Back At It

Hi what's up? I am good! I am. I went and saw The Other Woman today with my mom. It was really good. It had some movement where I laughed really hard. Like really hard. Like I tried to stop but I couldn't. Oh my God it was so funny! LOL I really recommend it. I am just also really surprised that Kate Upton is only 21, turing 22 on June 10th. Like whaaat?! No but I thought that she was a few years older, like 25 or 26. Hahahaha.

Guess what?! I am going to be shooting a sketch for Partaj tomorrow. They called me earlier today. I am kind of excited for this. I have to part in this sketch. She just asked me over the phone if I wanted the other part and I was like "Of course!". I mean acting is something I really like and I take every opportunity I can. I mean even if they're small part it's still fun. I got really nervous though when she sent me the script but it wasn't much and I don't have any lines. That was what I was worried about I mean, lines. I mean it's always kind of nerve wrecking when you have to memories something. It wasn't a long script either it's just a small sketch. It will be a fun Friday. I will take pictures but post them here after the sketch has aired on TV.

your writer, Erika


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