Act Cool

Hi guys. OMg, so the official Swedish facebook page for Austin Mahone is having this thing where you can win a Skype call from Austin! Whaaat! Yeah that's right a Skype call with Austin Mahone. That would be so freaking cool. The only thing that you have to do is write down something that you would ask Austin and tag a friend. My problem is that I can't come up with anything original. God! What if I would actually win this, OMG, what would I actually say to him then? OMG. I'll probably come up with something clever. Act cool, act cool.

I just wanted to say (in case I haven't already) that my monologue will up this weekend. On Saturday to be exact. LOL. I hope that you all think that I am good and that I am not making a fool out of myself for posting these videos. I try my best. OMG, I say that and like um yeah, I watched some of the old monologues that I did last summer and they are bad. Bad, very bad. Well, I think so anyway.

your writer, Erika


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