in school used to tease me about liking her and the show. They would say: Do you like Hannah Montana? Me: Yes. Them: What, are you like 12? and then they'd laugh. Ooooh, …


Drum rolls please. Yes, thank you. LOL. I just thought that that would be funny. Anyway, I am a Rixton fan now. LOL. I mean like I have never and anything against them but I saw them on Ellen today and they did their cover of Ignition and I was like WTF because that was fucking awesome! My jaw dropped. Dayum! That is magic. I know that their name is Rixton but idk but since their username on social media sites is RixtonOfficial, I kind of think that is their name. Like when Ellen introduced them I was expecting to hear her say Rixton Official and not just Rixton. LOL. Scooter have tweeted about them too much. LOL.

Okay so I have decided to stick with the monologue that I chose yesterday. But like it's from a move that I haven't seen but really want to see. The weirdest thing is that neither Netflix or viaplay have it. Hmm. I'll guess that I just have to watch bunch of youtube clips then (hmm, I can't mind the monologue on youtube either but there is a bunch of clips fr…

Rixton - Ignition (R.Kelly Cover)

Nothing To Hide

Hi guys. Hmm. I think that I have found my next monologue. IDK, it's not ghetto style as I wanted but it's so damn hard to find a good "ghetto" monologue or maybe I am just googling wrong. LOL. If I can't find anything better, I will stick to the monologue I have now. LOL.

I have started to think about, what makes my tumblr my tumblr? What is my blog style? But now just looking at it as it is in this moment, in this writing moment, I think it's the colors. Okay, yeah it's the pictures of fabulous people and things (mostly people). they don't have to be famous, but it usually ends up that way. LOL. Check out my tumblr here (I have nothing to hide).

your writer, Erika


Hi guys! Waddup? I am good. I haven't done much today. Oh, yeah I had to buy a new lighting cable (AGAIN!!!). Seriously, you have the get a now one of those at least twice a year. First world problem, I know I know, but it's annoying. 'Cause you'd think that they would last longer than that. They should Apple, Apple they should. Mmmhmmm. Just saying. Mmmhmmm.

Tomorrow I have a busy day. LOL. No it's just that I get another chance to be an extra in that show Portkod something. (I am not being, ignorant or anything by calling the show "Portkod" since the first season was called Portkod 1321 it's just that it's a new season so the it's a different number that I don't remember at the moment.) It will be fun because we are shooting some fun scenes plus this location is inside and not in outside like last time. It was a little bit cold so when we had a break I went to Wayne's and bought a coffee but then I got too hot. LOL. First world probl…


Hi guys! How are you? I am good! I voted in my first big election today (btw, if anyone cares). LOL. Anyway. I want to do a ghetto style monologue for next week, but like I don't feel like I can pull it off. It's harder than I thought. OMG, but I'll find something. Any suggestions?

Since my mind seem to be empty of thoughts to share with you I thought that I would just show you a few nice bikinis for the summer. I mean since summer is basically here already. BTW, they're all from Victoria's Secret. The last one is VS PINK.

(source/ credit to:
(source/ credit to:
(source/ credit to:
(source/ credit to: http://www.v…

New Monologue

Hi! Have you seen my monologue yet? LOL. What did you think? I tried my best, hopefully it was good enough. Please give me feedback. Pretty please also like the video on youtube! Here is the youtube link so that you can share it on twitter, facebook and pretty much anywhere

You wanna know something. Anyways, before doing this monologue I had never heard Summertime Sadness. LOL. I just thought that since she mentions the Summertime Sadness in the song I should listened to it. It's cool I guess. LOL.

I finally bought a flower wreath today. I bought one at Accessorize. It's just very simple. Do you think it's nice?

your writer, Erika

Beautiful Day

Hi guys. What's up? I am good! The weather have been amazing today. Like really fabulous! Ooo! I wore this red dress today and I got like a ton of compliments for it. I was not expecting it. It was really weird but also really nice to hear. Thank you. That got me thinking that maybe I should wear the dress to the Cody Simpson concert. All I know about the Cody Simpson concert outfit is that I want to wear converse and a flower wreath, that is pretty much it.

