Hola! How are you guys today? I am good. I am. I bought Demi Lovato's Demi on iTunes today, I mean since it's at a special price I just couldn't resist plus I store credit. So I guess you can say I paid zero kronor for it. Kronor is the Swedish currency, incase you didn't get that. LOL. Anyway so I am kind of jamming out to that.

I rented Veronica Mars The Movie tonight, because you know it's Veronica Mars. OMG that was my favorite show when I was like 11. OMG, I really want the complete series on DVD (or maybe preferably Blu-ray if it's available). OMG, I really want Veronica Mars and Desperate Housewives. Oh, yeah I can't forget How I Met Your Mothers. On Sunday TV6 will air the two final episodes of HIMYM. I already know how the show ends because I read it somewhere.

Tomorrow I am going to this birthday party and after that am going to watch some The Vampire Diaries. Yeah of course I am going to post my monologue somewhere in between. Don't worry. Unless youtube fucks up. LOL. (Like the last time, which was like two weeks ago. Sorry!) Anyways, new monologue tomorrow. It's from Addams Family Values and it's by Wednesday in the movie.

your writer, Erika


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