Do y'all know who Ella Henderson is? For a long time I never really know who she was. I knew that she is friends with Union J and I just love this boys so I got really curious about who she is. I mean like why are the hanging out with her, I mean like how do they know her. So finally my curiousness took over and I could take it anymore I just had to find out who she is. Then I found out that she was a contestant on the X Factor at the same time as Union J and that's how they know here. That she and George are like super buds. Like super duper buds, so people thought that they were an item but, they're not. At least that's what she said. They're just really close. Cute. Their friendship is really cute. Anyway she has this new single out, or it's not really out exactly. Okay, it's not out but the music video got released last week and the single comes out on June 6th (the day I am going to London). It's really good. I think she might get bigger internationally. She gonna be big anyway. She has music video of the original version of the song and the Switch remix posted to her VEVO channel. I like the original version and I really love the Oliver Nelson remix. He does good remixes. I posted the music video for the original version in the pervious post so here is the Oliver Nelson remix.

Oh and it's not a new single it's her debut single so make sure that you pre-order it! Lets get Ghost to number 1! Click on this link to pre-order NOW!

your writer, Erika


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