I forgot to tell you this yesterday but will be posting my monologue on youtube tomorrow. Exactly when, idk but just follow me and twitter @erikaworld and subscribe to my youtube channel (onenineninethree) and you won't miss a thing. I don't want to tell you just yet where my monologue is from, I want it to be a surprise right until I post the video on youtube.

your writer, Erika

Iggy Azalea - Fancy (Explicit) ft. Charli XCX


My life is boring, or maybe I am just bored. Whatever. I am bored. Waaaaah! (Imagine that sounding like a little baby.) Hmmm. Well next Friday is the Miley Cyrus concert. Yeah! Plus on Tuseday, another shoot with Portkod. Yeah. OMG. I am really bored.

OMG! I just googled "Conor Maynard girlfriend" for fun. I know that Victoria is Conor girlfriend. But still just for fun. Just to see some pictures of the two sweethearts together. Anyway, look what popped up?! Pretty high up too, it wasn't like I had to scroll a mile. I am not gonna like, or maybe the right way to put it is to say; Is it wrong of me to say I am kind of proud of this? It's just a little thing. Let me glow for five minutes. Please?

LOL. I just had to google "Jack Maynard girlfriend" swell just to see what would pop up. Oh my God, I can't stop laughing! This is so funny! Hahahaha! This literally made my day! OMG! I really can't believe this! OMG! I don't know what to say.

I think Fan…

Looser Baby

Hi guys! I am so excited because the stats for the blog are going up! Yeah! Thank you guys! This makes me so happy! Thank you!

Oh, you know that sketch that I was an extra in for Partaj? The was shot like two weeks ago or something. Anyways, it didn't air (or I haven't seen it, still the season is over now). Still I thought that I would share the pictures that I took on locatio that day. Some ore the pictures might be a little blurry, but who cares right? LOL.

Look at the vy! Look how gorgeous it is!

This place had the most gorgeous toilets… LOL.

Just chilin' in-between takes :)

All of the extras plus the actors Pelle and Jenny :)

your writer, Erika

What To Wear

Hi guys! So you know those concert outfit idea's that I posted yesterday. Yeah, um you can cratch that Cody concert outfit. Hmm. Nah. Not that I didn't like the dress that I want to wear underneath, because lets face it I look smokin' in it. It's just that the whole idea doesn't look so good together as I imagined it would. So instead I am just going to buy a new dress. Hihihi! Works for me. LOL. But I saw this cute romper at H&M this weekend, but I think that idk but, maybe it's to classy for a concert? Idk man. Idk. (Here is the romper

Here are the dresses anyway. What do you think? Which one will look better at a Cody Simpson concert? (Keeping in mind that I have m&g and that I want to look good when I meet him.)

(picture source/ credit to:
(picture source/ credit to:

Pia Mia - Mr. President (Official)

In a Mood

OMG! WTF! Good thing that I can control my freaking impulses! 'Cause right now I feel like smashing every fucking thing around! Fuck this! What is this shit! Two things.

1) The season finale of TVD. WTF is up with that shit? I mean like seriously? But Damon can't die because he is one of the major characters. The show will slowly die without him. Just preaching the truth here. I mean TVD can't survive without Elena, Damon or Stefan. 'Cause the show revolves around those three characters lives. Isn't The O.C and Two and a Half Men exhibit A and B. The O.C survived one season without Marissa (bad move killing her). Two and a Half Men have been living on borrowed time ever since Charlie Sheen got fired. C'mon, he was the main character! Like what where there thinking there when they decided to keep the show alive without the main character. Idk man, idk what to say here.

2) On The Road Again Tour?! WTF dudes! What the freaking fuck! WTFF?! I am not mad. Like I lov…

It's Coming Together

Hi guys! You know what, I actually had a good day today. The weather was amazing, it was really warm outside today. I went shopping in the big city. Stockholm that would be. LOL. Anyways, I had a great time. I went to Starbucks. I took that mandatory picture of my name on the cup, plus the selfie with the cup. 'Cause you know me, I am the selfie queen. NO ONE can take that away from me. LOL.

Oh, did I tell you about what I was thinking about wearing to the Miley Cyrus concert (which is in less than two weeks, iiiiiiil!)? Or was that just in Swedish Smilers? Anyways, I posted a picture there of what I was thinking about wearing to the Miley concert. I posted a picture of my Ke$ha concert outfit from last summer. 'Cause that was the idea of the what I want to wear to Miley. I also posted pictures of these two crop tops that I had seen at H&M because I thought that they would look good with the skirt that I wore to Ke$ha. So I bought one of the tops today. It's so cute. b…

Mrs. Actress

Hi guys! My monologue is up on youtube! Have you seen it yet? I posted the link in the description box to the scene in the movie where the monologue is taken from. Okay yeah I know, it's not actually like that in the movie. Some people say some things in between but idk, I think it works like this. I mean, I am the director of my own monologues. LOL. But please let me know what you think!

OMG, you know what! I hate watching other people monologues because I always think that they are better then me. I always get like super critical of myself and start think like "WTF am I doing?" IDK, but I guess that it's good to be self critical. To an extent, I mean it can't sound's make you feel sad to depressed. Just make you reconsider things, see it from a different perspective. Like learn from it, you know. Hahahaha. I hope that I am good enough and maybe some day can make it as an actress or at least in some way work in showbiz. Never say never, you know.

I watched V…


Hola! How are you guys today? I am good. I am. I bought Demi Lovato's Demi on iTunes today, I mean since it's at a special price I just couldn't resist plus I store credit. So I guess you can say I paid zero kronor for it. Kronor is the Swedish currency, incase you didn't get that. LOL. Anyway so I am kind of jamming out to that.

I rented Veronica Mars The Movie tonight, because you know it's Veronica Mars. OMG that was my favorite show when I was like 11. OMG, I really want the complete series on DVD (or maybe preferably Blu-ray if it's available). OMG, I really want Veronica Mars and Desperate Housewives. Oh, yeah I can't forget How I Met Your Mothers. On Sunday TV6 will air the two final episodes of HIMYM. I already know how the show ends because I read it somewhere.

Tomorrow I am going to this birthday party and after that am going to watch some The Vampire Diaries. Yeah of course I am going to post my monologue somewhere in between. Don't worry. Un…


Hi guys! I don't know if I ever posted pictures from when I was an extra on Vikingshill. LOL. I don't even know if you can even see me in the background because it was really dark outside that night. This was shot back in October last year. I haven't seen the show, but I think I can spare 10 minutes of my time (tomorrow) and watch the first episode to see if it's any good. LOL, I only found two pictures on my computer from that day. LOL. Well well, plus they're of the same things, just from different angles.

your writer, Erika


Act Cool

Hi guys. OMg, so the official Swedish facebook page for Austin Mahone is having this thing where you can win a Skype call from Austin! Whaaat! Yeah that's right a Skype call with Austin Mahone. That would be so freaking cool. The only thing that you have to do is write down something that you would ask Austin and tag a friend. My problem is that I can't come up with anything original. God! What if I would actually win this, OMG, what would I actually say to him then? OMG. I'll probably come up with something clever. Act cool, act cool.

I just wanted to say (in case I haven't already) that my monologue will up this weekend. On Saturday to be exact. LOL. I hope that you all think that I am good and that I am not making a fool out of myself for posting these videos. I try my best. OMG, I say that and like um yeah, I watched some of the old monologues that I did last summer and they are bad. Bad, very bad. Well, I think so anyway.

your writer, Erika

It's a Joke

Hi guys. Today wasn't bad at all. I mean in the sense of me being nervous last night, otherwise idk. It was just a typical tv shoot. Things took time. But the annoying thing was just that the first scene that we shot was just walking up this hill and like after every take they said that it was great and that we just and to do it one more time. It wasn't just ONE MORE TIME. It was just an annoying situation. But all in all I am not complaining it was fun and I know thing take time. The annoying thing wasn't that they said one more the it was more walking up and down that hill. If it would have been just a regular flat straight line that we would have had to walk in I wouldn't have been annoyed. Idk, it's just me. It was fun! It really was. The last scene that we shot was really fun because then the sun had come out so it was warmer and we got to sit down. LOL. (Yeah, I am really selling this, am I? :p )

Hmmm. Tomorrow, my schedule is completely empty. Or not 'ca…

Zara Larsson - Carry You Home

If you're outside of Sweden click on this link to watch the video

Carry You Home

Hi guys. How are you? I am good and sorry by the way that I didn't blog last night but I wasn't feeling very well. But I am all better now. Which is awesome since tomorrow is that first day or my first day as an extra in season 2 of Portkod 1321. I wonder if I will recognize anyone from the casting. I talked to a few people there. It's always nice with a familiar face. LOL.

I asked in both SB and SWD if they have ever watched Portkod 1321 and apparently a bunch of them had. Am I the only one who had never heard about the show until the casting? LOL. One person guess that I was going to be on the show. I am not really on the show though, I am just an extra, just someone in the background. Maybe some day. Maybe.

Everyone reading this needs to buy Zara Larsson's new single Carry You Home from iTunes It is really good and Zara has an amazing voice! I tweeted a screen print from my phone of Carry You Home …


Hi guys! What are you all doing tonight? I am watching Eurovision Song Contest. It is kind of mandatory. You know. Oh, I remember last year when Nathan Sykes from The Wanted tweeted about every country's performance. He didn't tweet about Sweden though. Anyway, good luck to Sanna tonight! I hope that she wins, aka that Sweden wins.

You wanna know something cool? You know that video that I posted of Cody singing an acoustic version of Surfboard at Perez Hilton's house. Anyway, I tweeted a link of that post and Cody's friend Khari in the video favorited it! OMG! I mean like how did he find me?! I thought that it was really cool that he favorited it. Hihihi. If you're a fan of Cody you probably know that he is coming to Europe with his Acoustic Sessions Tour. Obviously, being a mega Cody fan I got a ticket to go see him. Not just a ticket, I have M&G. Yeah! I usually never buy M&G because they cost so much but these M&G weren't that expensive so I was …

Pia Mia - Red Love (Official Video)

Portkod 1321

Hi I am back. That I have been gone or anything. Anyways, you know you love me. Okay so I will post my monologue on Monday. Hmm. I had chose one from Easy A but I just watched the movie and that is not really how it goes. Hmm. But I did found another monologue that I liked. It's by Brandon. It was just like really sweet. So maybe I'll just watch that scene tomorrow and write it down and just memorize it. Yeah. If you have any fast suggestions, just comment, tweet or whatever.

Anyways. Yeah, yeah. Life is good. Whateves. LOL. Okay, so do you remember me telling you guys last night that I had some awesome news? I might nit have had said awesome. I do remember saying that I had some pretty cool things lined up for the summer (maybe not those exact words but something along that alley). Okay. So I told you last weekend that I went to a casting for this web series called Portkod 1321. It was only a casting for extras but still. Anyway, I got a port as an extra. So I will be shootin…

Little Mix - Salute


OMG! Hi. I am just for freaking excited for this summer. I know that it is going to be just as awesome as last summer, or maybe even more awesome that last year! I have so many excited thing planned. OMG! Tell you more about all of this tomorrow. Hihihi. It just like everything I love. Hihihi. I am so excited. But one thing, can TV4 please release the artists for this summers' Sommarkrysset.

Tonight I went to an early screening of this untitled Swedish movie. It will premiere this fall. It was really good considering it was Swedish. I mean no offense to Swedish movie makers, actors and all of you. All very talented but Swedish movies a often different than Hollywood films. But I really enjoyed this movie. It had that America romcom feeling to it. When it premiere's I will recommend it to you.

your writer, Erika

Cody Simpson - "Surfboard" (Acoustic Perez Hilton Performance)

David Hasselhoff In Sweden

OMG yeah! So the Hasselhoff season is over and I can finally tell you all about it and post all of the pictures that I took. Hahaha. This was back in January and that was a while ago. I mean it's May now. LOL. But it was fun. I went to four tapings in total and mostly they asked me the same day as the taping if I wanted to come and I always went. LOL. It was fun, plus I had no job then so it was fun to get away and to something, otherwise I would just have had sat around at home watching TV. Basically I have no life. I mean I don't do much.

I don't know which was my favorite show. It was fun when Molly Sandén was on the show. That was pretty cool. She is so beautiful and I am not really a fan but I was really nervous talking to her. LOL. That is me, that is Erika. I mean that I get nervous whenever I talk to a celebrity. Hihihi. I mean, okay I am not a fan but I still admire her because of her talent. I mean have you ever heard her sing? Damn that voice! Woah! Listen to he…

The Acoustic Sessions

Omg, hi guys. I don't know what to write today. So I'll just keep typing and see what my brain can create. Have you watched my new monologue yet? Click on the link ( to watch the monologue and the please subscribe to my channel. Love you all. Mwah! Hahaha.

So the tour dates for Cody Simpson's The Acoustics Sessions European Tour have been announced! Finally! I have been waiting for this for like over a week now. LOL but I have and the wait has been agonizing! Anyway he comes here on June 22nd and he will be playing at Fryshuset in Stockholm. But I am a little confused about the whole tour because Cody said that there was going to be M&G and VIP to all the shows plus it says so in the video that he posted on instagram yesterday. Yeah but live nation seem to know nothing about any M&G's or VIP. WTF?! Hmm. Well, the tickets go on sale on Friday so I will know then but like I want to know. I want M&G, I mean if it doe…

Exciting Things

Hi guys! Tomorrow is the day! The big day when Cody Simpson will finally release the tour days for his European summer tour! Yeah! And on Friday the tickets go on sale. There will be meet and greet and VIP. OMG I am so excited! Cody fucking Simpson. I mean yes I have seen him live before. I have seen him in concert. It was back in 2012 when I saw Justin on the Believe Tour and Cody was one of the opening acts. I was so happy because I didn't know that he was one of the opening acts but this time it's his own headlining show. Which in other means more of Cody and that is always good! Hehehe.

Here is my monologue thats I was supposed to upload yesterday but youtube decided not to collaborate with me. But I just uploaded it to youtube and here it is. I hope you like and please give some feedback.

your writer, Erika

Not So Much

Well fuck that shit! I have tried to upload my monologue to youtube but youtube won't upload it. IDK. Hmm, I'll do my best and try tomorrow. Yeah yeah.

I seriously don't know what to write here. I mean I was supposed to upload my monologue today but somehow it's not working. Why? I have no idea. Hmm. I read today. The Fault In Our Stars by John Green. Two chapters. Idk, but I just thought that I should read since I wanted the book so bad and that I complained that I never read anymore. Plus the movie adaption premiere's soon and I'd like to have finished the books by then. I read two chapters today so I am on my way. LOL, it's like I am far into the story. I am still have not read past the first 100 pages and I think the next chapter is chapter seven. LOL. I have to read some more tomorrow.

Tomorrow my schedule is pretty empty. Except for trying to upload my monologue on youtube. Oh, yeah I will bake some bread. More than that I don't have any plans. Lo…


LOL! This morning I asked TV4 when they will release the list of the artist that will performing on Sommarkryseet this summer. I asked them on both twitter and facebook. They have still not answered me so I decided to do a little light spamming on facebook and just copy and paste the message to them so that they will se that they have a bunch of message so that they will answer me (because this shit is important!). Anyway, then I went on twitter and saw that they and answered me. LOL. Oooops! My bad. It wasn't a real answer, they just said that they were going to ask the producer of the show and when they have an answer they will get back to me. Hmmm. If they haven't got back to me on Monday, I am mailing Baluba because they are the one's producing the show. But not from my real e-mail address. I just use one that I don't use as much because. Idk, but still. LOL.

I bought that dress that I was talking about yesterday. Too bad I can't wear it yet. I mean it's to…